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Jujing digital, blockchain technology, and four major applications of blockchain technology in the future

Time : 22/06/2022 Author : gapom5 Click : + -
        Broadly speaking, blockchain technology is a brand-new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm that uses block chain data structure to verify and store data, uses distributed node consistent algorithm to generate and update data, uses cryptography to ensure the safety of data transmission and visit, and uses intelligent contracts composed of automated script code to program and operate data. It can be seen that the blockchain has the characteristics of being transparent in disclosure, not tampering, distributed accounting, point-to-point transmission and other skills. Therefore, it seems that all industries can use the blockchain skills to improve; Especially in the current Internet era, the disadvantages of centring are becoming more and more serious. Many Internet companies have also stepped into the category of blockchain, and some even think that blockchain is the return of the value of the Internet.
        In combination with the characteristics of blockchain skills and the existing pain points of various professions, we think that in the future, blockchain skills will probably be applied to the following areas and have the central value of use. In the innovation and use of blockchain, finance is the most important category. Blockchain skills have broad prospects in many aspects such as digital money and silver, payment and clearing, smart contracts, financial transactions, and Internet of things finance. Blockchain skills are decentralized, smart contracts, asset trading and other skills, which can well solve the problem of privacy leakage of professional game data and user data, promote the maintenance of virtual digital money in the game, and achieve fair value sharing between users and game development channels.
        The purpose of the application of blockchain technology in the social field is to shift the control of social networks from centralized companies to individuals, realize the change from centralized to decentralized, and make the control of data firmly in the hands of users. The blockchain technology records all transactions in the block, and the records cannot be tampered with. Therefore, all transactions can be tracked and queried, ensuring the transparency of transactions on the blockchain and preventing users in the network from illegally using the content with intellectual property protection.
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