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The collapse of "Xinyuan series" once again warns that new words such as sharing economy and blockchain are very easy to be packaged and used by swindlers

Time : 22/02/2022 Author : jr3c7d Click : + -
        "Mr. Yang Zhiwei of the national sharing economy innovation and trade demonstration center is nothing to be proud of. He just accepted the appointment in the office of the relevant department of the State Council! The national emblem is hanging above the China sharing economy public welfare fund management committee he is responsible for! His ambition is to precisely help 10 million people!". At the end of last year, Huang Lihua, 40, from Neijiang, Sichuan Province, listened to the marketing rebate model of the "national shared economy platform" for the first time, and carefully searched the above information on the Internet. The group photos taken by Yang Zhiwei, the founder of the platform, with the business leaders and the extensive publicity on the Internet made her suddenly feel that a door of wealth was opened to her. On January 10 this year, she transferred 11700 yuan to the designated account.
        According to the rebate model publicized on the Internet, Huang Lihua's investment can earn a rebate of 0.6% every day and can be withdrawn regularly. "As for the specific project, I don't know. I only know it can make money.". However, she did not wait until the day when she withdrew the cash. "Just ten days after the money was paid, I heard that the company's leader was arrested." Now she has accepted the reality & mdash& mdash; Yang Zhiwei, who seems to be a great investor, is actually a liar. Yang Zhiwei frequently appeared in various forums and conferences. On the one hand, he "peddled" his "high theory" on the sharing economy, and on the other hand, he sought opportunities to "take photos". Many "big men" from the industry at home and abroad were "taken photos".
        Two years ago, Yang Zhiwei's name was still unknown to the public. In 2016, with the birth of the "national sharing economy innovation and trading demonstration center" and the "China sharing economy public welfare fund management committee", Yang Zhiwei became a very popular "leader of the sharing economy". He claims that the "national sharing economy innovation and trading demonstration center" headquartered in Chengdu is the only national level consumption value-added platform in China. Its construction plan is investigated and prepared by the Investment Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, which authorizes "China sharing economy Management Group Co., Ltd." to supervise and manage, and he himself serves as the chairman. In order to show the legitimacy and authority of the "trade demonstration center", Yang Zhiwei specially went to the gate of relevant ministries and commissions in Beijing and took a group photo with relevant leaders through various channels.
        He also held the launching ceremony and awarding ceremony of "high-end atmosphere and high grade" in Chengdu, established the so-called "strategic Steering Committee" and issued the letter of appointment. What is more exaggerated is that a large national emblem is hung on the front desk of the office located in Tongwei building of Chengdu high tech Zone, posing as the background of "national brand". Yang Zhiwei and his team are also well versed in propaganda. On the one hand, he frequently appeared in some media and expressed his views as an expert in the sharing economy industry; On the other hand, the "sharing economy platform" has a special website, wechat official account and other we media platform accounts to timely report and reprint Yang Zhiwei's news. He also frequently appeared in various forums and conferences. On the one hand, he "peddled" his "high theory" on the sharing economy, and on the other hand, he sought opportunities to "take photos". Many "big men" in the industry at home and abroad were "taken photos".
        Browsing these articles and videos promoting the sharing economy platform, we can find that the content is no more than three categories: first, explain that "sharing economy" is a national strategy; Second, shaping Yang Zhiwei's leading position in the sharing economy; Third, introduce the operation mode and call on everyone to join the platform. In the materials, a large number of leaders' speeches, policy documents and economic terms are cited, and the logic and concepts are quite "bluffing". In addition, since 2016, in the name of "national sharing economy platform", Yang Zhiwei has also held "sharing economy conference", "sharing economy forum", "sharing economy press conference" and "sharing economy investment promotion meeting" in many cities across the country, and held several national tours of "sharing economy concerts". Among them, many well-known hosts and entertainment stars are his "platforms", which further confirms his "strong strength".
