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[starting the 14th five year plan] difficulties and Countermeasures of developing the blockchain industry in Hunan during the 14th Five Year Plan Period

Time : 16/08/2021 Author : c9pdmw Click : + -
        Focusing on promoting the implementation of the "three high and four new" strategy, how can Hunan use the new momentum and advantages of high-quality development to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in an orderly manner, accelerate the development of advantageous industries, focus on building a solid industrial foundation, and promote the modernization of the industrial chain? One of the key points is to strive to build an important advanced manufacturing industry and a scientific and technological innovation highland with core competitiveness. As an emerging digital technology, blockchain technology plays an important role in promoting the optimization and upgrading of advanced manufacturing industry in our province and creating a scientific and technological innovation highland with core competitiveness during the "14th five year plan" period. So, what are the difficulties in developing the blockchain industry in Hunan during the "14th five year plan" and what are the countermeasures? Professor Zeng Shihong of Hunan Institute of innovation and development and national blockchain expert Xie Wei conducted in-depth demonstration and analysis around the special key project "Research on Hunan blockchain technology innovation and industrial development" of Hunan Social Science Fund think tank in 2019.
        The "14th five year plan" period is an important beginning of the new journey of building China into a socialist modern country in an all-round way, an important period of China's second centenary goal, the beginning of the high-income stage, and the beginning of the implementation of the innovation power stage. It is also the beginning of our province's promotion of the construction of an innovative Province, the in-depth implementation of the strategy of innovation leading and opening up, and the building of an important advanced manufacturing industry, scientific and technological innovation with core competitiveness The important "window period" of reform and opening-up highland in inland areas. Digital economy is the main economic form in the future and the main source of new competitive advantages. The upgrading of manufacturing industry, scientific and technological innovation, and reform and opening up will all revolve around the digital economy.
        The core competitiveness of digital economy is reflected in the innovation and application ability of digital technology, or the regional digital technology ability. Mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, 5g and blockchain are all new generation digital technologies. As the underlying technology of other digital technologies, blockchain technology will further help to solve the bottleneck of the optimal allocation of digital element resources in the digital economy, and realize the safe sharing of digital information, the confirmation and payment of data property rights, the quality traceability of digital services, the intelligent interconnection of digital production Space time breakthrough of digital trade, etc. The integrated application of blockchain technology has been extended to digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields, which has effectively promoted the transition from "information internet" to "value Internet".
        With the acceleration of the process of digital industrialization and industrial digitization and the in-depth development of the digital economy, it can be expected that the blockchain technology will show more broad application prospects, accelerate the innovation of the traditional agricultural production mode, give birth to a variety of new business forms of the service industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent, digital and service industries of the manufacturing industry, and realize the deep integration of the manufacturing industry and the service industry. During the "14th five year plan" period, if Hunan Province wants to blaze a new trail in promoting high-quality development, show new achievements in building a new development pattern, and show new responsibilities in promoting the rise of the central region and the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, it must firmly seize the opportunities of a new round of scientific and technological transformation and industrial revolution, take the construction of an innovative Hunan as the general program, take scientific and technological innovation as the leader, and take digital technology innovation as the starting point, We will take the integrated development of blockchain technology and industry as a breakthrough point to solidly promote the construction of "three highlands".
        The status and role of the development of Hunan's blockchain industry during the "14th five year plan" period should be reflected in: the technological innovation capacity in the blockchain field has been greatly improved, the key technology has reached the national leading level, the collaborative innovation of industry, University and research has achieved remarkable results, the leading ability of blockchain technology to the digital economic growth has been significantly enhanced, more than 15 blockchain public service platforms have been built, more than 50000 enterprises have been promoted to be on the chain, and about 7 blockchain industrial parks have been built, The business income of relevant industries has reached more than 5 billion yuan, and it will be built into a national influential blockchain technology innovation highland, industrial agglomeration depression and application demonstration base, and a new engine for the construction of the three "highlands". The foundation for the development of digital economy is good.
        First, in 2018, the total digital economy of Hunan Province reached 897 billion yuan, accounting for 24.6% of GDP, ranking 12th in the country and third in the central region; The year-on-year growth rate was 14.6%, 6.8 percentage points higher than the GDP growth rate in the same period. Second, the rapid development of digital industrialization and industrial digitization. In 2018, the added value of digital industrialization in the province was 227 billion yuan. The revenue of electronic information manufacturing industry reached 216.99 billion yuan, and the revenue of software and information service industry reached 75.12 billion yuan. Compared with 2013, the mobile Internet increased 14 times, and the revenue reached 106 billion yuan. In 2018, the industrial digital scale of the province was 670 billion yuan.
        Third, the infrastructure has been continuously improved. By the end of 2019, 361000 mobile communication base stations had been built in the province, and all urban areas, counties, townships, administrative villages and 92% of natural villages in the province had achieved full 4G coverage. The pace of 5g deployment has been accelerated, and 2613 5g base stations have been completed in the province. The new information and communication infrastructure has developed rapidly. The National Supercomputing Changsha center, the national intelligent networked vehicle (Changsha) test area and more than 40 big data centers have been put into operation. The development of blockchain industry is leading in China. First, among the six provinces in Central China, Hunan has 13 blockchain technology patents (12 in Changsha and 1 in Loudi).
