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An encounter between Wenzhou capital and blockchain

Time : 01/05/2022 Author : rn8wmd Click : + -
        What is the most popular investment outlet in the capital market? Blockchain is one of the inevitable answers. From the sharp rise and fall of stock prices of various blockchain concept stocks to the glittering of various investment and startup companies due to the word "blockchain", the blockchain standing on the wind is receiving high attention from all parties. Wenzhou private capital, which is naturally sensitive to the market, is not absent. Many experts have pointed out that the concept of blockchain currently has a virtual heat. It is not hot to use technology to solve practical problems, but hot to collect money and speculate on valuation. In particular, most of the so-called ICOS (initial token issuance) that are hot are innovation of fund-raising tools, and have nothing to do with technological innovation.
        So, when Wenzhou capital meets the blockchain, what will it be like?. Wenzhou private capital, which was once famous for speculation in real estate and coal, is still not divorced from the word "speculation" this time. Not only are there various stories circulating in the market about how to get rich overnight because of money speculation, but some QQ groups and wechat groups that buy and sell various digital currencies have even been directly named "Wenzhou Gang". "Bitcoin has indeed attracted a lot of Wenzhou people to rush in to make money from its lack of interest a few years ago to its recent soaring value. However, this does not mean that all Wenzhou private funds involved in the blockchain are speculating. At the same time, as far as I know, many coin speculators with the title of" Wenzhou Gang "have nothing to do with Wenzhou people.
        ”The speaker's name is Dong Ge, and he is the first batch of Wenzhou people to contact with blockchain technology. Dong Ge, who started his career in industrial investment, came into contact with blockchain in the second half of 2011. From the initial coin buying players to the creation of China's earliest bitcoin in Wenzhou in April 2013, it was also the largest mining pool in the world at that time & mdash& mdash; Fishpond, now focusing on the research and development of blockchain technology, trying to cultivate its own technical team & hellip& hellip; Having dealt with blockchain for seven years, he knows that to deeply participate in the "game" of blockchain, he must have his own core technology and cultivate his own talent team.
        "Coin speculation can be simple and crude, but in the blockchain arena, only by promoting technology can the blockchain be truly realized, and coin speculation is obviously not possible." Dong Ge said. Bepal hardware team is one of the projects wholly invested by Dongge. The team was founded in October 2015 and currently has 42 technical R & D personnel. It is committed to the scheme design and technology R & D in the field of blockchain security and provides relevant technical support and services for blockchain enterprises. In the office of CEO Hu Yuanquan, the reporter saw the new product bepal Pro hardware wallet launched by the team this year & mdash& mdash; An off-line memory with a black smooth surface and exquisite workmanship.
        "The scope of bepalpro is mainly to protect the private key of the blockchain and construct a signature. Through the physical isolation method of hot and cold separation, users can fully control the private key and never touch the Internet in the process of using the private key." According to Hu Yuanquan, more than 3000 units have been sold since the hardware was released four months ago. "The hardware cold storage solution is a solution for blockchain asset protection. Bepal will continue to release more blockchain asset security protection solutions for institutions and individuals this year.". It is reported that currently there are not many domestic companies engaged in the direction of blockchain asset security. Only two companies have officially released their products, one in Beijing and the other is bepal.
        Wenzhou xingzao equity investment club also has a special interest in the blockchain technology team. This organization, which collects Wenzhou private capital as equity investment, invested 150 million yuan with Zhongnan capital to acquire 50% of the equity of Shanghai Jinqiu technology in early 2017. Founded in 2013, Jinqiu technology is one of the first enterprises to enter the blockchain technology ecology in China. At present, it has carried out blockchain technology cooperation with many financial institutions. "Jinqiu technology is a pure technology enterprise, and its employees are basically R & D personnel." Said Dai Keqiang, CEO of xingzao finance. At the beginning of May, the provincial government held a special study meeting on "blockchain technology and application", pointing out that Zhejiang should build a highland of blockchain talents.
        Huang Wanhua, director of the Research Office of the Organization Department of the Wenzhou municipal Party committee, said that blockchain talents are scarce in Wenzhou at present. According to the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, they are currently organizing a research on the special topic of blockchain talent training and introduction, "those who get talent will get the world!" Huang Wanhua said. Talent is the recognized core of the development of the blockchain industry. "Nowadays, the industry is most short of talents. In Hangzhou, where the blockchain is booming, it is still short of money, let alone Wenzhou." Wang Lei, Secretary General of Hangzhou Federation of blockchain technology and application, gave Wenzhou the first suggestion to develop the blockchain industry, that is, to cultivate talents. On this point, Dong Ge also deeply understood: "although Wenzhou has capital advantages in developing the blockchain industry, it has very limited technical personnel. I have trained bepal alone for three years.