        Through such multidimensional building, Yang Zhiwei's reputation has become more and more famous, and his supporters have spread all over the country and even overseas. Meanwhile, the "national shared economic platform" operated by him has also developed rapidly. He has successively set up industrial centers of 30 industrial chains, including real estate, building materials, decoration, minerals, gas cards, jewelry, grain and oil, and wine, and has widely carried out business in the mode of "consumption rebate". However, on January 22 this year, the Meishan police in Sichuan Province announced that Yang Zhiwei and others had been taken criminal coercive measures according to law for being suspected of illegally organizing and leading pyramid schemes. "I look forward to Chairman Yang's early voice, revitalizing the spirit of sharing and boosting the confidence of members." Two weeks after Yang Zhiwei was taken criminal compulsory measures by the public security organs, many "sharing family members" still voiced their support for him through wechat official account and other channels, and "look forward to the safe return of the national sharing economic platform and its re start!".
        According to the platform, its profit sources mainly include bank interest, sales profit, capital investment, as well as the 9 trillion tons of shale oil exploitation right in the South China Sea and the 900 billion yuan of white marble exploitation right in Ya'an Reserve & hellip& hellip;。 How does the "national shared economy platform" work? Yang Zhiwei first laid the groundwork in theory: the sharing economy is to share resources and wealth, improve the utilization rate of resources, and obtain returns from it. The profits of enterprises can be shared to consumers and promoters who promote consumption at different levels and in different proportions. Consumption is transformed into investment and investment into capital, and both participate in market distribution. The realization of this seemingly logical theory is the so-called "consumption rebate".
        In the past two years, Yang Zhiwei, with platforms such as Sichuan Xinyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. and its branches in various places as the hub, attracted hundreds of regional backbones from all over the country, registered a large number of shell companies in the name of "xingxinyuan", "jinxinyuan" and "Zhonglian Xinyuan", and established a "sharing mall" for online consumption rebate. On this "national shared economy platform", members can enjoy 100% of the points (or dividends) for all their consumption with only 11.7% of the money. One point is equal to 1 yuan. The return rule is: every day, the points will be returned according to 0.6% of the consumption amount, and it will be returned in full in about 4.5 years.
        For example, if a member subscribes a set of real estate of 1 million yuan through the platform, he only needs to invest 117000 yuan to the platform, and then he will return six thousandths of 1 million yuan every day, that is, 600 points, and 18000 points every month. In about four and a half years, he can return 1 million points. In the process, only 100 points can be withdrawn. Equivalent to 8.547 times of 4.5 years. However, this is only static income. If members recommend others to join, they can also get 5% of the "direct promotion Award" and 2% of the "indirect Award", which is equivalent to dynamic income, thus forming the "sun line" mode of three-level distribution. At the same time, the platform has implemented the agency system of industrial chain and regional parallel throughout the country. As of the case, the platform has developed 30 industrial centers.
        "Each industrial center is equivalent to an operator, and you need to pay a threshold fee of 6 million yuan to get the operation right. After you get the operation right of the industrial center, you continue to look for regional agents, regional agents, provincial agents, municipal agents, district and county agents, and collect agency fees of hundreds of thousands of yuan according to the agent level, and implement member development incentives." Liu Hui, head of the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Meishan Public Security Bureau, who is responsible for investigating this case, said. Where does such a high return come from? According to the platform, its profit sources mainly include bank interest, mall advertising fee, sales profit, agency fee, equity, membership fee, brand value, company listing, capital operation income, integral trading, entity hematopoiesis, Zoomlion IMAX square, capital investment, as well as the 900 billion tons of shale oil mining right in the South China Sea and the 900 billion tons of white marble mining right in Ya'an Reserve & hellip& hellip;。
        Under these amazing temptations, a large number of participants flocked to it. After layer by layer development, the members are distributed in 31 provinces and municipalities across the country, and some members even come from abroad. According to the data provided by the police, as of the time of the crime, the "Xinyuan series" company had developed more than 220000 member accounts nationwide, involving a total amount of 10.2 billion yuan. Yang Zhiwei said that according to the platform rebate model, it can last 4.5 years without being an entity. However, in fact, the "Xinyuan system" was on the verge of collapse before the case occurred: the capital of the main account was greatly reduced, and it was unable to fulfill its previous commitment to withdraw points. Who is Yang Zhiwei? He claims to be the "youngest Deputy ministerial level leader" with "political background" and is a "red top businessman". In fact, he is only a businessman who has been engaged in the construction and catering industry in Zhejiang since the end of the 1990s, and his education level is only junior college.