        It has the "Tianhe" series supercomputer, Feiteng CPU + Qilin operating system, high voltage and high power density IGBT chip and its modules and other major achievements of independent innovation. 16 enterprise projects in the province were selected into the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, and 6 enterprises were included in the national manufacturing and Internet integration pilot demonstration. Second, the development of the blockchain industry has formed a development ecology of Changsha and Loudi, two major cities + three industrial parks. It has gathered several domestic blockchain enterprises and developed a number of application platforms such as the blockchain urban basic data resource platform, the real estate District blockchain information sharing platform, the chain enterprise bank financial data platform, the industrial and commercial tax blockchain registration service platform, and the blockchain state-owned capital competitive storage platform.
        Technology and talent reserves rank first in Central China. First, the blockchain industry is an extension of the Internet industry. Modern information technology and encryption algorithm are the underlying technologies for the development of the blockchain industry. National Defense University of science and technology, Central South University, Hunan University, Xiangtan University and other provincial universities have national level scientific research platforms in computer, information technology, applied mathematics and other disciplines, with strong scientific research strength and fruitful application results. Second, the professional technology practitioners in the information service industry rank first in Central China, and the academicians with blockchain technology related disciplines rank first in Central China. Pragmatic industrial development support policies. First, the first blockchain industry support policy in Hunan Province, the policy of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone on supporting the development of blockchain industry (Trial), was issued by the Management Committee of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2018.
        The policy stipulates that blockchain enterprises will be given a maximum of 2 million yuan of support funds within three years from the date of settlement. Provide no more than 300 square meters of office space for blockchain enterprises, rent free for 3 years; A blockchain industry fund with a total amount of 3 billion yuan will be established to invest in the blockchain industry. Second, the Department of industry and information technology of Hunan Province released the digital economy development plan of Hunan Province (2020-2025), which proposes to establish 5 provincial blockchain industrial parks by 2025, expand a number of typical application scenarios, and form 10 blockchain leading enterprises with national influence. Third, the Department of industry and information technology of Hunan Province issued the three-year action plan for the development of Hunan's blockchain industry (2020-2022), which gives instructions on the development objectives, main tasks, special actions and guarantee measures for promoting the development of Hunan's blockchain industry in the next three years.
        People from all walks of life have insufficient understanding of blockchain technology and application scenarios. First, there is insufficient understanding of the nature of blockchain. Blockchain is a very important new technology. In particular, we need to have a deep understanding of it, have a vision of its application, and be able to see the new opportunities it brings. A very important idea of the original intention of the creation of blockchain technology is to be dissatisfied with the data opacity, centralization and corruption of commercial and financial institutions in the world. Therefore, in essence, the concept of governance is opposite or different from that of human government, enterprise or organization. Nakamoto's ideal is that the blockchain itself has a utopian nature.
        Based on the politics and politics of blockchain, how to develop naturally depends on human design. However, if we only rely on blockchain technology, whether the result of its evolution is beneficial to society or harmful to social governance requires in-depth thinking and research. When we go deep into the nature of blockchain, we will find that blockchain has the potential to transform the Internet and even human society. After in-depth analysis, we will also find that the blockchain also faces considerable challenges if it wants to truly exert its potential. Second, the current application of blockchain is too shallow, and there may even be biased and wrong use. For blockchain technology, many enterprises and organizations still want to use this technology in combination with existing production and service modes.
        According to a report of the Davos world economic forum in July last year, 75% of the interviewed enterprises now invest in blockchain technology, mainly in the hope of ensuring the traceability of information, ensuring that data will not be eroded, protecting network security, and enhancing the competitiveness of existing production and services from these aspects. For the creation of new production and service business models with blockchain, 97% of enterprises rank it as the last or the second. Lack of talent training system to support the rapid development of the blockchain industry. First, colleges and universities in the province do not pay enough attention to blockchain. According to the notice of the Ministry of education on printing and distributing the action plan for blockchain technology innovation in Colleges and universities on April 30, 2020, there is a big gap in blockchain innovation base, blockchain technology research team and blockchain scientific research achievements, which is reflected in the late start of blockchain related courses and majors, the small number of There is no special blockchain research center or the strength is too weak (not school level).
        Second, there is no integration of talent training ability. Although major universities have computer, information technology, big data and other majors, due to the characteristics of blockchain technology, there are obvious deficiencies in practical training courses and teachers' abilities, and it is necessary to integrate teaching cooperation between colleges and universities. Third, the existing universities, institutions and key blockchain enterprises in Hunan have not been effectively integrated, and the overall promotion of industry, University, research and use lacks mechanisms and means. It is difficult to break through the core technologies that support the development of the blockchain industry. First, the common technical difficulty restricting the development of the blockchain industry is to solve the contradiction that the more nodes, the slower the operation efficiency. This requires key core technology innovation in hardware performance and complex algorithms.
