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The new world has become a muddy soup. The blockchain media encounters life and death on the 90th

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        Three months ago, a new continent was trampled into a muddy soup: hundreds of blockchain media emerged in one month. A soft article asked for 100000 yuan, and a training opened for 80000 yuan. One we media account can raise tens of millions of yuan, and the valuation can exceed 100 million yuan in one month. Now, after the short climax, there is a cold wave, and then they enter the field and come out. We media accounts with 70000 fans seek "acquisition"; The reading of a single article in the head media is less than 5000; Self hematopoiesis is blocked, and the capital environment is cool. In order to find a way out, some people silently extended their hands to the gray transaction. They want to set up a digital currency fund, operate the market by themselves, obtain internal information by virtue of the relationship with the project party, and usually do nothing. When they get the information, they will enter the market and make quick money.
        After half a year of establishment, the company has only one person and 70000 fans, and there is no financing for the time being. A blockchain we media m finance began to seek a new way out: "M & a". "You can't say it's a merger and acquisition. He came over and said he would join us," said panghu, founder of a blockchain media. At this moment, Jack seems not to be the helmsman who mastered the course at the beginning. "I need to deal with this (team) reasonably when it comes in. The ownership of the later (wechat) number or I spent money to buy this number and his team. Is it valuable to me? What should I do?". Fat tiger hesitated. Jack entered the industry earlier than fat tiger. More than half a year ago, the land of blockchain was still uncultivated, and everything had not been reclaimed. By sending soft messages and training to the project, Jack became the earliest gold digger in blockchain media and also a profit maker.
        He made money, but Jack is still not an insider. There is no shortage of hot money in this industry, but in panghu's view, capital will not only invest in a "media". If the media cannot participate in the industry, it will be unattractive to capital. Jack also realizes that he is not well equipped. "He can't contact the core business, such as project evaluation. He can only analyze the white paper and can't contact the project leader.". The media is just a drop in the bucket. If you want to make big money, you need to connect with the exchange, help the project party to the exchange, collect service fees, or be able to deeply bind with the core capital. He once struggled, but ended in failure.
        But fortunately, the company only has its own, flexible operation, and can turn at any time. In the eyes of fat tiger, Jack of the post-90s generation is not lack of personality charm. "He is more down-to-earth, modest and self-conscious. He dares to give up all the existing things and has great courage.". Now, the foam has dissipated, and blockchain media has ushered in a mass death period. An investor who focuses on blockchain media disclosed that the industry's final survival rate may be 1%. Therefore, "being merged" may be a good way out. Some people choose other ways. According to the report of one coin, m Jun, a blockchain entrepreneur who was well-known in the industry, closed the project within two months to return the investment and stop the loss in time.
        Before the Spring Festival this year, he completed a round of multi million virtual currency financing, and now these coins have shrunk a lot. He thought that it was meaningless to insist, and returned the investment and the newly rented office. Wei Fangdan, founder of Moby Dick, told the pencil path reporter that several blockchain media around him have died, and the industry competition is too fierce. "They (quitters) think they can't make money, and I don't think there is any chance.". At present, there are still three big mountains in front of those blockchain media who are hovering on the edge of life and death: little traffic, difficult income and difficult financing. And how to get out of the mountain may be an eternal proposition. Fat tiger wants to have a quiet holiday, but the situation makes him uneasy.
        "Hashi finance, chain finance and chain de have been fighting for a long time, and they are all born at the same time." Like perpetual motion machines, they run all night without energy loss. The addition of Zhong Ping, Zhao hejuan and others made panghu feel the pressure. "These people are all people who I think have the ability to do blockchain media. During the new year, they are doing very well." He regarded these media as his future competitors, and the pressure turned into action. He immediately invited friends to join his team. At that time, panghu was also a novice in the industry. He joined the company in December 2017, and the industry is full of false fire. "I think those (we media) numbers (reading volume) are about 10000, and they may be 6000 or 7000 in ordinary times.
        ”。 It seems that one night, blockchain media blossomed everywhere. Luan Chunhui, the founder of naokebang, told the pencil road reporter that most of the people who joined the blockchain media were the losers in the Internet wave. There are several types of people. In order to share the hot money in the short bonus period, different people meet for the same purpose. The standard configuration is a wechat official account, which is a better auxiliary H5 wechat website. The basic content is also very simple. The news information of the blockchain related currency circle or chain circle, whether it is reprinted, translated or original, is as much as it is. With a digital currency market plate, the express plate will be opened. The market did not give them more time to practice their internal skills.
        The foam dissipated, the currency price plummeted, and the flow dropped sharply. The number of single articles read by the head media is less than 5000, and the number of fat tiger with traditional media experience is not high. "The market capacity is too small. You have 5000 or 6000. To be honest, it's not bad. We only have 2000." The plate of the blockchain is not large enough. "Compared with A-shares and Nasdaq, he is still very small. There are 30 million people who speculate in the world.". Jixiang has joined many groups. "Maybe there are more than 200 media groups related to the blockchain. Each media group has to pull one group and enter one after another. Every time I pull a new group, I will send a red envelope. Indeed, I grab a red envelope every month, and it is estimated that I will soon get my salary.