        Zhuang Jian in his team is a senior "industry insider" of online pyramid marketing, who has participated in "cloud Lianhui" online pyramid marketing. During the interrogation by the police, Zhuang Jian claimed that he found that there was a break in the fund chain of "yunlianhui". He spent more than 100000 yuan to invite a mathematician to calculate a so-called "Mobius cycle" type infinite cycle mode of "never collapse", that is, attract funds with a coefficient of 11.7, and through the continuous cycle of attracting funds and rebates, realize wide entry and narrow exit, so as to achieve the accumulation of funds, And this "never collapse" model can avoid the attack of the "Ponzi scheme". At first, Zhuang Jian brought this "research result" to Huang Ming, the leader of "yunlianhui", and asked for technology to buy shares. After Huang Ming refused, he found Yang Zhiwei to cooperate.
        Si Xiaozheng, who is a professional in business administration, is an important manager in the "Xinyuan iron triangle". He has worked in the network company for many years and is well versed in P2P network technology and network platform construction. He claims that "as long as this model can achieve more than 10 million people in a short time, the government will not attack.". In 2016, the three people hit it off and decided to "tell a story to everyone to make money" together, to build China's largest online consumption rebate platform, and vowed to "step on the cloud" and "crush it". Soon, they built a platform with a high degree of management protection. Among the technicians, there were even doctors who graduated from Waseda University in Japan. The reporter's investigation found that the backbone members of the "Xinyuan family" are all "old athletes" of online pyramid schemes, including many who have participated in the "five element coin" and "Wanjia shopping".
        These personnel have a strong sense of anti reconnaissance. After being brought to justice, they still argue that they are engaged in the "sharing economy". Recently, when the reporter met Yang Zhiwei at the detention center of Danling County, he said that "the sharing economy was originally advocated by the state, and the brand value of the sharing economy mall I founded is no less than Taobao and Jingdong". He also said that "I don't know that this is pyramid marketing. Pyramid marketing needs to close a room of people and restrict personal freedom. I don't have it at all.". He also said that according to the rebate mode of the platform, it can last for four and a half years without being an entity. But in fact, the "Xinyuan system" was on the verge of collapse before the incident. In July 2017, when the police began to notice "Xinyuan series", there were more than 3 billion funds in its main account.
        As of January this year, the funds in the main account were only 900 million. The police investigation also found that in the past, the withdrawal rule of the platform was that every 100 points can be withdrawn. By January 2018, the rule has become that 80% of the points can be withdrawn only after 500 points are reached, and the remaining 20% of the points can only be withdrawn in the online mall. The so-called online shopping mall had almost no commodity sales before the crime. The police also learned that after Yang Zhiwei was arrested, his subordinates also rented the warehouse in an emergency and purchased a large number of goods to pile up. "This behavior is obviously for the purpose of & lsquo; whitewashing & rsquo Liu Hui said. After investigation, the police also found that Yang Zhiwei claimed to be the president of Zhonglian film and Television Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the film and television center of the China Federation of literary and art circles, which was a fake.