        Second, at present, the universities and scientific research institutes in Hunan Province have not yet achieved the cutting-edge core technology achievements recognized by the industry, and the existing application achievements have not reached the technical bottleneck level. Third, although currently as an alliance chain technology, it can support city level data exchange, to achieve the integrated development of blockchain technology and the real economy, it needs to support the technical efficiency of national level industrial data exchange. It is difficult to cultivate the market players required for the development of the blockchain industry. First, from the technical perspective, the network scale to promote the development of the blockchain industry must be large enough. Actively promoting and attracting various manufacturing enterprises and service industries to join the industry blockchain is a prerequisite for ensuring the use of the network scale of the blockchain.
        Second, according to the survey, the number of industrial enterprises and service enterprises above designated scale in Hunan Province who are willing and qualified to use blockchain technology is not enough to support the network scale requirements of using blockchain. Third, due to the impact of the epidemic, the production, operation and financial performance of most of the existing enterprises have declined, and the endogenous power of using blockchain technology to promote industrial transformation and upgrading is insufficient. Government departments and business entities at all levels should deepen their understanding of blockchain. First, we printed and distributed popular science books and widely publicized them. Blockchain is a very important new technology. In particular, we need to have a deep understanding of it, have a vision of its application, and be able to see the new opportunities it brings.
        The second is to take various forms to make existing enterprises familiar with the development objectives of the blockchain industry in Hunan Province, especially the key projects of the blockchain industry development in the "14th five year plan" of Hunan Province. Establish and improve the talent introduction and education system, and inject a strong agent for industrial development. First, relying on platform carriers such as Central South University and Hunan University, we will vigorously introduce leading talents and high-level innovation teams in the field of block chain at home and abroad. Second, guide it, finance, intelligent manufacturing and other enterprises to strengthen the training and transformation of existing IT talents, and quickly fill the current talent gap with their own "hematopoietic" ability. Third, Central South University and other key universities and vocational training institutions in the province are encouraged to set up relevant courses and cultivate a number of technical, management and regulatory talents.
        We will continue to strengthen research and development of core technologies and seize the commanding height of technological innovation. First, strengthen the basic research and core technology research of key universities in the province, implement a number of basic public welfare research and key R & D projects, strive to form a number of internationally influential theoretical research achievements, and make breakthroughs in key core technology fields. The second is to guide technology leaders to increase R & D investment, promote industrial technology collaborative innovation, promote industry university research cooperation, guide technology leaders to strengthen open source, and radiate and drive the improvement of technological capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises. Third, promote the construction of blockchain R & D headquarters, attract R & D headquarters of high-quality enterprises at home and abroad to settle in Hunan, and gather global technological R & D forces.
        Fourth, accelerate the construction of blockchain standardization in our province, encourage leading backbones to participate in national standardization work, and improve the voice of blockchain technology in our province. We will continue to strengthen institutional supply and build a new ecology for industrial development. First, increase financial support, set up provincial blockchain government industry funds and innovation funds, promote blockchain angel investment and venture capital, and guide social capital to support industrial development. Second, guide high-tech parks, maker spaces, incubators, etc. to give preferential support in subsidies, tax and rent reduction, and scientific and technological achievements. The third is to include blockchain related products and services into the government procurement catalogue, and give priority to the procurement of blockchain research and application enterprise products that are mainly cultivated in the province.
        Fourth, it is clear that blockchain application enterprises and products that support the application of opinions in the province and achieve practical results will be promoted throughout the province. Fifth, strengthen the construction of innovation platforms, encourage the creation of blockchain industry innovation service bodies, technology service platforms and open source service platforms, and provide enterprises with inspection and testing, technology evaluation, personnel training, intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship consulting and other services. Sixth, encourage blockchain enterprises to strive for enterprise research institutes, key laboratories, engineering technology centers, academician and expert workstations, etc. Cultivate and build industrial parks to promote industrial development. First, it is necessary to actively build five blockchain industrial parks, explore the establishment of blockchain comprehensive application pilot zones in Changsha and Loudi cities with good industrial foundation and mature application conditions, attract the upstream and downstream industries of blockchain, support the comprehensive and in-depth application of blockchain technology products in relevant fields, and promote industrial development.
        Second, relying on the provincial innovation and entrepreneurship base and platform, encourage market capital investment, promote innovation and entrepreneurship in blockchain related fields, and support small and micro blockchain innovation enterprises to gather in blockchain industrial parks. Third, introduce domestic large-scale software, information technology services and Internet enterprises to set up branches or offices of the blockchain demonstration Industrial Park in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, and encourage them to actively develop blockchain technology and product service business. Fourth, encourage relevant enterprises to carry out the same and cross-border cooperation in the industrial park, form horizontal alliance chain and vertical alliance chain innovation development and application capacity, form a joint force for external services, and strengthen the strength of the industrial park. Note: this achievement should be reported as the final achievement of the special key project "Hunan blockchain technology innovation and industrial development research" (Project No. 19zwb34) of the think tank of Hunan Social Science Fund in 2019.
        Project Leader: Zeng Shihong, achievement report authors: Zeng Shihong, Xie Wei, Gao Chen
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