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Tongchuan forum "blockchain technology and application" special lecture was held

Time : 28/06/2022 Author : bds457 Click : + -
        The first "Tongchuan forum" in 2020 was held in the report hall of the municipal library. Wei Kai, deputy director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China information and Communications Research Institute, gave a special lecture on "blockchain technology and application". Yang changya, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Li Zhiyuan, mayor, Wei Sixin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Guo Jun, Cui Xin, Liu Li, Huang Yong, Liu Xilin, Chen Xiaoyan and other members of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee attended the meeting.
        Wu Yanqi, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, presided over the lecture. Wei Kai is a member of the National Standardization Committee of blockchain and distributed accounting technology, the leader of the big data and blockchain working group of China Communications Standardization Association, and the Secretary General of the trusted blockchain promotion plan. His main research interests are big data, database and blockchain related technologies, standards and industrial policies. He has participated in the research and drafting of many national major policy documents in the field of information technology, and has presided over the formulation of more than 30 international and domestic standards, He is an authoritative expert in big data and blockchain. In the lecture, he gave a detailed interpretation of the background, basic principles, key technologies, key links of application and supervision of the development of blockchain from five aspects: the six faces of blockchain, the great significance of blockchain to the digital economy, the ten application scenarios of blockchain, the main challenges faced by the development of blockchain, and the summary and prospect. He also made an in-depth analysis of the risks, challenges and development faced by the development of blockchain.
        The lecture closely follows the development characteristics of the digital economy in the big data era. The language is easy to understand and grounded, and the examples are intuitive and vivid, so that the cadres who listen to the lecture have a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the frontier theory of blockchain. Comprehensively improve the level of digital and information services, and provide solid data support and information services for the catch-up and high-quality development of Tongchuan in the new era.
        Before the report meeting, Yang changya and Wei Kai had a meeting and exchange. Li Zhiyuan, Wei Sixin and Wu Yanqi attended. (Photo by Chen Na: he Jinghui).
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