        ”。 "It's true," Jixiang stressed, "like the three o'clock period, when you enter the three o'clock groups, red envelopes are really robbed by hundreds of dollars every day." If each red packet is calculated at 200 yuan, 200 groups will rob once a day, and the daily charge is 40000 yuan. On weekdays, the wechat group can grab 5 red packets, which is more than the average level. Since March, Wei Fangzhou, founder of Moby Dick, has successively withdrawn from about 10 wechat groups, and he has joined about 30 blockchain related wechat groups. "I found that the content they talked about was not directly related to our industry or the industry.". In the wild age of blockchain, you can make a living by relying on soft text.
        In March of this year, pencil path published a report on blockchain startling skyrocketing soft text, which revealed the strange situation of the industry: a soft text with less than 200 clicks costs 100000 yuan. Nowadays, in extreme cases, one article is charged for one EOS (equivalent to about 90 yuan), and "one eth (about 3000-5000 yuan) is originally required". The price difference has shrunk by more than 30 times. The blooming blockchain media has changed the relationship between supply and demand, and there are always people offering lower prices. According to industry insiders, a blockchain media had a monthly profit of 10 million yuan just by relying on softwen. In addition to soft writing, training was also a major source of income.
        But now, Jixiang says frankly that training cannot be done. Lack of charismatic tutors, unable to spread high-quality content, small media training is undoubtedly a money losing business. He chose to do the summit and "earn hard money". "The cost is that much. The most important thing is the air tickets and hotel expenses of some guests. When it comes to publicity, everyone will find the media to send it for free. If there are merchants, it will be a very positive cash flow.". However, after all, the industry is dominated by new small media, and the small media still can not afford to hold the summit. Without the support of the big guys, it is difficult to achieve. Therefore, it is very important to have a good relationship with the big guy, which makes Jixiang change from a quiet writer to a social expert. "Many friends are eaten out of the meal.".
        "There is no way to make money through normal channels in this industry," Jixiang sighed. If blockchain media wants to survive, it must cut into the core business and lay out the entire industrial chain, such as cooperation with exchanges. In his eyes, media is a resource connector that can cut into the front and back ends of transactions. However, this needs to be closely bound with exchanges and projects. Get internal information through the relationship with the project party, set up a digital currency fund and operate the market by itself. Normally, I do nothing. When I get the news, I will enter the arena and make quick money. Gray gradually became the background color of the industry. In the traditional stock market, according to the provisions of national laws and regulations, securities practitioners are not allowed to open stock accounts, or engage in or cooperate with others in fraud, insider trading, manipulation of securities trading prices and other activities.
        For the blockchain, the law is slightly blank. Hot money is surging. He felt a little moved by his friend's experience. "One of my friends has been working on blockchain for a long time. He said that this we media has only one number, but how much money has been raised." Fat tiger, who has worked in we media, thinks it incredible. He went to see the reading volume of official account. "The reading volume is more than 10000, and the average reading is 6000 or 7000.". He plunged in. After the idea was put forward, there were many capital subscriptions on the same day. "We chose three or four companies, mainly those in the coin circle, who will be more interested in this piece.". Now, the information about blockchain media financing seems to have disappeared. According to the data of pencil track data, the number of new financing companies of blockchain media has shown a downward trend in the last three months (as shown in the figure), with 5 in February, accounting for 23.8% of the total number of blockchain industries; 3 in March, accounting for 13.6%; In April, there were 2, accounting for 8%.
        At the same time, the media are also divided into three, six, and nine. Jixiang said that the media that obviously come to circle money, or the media that cannot find out the resources in the circle, are still weak. "When investing in capital, you must do the layout of the whole industry. In the industrial layout, I invest in the exchange, invest in projects, and then invest in a media. The media can speak for some things. If your voice is too weak, it will definitely not work.". Jixiang divides the media that have raised money into two categories: one is the new media that have recently raised funds, and the other is the old media that have been working in this circle for a long time. In the eyes of Wei Fangdan, the founder of Moby Dick, there are only three kinds of people who can survive: first, those who have experience in content production and have novel ideas on topic selection; Second, those that are particularly close to the back end, such as the exchange, are themselves in the industry; Third, people with strong financing ability.
        Are there many of these three kinds of people? Panghu said that the blockchain media talent barrier is very serious, and even if you want to produce high-quality content, you can't find people. Most of the people who can get close to the back end are early profit makers in the industry. For example, a fund has its own media layout, and their financing ability is naturally not poor. The rich still have money, and the poor still can't get money. Blockchain media has changed from a national climax to a gold digger for a small number of people. Some people can fight a long-term war, while others have cut off food and grass. In the eyes of the 13 year old media, the media must have industrial support. If there is no support, it is not called the media. If the scientific and technological media has no scientific and technological support, then it is not called the media.
        "Blockchain media is the grandson of the grandchildren. It can be the grandson of Finance and economics, or the grandson of science and technology media. In fact, the grandson does not have the conditions to become a single media.". He made an analogy: if technology media and financial media are a piece of land on a desert island, then blockchain media is a piece of ice on the Arctic Ocean.
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