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New breakthrough in blockchain copyright technology to solve the pain points of high starting price and difficult tracking

Time : 11/11/2021 Author : zfkixh Click : + -
        Rio cocktail and Hello Kitty, white rabbit milk candy and smell library, people's daily and China Li Ning & hellip& hellip; In recent years, IP co branding has become the main form of energy exchange between brand cultures. However, the problem of "high base price, difficult to track and blame" of IP licensing has always existed. Only a few big brands can "afford" IP licensing. Recently, the approval of a new blockchain technology patent of soyun technology may change this dilemma. Up to now, the traditional product licensing mode is "minimum deposit + product sharing". The minimum deposit often starts at hundreds of thousands, and the product sharing is linked to the retail price of commodities (ranging from a few percent to more than ten percent of the price). For small and medium-sized brands, the minimum price is too high to bear; However, for the copyright owner, it is difficult to examine the sales volume of authorized goods, and the doubtful distribution of interests forces the reserve price to remain high, which limits the commercial popularity of copyright transfer.
        On November 9, 2021, the patent application of soyun technology on "a method of authorization based on authorization code" was officially approved and the patent was granted. This patent uses the blockchain technology to break through the communication barrier between the IP Licensor and the user, make the commodity sales process transparent, or open up a new mode of IP licensing. According to the introduction of Luo Wei, CEO of soyun, the three characteristics of the technology chain, namely, license storage, copyright traceability and profit sharing by sales volume, have fundamentally changed the traditional business paradigm of "one-time purchase of copyright at a high price", making the integration of copyright physical products easier and more compact, and can also be directly applied to digital collections, opening up a new path for the regulatory development of NFT in China.
        To put it simply, if the open IP authorization of the Forbidden City is carried out by the patent technology of authorization code, the Forbidden City needs to fill in its own digital works copyright certificate, authorization conditions, authorization scope and other information. This is not only the threshold for IP buyers, but also the contract criterion for subsequent business disputes. After the authorization is reached, the "Forbidden City" copyright will become the unique hash value based on the blockchain technology. In the process of commodity production and circulation, the hash value of "one object and one code" incarnates the authorization code to flow with the commodity. The traceable and unchangeable characteristics of the blockchain ensure the transparency of the sales channel, and lay a technical foundation for IP authorization to reduce the proportion of deposits and service fees and rely more on the sales sharing mode.
        For the IP authorizer, this technology reduces the threshold of IP authorization, brings more commercial value, and greatly increases the economic benefits of IP authorization; For businesses, the use of authorization codes can reduce their early-stage costs, reduce the pressure of managers, and link with information such as product raw material traceability and commodity promotion activities, bringing more marketing possibilities; For consumers, scanning the authorization code for traceability verification makes them more comfortable. From the technical level, the authorization code covers the whole industrial chain of digital copyright from registration, trading, authorization and verification. It is the key to the rise of the imaginative underlying technology and "Chinese version of NFT", whether it is for digital art, commercial brands, film and television works, music and other fields.
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