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What can blockchain technology do for the construction of metauniverse (II)

Time : 02/08/2022 Author : oy1hgx Click : + -
        Blockchain technology is now applied in many aspects. The biggest application is actually in the current metauniverse. We all know a lot about the metauniverse, but how much do you know about the application of blockchain technology in the metauniverse?. The biggest feature of NFT is that it is both indivisible and unique, so it is suitable for marking exclusive and indivisible rights and assets, and can realize free trade and transfer. From the perspective of social governance, if there are many different participants working together to build a meta universe, information connection, collaboration and sharing must be realized through digital means. There are many new attempts in the blockchain field, such as various Dao experiments, which also provide a very good tool for the governance of commercial organizations.
        The blockchain technology can provide a decentralized settlement platform and value transfer, and can also realize a transparent and deterministic implementation mechanism of rules. In this way, it can guarantee its value ownership and circulation, and thus achieve the efficiency and stability of the economic system. As a large platform carrying human virtual activities, metauniverse has natural monopoly in traffic. The meta universe business model dominated by the centralized platform will inevitably lead to a larger scale of monopoly and control, which is a more unacceptable result than the Internet monopoly and is not conducive to the long-term development of the meta universe.
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