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Progress of science and Technology Park: the construction of aviator Zhide communication and Electronic Science and Technology Park project was advanced in an orderly manner

Time : 21/08/2021 Author : wbsko6 Click : + -
        Flyer Zhide communication electronic technology park project is one of the key introduced projects in Huadu District, Guangzhou. The project covers an area of 30 mu and has a total investment of 310 million yuan. After the completion of the project, the advantages of Huadu District in industrial environment, platform resources and other aspects will be fully utilized to extensively carry out the design, research and development, production and application of UAV cluster security networking system based on 5g + blockchain technology and related software and hardware systems, covering various fields including natural resources, emergency management, energy industry and intelligent agriculture, which will implement the new development concept for Huadu District, Promoting high-quality development provides new impetus and injects new vitality. The project was officially started on June 8 this year, and the follow-up construction work is being rapidly and orderly promoted. It is expected to complete the capping of the main building in June 2023 and complete the construction of the whole project within three years.
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