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The mysterious oasis digital collection won the top five of the national finals of the blockchain circuit of the 2022 Digital China innovation competition!

Time : 09/11/2021 Author : 892x3p Click : + -
        In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to blockchain and issued blockchain support policies intensively. At present, the blockchain is developing rapidly and gradually penetrating into all fields of China's economic development, becoming an important means to help develop the digital economy. In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to blockchain and issued blockchain support policies intensively. In March this year, the blockchain industry was included in the national five-year plan for the first time, indicating that the integrated application of blockchain technology will play an increasingly key role in improving the quality and efficiency of the real economy, innovating the digital economy model, and improving the social governance capacity. Recently, the final results of the national finals of the "2022 Digital China Innovation Competition" blockchain circuit hosted by the Organizing Committee of the digital China Construction Summit were announced.
        With long-term deep cultivation in the fields of Web3 and meta universe scenarios and blockchain + IP, mysterious oasis culture and Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., as the only digital collection institution in China, won the honorary title of "2022 Digital China Innovation Competition" digital collection distribution platform in the national finals of the "blockchain digital economy" competition!. The competition was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the digital China Construction Summit, organized by the office of Fujian Digital Fujian construction leading group and Quanzhou Municipal People's government, CO organized by Quanzhou digital Quanzhou construction office and Anxi County People's government, China Association for science and technology enterprise innovation service center, cross strait and Hong Kong Macao collaborative innovation alliance, China technology exchange, International University Innovation Alliance, Central University of Finance and economics, Shenzhen investment holding East China Sea Investment Co., Ltd Shenzhen Angel master fund, Guangdong Yuecai Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Dongfang Fuhai, Shenzhen hi tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., Tongchuang Weiye, Songhe capital, Qianhai master fund, Virtual University Park, International Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an high tech Zone, Changsha high tech Zone and Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone; Dawan District Science and technology innovation service center, Guangzhou urban blockchain Industry Association, Shenzhen information service industry blockchain Association and so on.
        At the same time, because the blockchain has such technical characteristics as distributed storage, non tamperability, collective maintenance and traceability, it has built a unique trust mechanism. In the three tracks of high-end equipment manufacturing, digital economy and data center, blockchain helps to confirm the rights of data elements, reduce transaction costs, innovate data sharing and open mode, build a data regulatory governance system, promote multi-party cooperation of "new infrastructure" subjects, and promote the digital transformation of industry. Therefore, the blockchain track of this competition is a professional track set up in 2022 Digital China. The track is themed by "promoting innovation through technology and promoting development through integration". Focusing on the three important goals of introducing talents through competition, strengthening service through competition and prospering industry through competition, it focuses on the three major characteristics of digital economy, high-end equipment manufacturing and data center, and promotes the innovation of blockchain applications and the landing of application scenarios.
        According to the person in charge of the mysterious oasis, this award fully confirms the achievements made by the mysterious oasis in the field of digital economy enabling entity and Web3 meta universe. As a dark horse focusing on Web3 and metauniverse racetrack creator economy, it is reported that the winning entries of the mysterious oasis digital collection distribution platform have realized the innovative application of blockchain technology in various economic and social fields such as film and television restoration, digital media, information technology, and people's livelihood security. The person in charge of the mysterious oasis said that in the future, the digital collection distribution platform of the mysterious oasis will be based on the development concept of "Dao of CO creation, sharing and co governance", committed to providing hundreds of millions of creators and individuals with digital services and ecological tools, supply chain and industrial chain system based on the Web3 ecosystem, and through the operation mode of "digital original & middot; digital twin & middot; digital symbiosis", Provide a new economic world of digital creators with "freedom, openness, autonomy, immersion, multi-dimensional and experience" for China's 264 million generation Z consumers.
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