        ”。 In order to strengthen the technical force, he invested in a technical team in Shanghai in the form of share exchange two months ago. "In this way, there are almost 100 people, which can solve the immediate needs, but it is definitely not enough in the long run.". It is Dong GE's next priority to start the talent cooperation training program with local and foreign universities in Wenzhou. "I hope that more professionals can find jobs in Wenzhou and serve Wenzhou through the cooperative training of talents.". Chen Jingci, who successfully transformed from coal boss, is also an "old man" among blockchain players. "I used to invest in minerals, so when someone told me that & lsquo; Mining & rsquo; could make money, I believed it inexplicably!" Chen Jingci said.
        Since then, the number of mining machines invested by him has continued to grow. At the peak, the total computing power of mining machines invested by him accounted for 4.7% of the global computing power. At present, an average of 20000 mining machines are online at the same time. With the increasing number of mining machines invested, his understanding of blockchain is also increasing. "In the past, the investment was only to make money by digging coins, but now what we need to do is to participate in the construction of the blockchain economic development ecology." Chen Jingci realized that in the world of blockchain, computing power is power! It symbolizes your voice in this world and is one of the key factors affecting the whole blockchain ecology. Relying on the foundation of computing power to intervene in the construction of the underlying public chain is the direction of Chen Jingci's current efforts.
        Blockchain projects in the market follow the development logic from "bottom public chain" to "solution" and then to "industrial application". Therefore, the underlying public chain is the foundation, and the solution is to expand the performance of the underlying public chain, or to facilitate commercial applications on the underlying public chain. Only when these foundations are consolidated can industrial applications really flourish. In order to further participate in the construction of overseas well-known public chains. Not long ago, Chen Jingci and a group of blockchain enthusiasts set up a "Wenzhou capital" master fund overseas, investing 10000 bitcoins as phase I start-up capital. The well-known public chains involved in the construction include Ethereum and EOS. EOS Wenzhou invested by "Wenzhou capital" is participating in the election of 21 super nodes in the world.
        Chen Jingci honestly denied the rumors that the "Wenzhou Gang" used the EOS concept of fast in and fast out to speculate on coins. He told reporters that the super node is a very important strategic layout and a very important link for ecological construction. Whether EOS Wenzhou can run as a super node depends on the voting rights of the community. Owning a large number of EOS is an important guarantee for obtaining voting advantages. Selling EOS means losing voting rights. In addition, after the election, they must also attract as many application developers as possible to land on the EOS chain. Because according to the rules of super nodes, in addition to relying on EOS itself to guarantee a part of voting rights, a large number of applications need to be landed.
        Only when the more applications are applied and the greater the vitality of the community, can your platform advantages be guaranteed. Otherwise, the super node may change another person the next minute. "No matter whether EOS Wenzhou can be selected as a super node or not, I have great confidence in the future development of blockchain technology in Wenzhou! Wenzhou has a large number of real enterprises, which is the foundation for the large number of applications of blockchain technology in the future. Wenzhou also has a huge Wenzhou economy. With concerted efforts, we can further expand and strengthen the real industry with the help of blockchain technology!" Chen Jingci said. Promoting financial services to the real economy is an important mission of the financial affairs office. Gu Wei, director of Wenzhou finance office, said that the development and innovation of finance have always been inseparable from technological progress.
        Blockchain is a basic technology for future financial development. Rationally guiding Wenzhou capital and promoting Wenzhou capital's advance layout in blockchain technology, especially in algorithm and computing power, will help promote Wenzhou's financial innovation and development and better serve regional economic and social development. Walking into qiaoxia town of Yongjia County, you feel like you are in a children's Paradise: amusement facilities and toy related enterprises of all sizes can be seen everywhere along the road. Cage group, a well-known teaching toy manufacturer in China, is also among them. The day before meeting with reporters, Zhang Changding, chairman of cage Group Co., Ltd., held a special forum. At the meeting, he invited blockchain technology companies in Hangzhou and Wenzhou to evaluate and discuss the use of blockchain technology to transform the supply chain finance of the toy industry.
        It is reported that there are more than 900 teaching toy enterprises under the bridge, which is the largest teaching toy production base in China. However, except for five or six large enterprises like cage, most of them are small and micro enterprises. "Taking our enterprise as an example, 90% of the nearly 200 enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are small and micro enterprises." Zhang Changding said. This has also led to a common development difficulty in the industry & mdash& mdash; Due to lack of funds and poor credit, many of these small and micro enterprises can only finance from banks or financial institutions through trade contracts signed with core enterprises. In order to reduce the loan risk, banks (financial institutions) must check the authenticity of these supply and marketing contracts one by one, and sometimes have to control the right of goods.