        What he called "central enterprises", "China Agricultural and sideline products trading group Co., Ltd." and "China shared Economy Management Group Co., Ltd." are fictitious. His claim that shale oil and white marble are jointly developed is a myth. At the same time, "Xinyuan series" has registered thousands of shell companies throughout the country and wantonly developed offline members to make huge profits. Where did the 10.2 billion funds from "Xinyuan system" go? Meishan police said that the current investigation showed that about 60% of the funds were used for rebate; A large amount of money has been used to buy luxury cars. Up to now, 47 luxury cars have been detained, including Rolls Royce phantom and Bentley, which are used to reward members who play an obvious role in pyramid marketing; In order to expand the "tiger skin", the company rented an office building in the prime area of Chengdu, and spent tens of millions on decoration and rent; In the later period, he also spent several hundred million yuan to buy real estate because he wanted to "whitewash" the entity; There are also quite a number of funds whose whereabouts are unknown, claiming that foreign investment has failed.
        Compared with traditional pyramid schemes, the online pyramid scheme of "Xinyuan series" is more confusing. However, no matter how the mode changes, its essence of attracting people, sharing dividends, collecting private funds, and seizing illegal benefits through the continuous development of offline is common. Luo Yi, director of Meishan Public Security Bureau, said that the "Xinyuan series" super large network pyramid scheme case is an economic case involving the largest amount of money, the largest amount of seized assets, the widest area and the largest number of people since the founding of Sichuan Province. "& lsquo; Xinyuan system & rsquo; has seriously damaged the image of the party and the government under the banner of a national platform. The organization has no economic entity, and the income of the organization and its members comes from the membership funds of the participants. Its operation mode is a typical Ponzi scheme. It is suspected of pyramid schemes and other criminal activities, which is extremely harmful to society.
        ”。 Meishan police said that the variant of the new online pyramid scheme is extremely confusing. "In the past, the prominent feature of traditional pyramid marketing was to restrict personal freedom. Now, it is developing offline through the Internet, mobile app and wechat. Secondly, the gimmick of & lsquo; Xinyuan series & rsquo; is very new and packaged with the concept of sharing. Thirdly, the brand is very large, and it even carries out activities under the banner of the state." Liu Hui said that with the continuous development of the economy and society, some new economic models have emerged, and some new economic concepts have emerged. Many people use these names to sell dog meat and steal concepts. Previously, other places have also abolished pyramid marketing organizations under the names of "mutual assistance for old age" and "mutual insurance".
        Liu Hui said that another puzzle of the "Xinyuan system" is that it adopts the "Solar Linear" pyramid marketing model. "Different from the dual track, geometric multiplication, pyramid and extreme difference organizational structure of the traditional pyramid marketing, the new model includes the headquarters, and the offline relationship formed does not exceed three layers. Its purpose is to avoid the charges of pyramid marketing. However, no matter how the model changes, its essence of attracting people, sharing dividends, collecting private funds, and seizing illegal interests through the continuous development of offline is common. & lsquo; Xinyuan & rsquo; indirect development Our members and heads have already exceeded three levels. " He said. Relevant legal experts also pointed out that in recent years, new types of online pyramid selling crimes such as "five element coin", "yunlianhui" and "Xinyuan series" have emerged one after another, and the lack of supervision has also been exposed.
        Although the national emblem is openly hung and the name of "national strategy" is everywhere, the reporter does not exist in the national unified social credit code information verification system, such as "national sharing economy innovation and trading demonstration center" and "China sharing economy Management Group Co., Ltd.". On February 15, 2017 and April 14, 2017, the Investment Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission and the high-tech industry department, the approving units of the so-called "sharing economy innovation and trade demonstration center", respectively, announced on their official websites that they had nothing to do with it. At the same time, on August 17, 2017, the Counselor's office of the State Council, the authorized party of the so-called "China shared economic public welfare fund", also declared that it was a pseudonym and reminded the public to pay attention to identification.
        "The relevant departments can find that this is an obvious illegal organization with a little verification, but in reality, it has not been supervised for a long time." Said Liu Xinjie, vice president of the Law School of Sichuan University. He also pointed out that the sharing economy, blockchain and other new
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