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Chang Xin: suggestions on optimizing the operation monitoring system of private small and medium-sized enterprises

Time : 25/10/2021 Author : v8bmtf Click : + -
        In recent years, Qingdao's economy has continued to grow, and the results of reform and innovation driven development and economic transformation and upgrading have been further demonstrated. In this process, the private economy has made great contributions, and the statistical monitoring platform for small and medium-sized private enterprises in Qingdao has also played an important role. However, from the relevant materials publicized by the external media, there are still some problems in the statistical monitoring system. The main performance is: first, the monitoring system needs to be further optimized, and the statistical indicators are incomplete; Second, the lack of in-depth data mining and analysis through financial science and technology means to realize the monitoring of private economy operation and trend prediction; The third is the lack of focusing on the micro through monitoring indicators, analyzing typical cases and providing targeted services to private small and medium-sized enterprises.
        Expand the scope of statistical monitoring indicators of the private economy, promote the Municipal Bureau of statistics, the administrative examination and approval Bureau, the market supervision bureau, the tax bureau, the human resources and Social Security Bureau, the big data Bureau, the regional equity market, the people's Bank, the provident fund, the water and electricity heating and other departments related to the statistical monitoring of the private economy in our city, establish a data sharing mechanism, and all departments provide data according to the system to form a "big data center" for the operation monitoring system of private small and medium-sized enterprises. Or formulate relevant economic, scale, science and technology and financial indicator systems in combination with the actual development of private economy in our city.
        For example, the added value of the private economy, the total amount of private investment, the proportion of private investment in fixed assets investment, the total amount of private economy tax, the number of private high-tech enterprises, the number of private science and technology enterprises, the number of private high-tech products, the number of private enterprise loans, the balance of private enterprise loans, the number of private enterprise direct financing, and the scale of private enterprise direct financing. Qingdao is one of the first cities in China to issue blockchain related support policies. According to the evaluation results of the 2019 evaluation report on China's urban blockchain development level, Qingdao's blockchain development level ranks seventh among the cities in the country, and its blockchain industry foundation ranks the "first camp" in the country.
        It is suggested to make full use of the advantages of Qingdao's blockchain, innovate the use of blockchain technology to empower the "big data center" of private small and medium-sized enterprises' operation monitoring system, form an authoritative and credible unified data standard, and improve the private economy monitoring system and enterprise portrait system. Through the statistical analysis of big data information technology, the data value is deeply mined, and the static quantitative statistics and dynamic analysis and monitoring of the development and operation changes of the private economy are regularly carried out, so as to achieve "targeted", provide strong support for the scientific decision-making of the government and relevant departments, and provide prediction for the future operation trend of the private economy in our city. Through the monitoring system and data ecology of "blockchain + big data center" of private small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on private small and medium-sized enterprise services.
        Integrate internal and external resources, communicate with government functional departments, and combine market forces such as the national "blockchain + equity market" innovation application pilot of blue ocean equity trading center to achieve accurate classification and stratification of enterprises. Through basic comprehensive services and financial services throughout the whole life cycle of enterprises, accumulate enterprise business growth databases, serve private equity financing activities of enterprises, and improve the evaluation, valuation The accuracy of credit reports and other portraits provides clear path guidance for the listing of enterprises, promotes the deep integration of financial technology and the real economy, and improves the quality and efficiency of private small and medium-sized enterprises empowered by the capital market.
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