        This makes the whole loan process cumbersome and cost consuming, so the loan power is often insufficient. The problem of difficult and expensive financing of related enterprises arises at the historic moment. "The application of blockchain technology has the characteristics that cannot be tampered with. If core enterprises, dealers, banks (financial institutions) and storage companies can all be linked, relevant information can be registered and shared on the chain." Zhang Dingchang was excited about the current exploration. "This can ensure that banks and financial institutions can know the authenticity of the contract and the real operation of each enterprise as long as they query on the platform, so as to ease the current financing difficulties. At the same time, our dealers can also improve the speed of selling goods and collecting funds.
        ”。 Cao Dawu, director of informatization promotion and Management Department of Wenzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, told the reporter that the decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology are suitable for multi-party participation scenarios. If it is only unilateral or bilateral participation, it is not worth much. Wenzhou's real economy is characterized by industrial concentration and strong specialization, which can just give full play to the advantages of blockchain technology, so it has broad application prospects. "But at present, everything is still in the initial stage! Most private entrepreneurs in Wenzhou do not know about the blockchain technology, or they just vaguely know that it is a good thing, but they can't see what can be changed!" Cao enlightenment said. This remark is very pertinent and also represents the voice of a large number of entrepreneurs who maintain a wait-and-see attitude towards blockchain technology.
        Qian Jinbo, chairman of Red Dragonfly Group, has observed the blockchain technology for some time. In his opinion, the current blockchain technology is just like the e-commerce 20 years ago, which is more a concept. "Although we haven't used blockchain technology yet, I believe it will affect everyone's life in the future.". "There is a certain foundation for Wenzhou to develop the blockchain economy. In addition to the needs of the real economy mentioned above, there are also the capital advantages of Wenzhou People's economy and the computing power resources that we already have. Accelerating the building of a blockchain application highland is our next step." Cao enlightenment said. Blockchain technology is a new generation of Internet database technology, which has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, transparency and non tampering.
        Compared with the traditional centralized database technology, the blockchain technology has the advantages of more secure, fair and reliable data. As a revolutionary new technology, this technology can help the transformation of government digitization, economic digitization, social digitization and other fields of Zhejiang Province, and will have a profound impact on the work of the government of Zhejiang Province, industrial development and the life of citizens. For the digital transformation of Zhejiang provincial government, the technology in the blockchain can be used to connect the data between various government departments. Due to the technical characteristics of the blockchain, each department is jointly maintaining a piece of data, which ensures the consistency and security of the data, and the data cannot be tampered with unilaterally.
        The advantage of this is that the government does not have to maintain its own data for each department, reducing the tedious work. Similarly, due to the common use of a reliable data, the complexity of handover between departments will be reduced. This will greatly promote the "run at most once" reform, constantly improve the administrative quality, efficiency and government credibility, and strive to build a service-oriented government that is satisfied by the people. For the economic digital transformation of Zhejiang Province, the blockchain technology can be used as an accelerator for the economic digital transformation, and accelerate the establishment of three models: data sharing, process reengineering and credit system. Especially in the financial field, the peer-to-peer trust trading network shaped by the blockchain can improve the transparency of various dimensions including asset side, capital side and transaction data.
        This is not only conducive to the transparent supervision and market regulation of the financial market, but more importantly, it can significantly reduce the financial intermediary costs (enterprise financing costs and market transaction costs) without affecting the overall operation efficiency of the market. In fact, Zhejiang University established the Fangtu blockchain research center of Zhejiang University not long ago. One of its key research directions is how to use blockchain technology to solve the problem of point-to-point trust mechanism, de guarantee and cost reduction, and transaction matching efficiency in the OTC financial trading market. Blockchain technology will not only greatly promote government work and economic industry, but also change everyone's lifestyle.
        For example, in the past, it was difficult for the data information of various hospitals to be interconnected, interconnected and trusted under the centralized cloud management mode. However, the distributed storage of the blockchain and the trusted database design of asymmetric encryption can make it possible for the data exchange and mutual trust within and between the medical Consortium. For ordinary people, they can view their case data information in different hospitals anytime and anywhere, and truly master their complete historical medical record data information. This is of great significance for ordinary people to see doctors in different hospitals, record lifelong complete medical record data files, and create personal accurate health plans. Therefore, blockchain technology may change our lifestyle faster than we think.
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