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Blockchain dynamics (early reference on July 29, 2022)

Time : 21/07/2021 Author : ve6qgl Click : + -
        Keywords: U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, veefriends, cryptocurrency trading platform INX, metauniverse blockchain game planetquest, yoobunny, U.S. Senate Banking Committee's top Republican Senator Pat Toomey, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler, aurigami, Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), U.S. financial stability supervision committee (FSOC), apple Corporation (AAPL). 2. According to the golden financial report, the Cardano foundation announced that carina Zambelli will now serve as the "personnel operation coordinator" of the organization.
        According to the announcement, she will become one of the preferred contracts for HR related inquiries. Zambelli will be responsible for ensuring that the team has sufficient competent staff to achieve its objectives. The Swiss based foundation Zug appointed a new technical director of open source development as early as may. This non-profit organization is responsible for supervising and supervising the development of the leading equity proof blockchain. (。 3. It was reported on July 29 that Damien Hirst, a famous British artist, would burn thousands of his paintings as part of his one-year NFT project "the currency". Starting from September, visitors to Hirst's London private museum will be able to see some of his 10000 paintings, which he created in 2016 and linked with NFT last year.
        These NFT floors cost $2000, and buyers can choose to keep the NFT or exchange it for physical paintings. For those who choose to keep the NFT version, the original painting will be burned. The deadline for the decision is July 27. The data showed that 4851 people wanted their paintings to be burned in exchange for a digital NFT, while 5149 collectors chose to exchange their NFT for a physical version. These works of art will be burned every day during the event starting on September 9, and will be closed during the frieze week in London in mid October. At that time, all the remaining paintings will be destroyed. Damien Hirst was declared the richest artist in Britain in 2020, with a net asset of more than US $380 million.
        (Cointelegraph)。 4. According to the golden financial report, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown criticized cryptocurrency fraudsters at the Senate hearing on Thursday, which indicates that after the collapse of the cryptocurrency market this summer, the urgency of regulating digital assets has reappeared. Brown said that we have witnessed the amazing explosion of the crypto market, exposing the shocking interconnection and huge risks among crypto companies. The collapse after collapse shows how fast an investment that should have been stable can fall apart. We see that unregulated and unlicensed entities can borrow and lend hundreds of millions of dollars to engage in high-risk crypto transactions.
        (TheBlock)。 5. Golden financial report: veefriends announced that it had completed the seed round financing of US $50 million, and a16z led the investment. The financing is used to support the construction of the future intellectual property rights of 283 veefriends roles and to promote the expansion plan of their creative, technical and experience businesses. 6. According to the golden financial report, six prints of Chen Danqing were sold at the first meta universe auction in Baidu xirang. It is reported that this is the first real art auction held by Baidu xirang, and also the first auction of Chen Danqing's works in the meta universe world. 7. According to the news on July 29, 1kx and macrodao jointly launched macro hack song.
        Macro hacksong aims to accelerate the development of NFT financial field, including proposing the next generation protocol and improving the productivity, practicality and financial use cases of NFT. The event will be held from August 16 to 30. The sponsors include nftfi, nftbank, ronin, sudoswap, etc. 9. According to the golden financial report, foundrydigital LLC, a mining company and subsidiary of digital currency group (DCG), announced the launch of foundrylogistics to promote the standard of cryptocurrency mining industry. The company's newly established department plans to "bridge the gap between hardware manufacturers and buyers by providing integrated solutions for mining hardware delivery".
        10. According to the golden financial report, the president of the European Banking authority (EBA) revealed in an interview that retaining any crypto related talents is a major problem ". The Financial Times quoted the executive as adding that this deficit also applies to other fields, including technology and digitization. The whole society has a high demand for experts. The Paris based EBA was established in 2011 after the last financial crisis to ensure that European banks have sufficient capital to meet similar challenges in the future. More recently, it also oversees European efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies. It now says it is also worried about planning its new powers. European institutions recently agreed on a draft regulatory framework called the crypto asset market (MICA).
        However, the head of the agency said that the authorities will not know which digital coins, cryptocurrencies and stable coins it has the right to regulate until the legislation is expected to take effect in 2025. 11. According to the golden financial report, the cryptocurrency trading platform INX announced that its common shares would be traded in the US otcqb on August 2, 2022, with the trading code "inxdf". The common shares of INX will continue to be traded on the Neo exchange ("Neo") with the code "inxd", and the INX tokens issued by inxlimited, a subsidiary of INX, will continue to be traded on the ATS of INX securities with the code "INX".
        In addition, INX has also obtained the approval of the Depository Trust Company (DTC), so that INX's shares are eligible for electronic clearing and settlement through DTC. 12. According to the golden financial report, the metauniverse blockchain game planetquest announced that it had cooperated with immutable x to launch the NFT sales activity with good virtual planet in the crypto community. Unlike other game NFT sales, this time allows applicants to have enough time to determine which planetary NFTs they want to buy and submit relevant applications. So far, more than 10000 applications and more than 60 million US dollars have been received. (globenewswire)。
        14. Golden Finance reported that b3i, a blockchain insurance enterprise supported by more than 20 insurance companies and reinsurance companies, is about to close. The company was incorporated in Switzerland in 2018, and its funds are entirely from insurance companies. Failure to complete further financing triggered bankruptcy. Its recently announced capital is the round B financing at the end of 2020, the amount of which is not disclosed. Previously, the round a financing exceeded US $20 million. The founding insurance companies are Zurich, swissre, Generali, Allianz, xlinnovation, SCOR, aegonbluesquare, mapfre and Achmea.
        15. According to the golden financial report, the total value (TVL) locked by the decentralized exchange velodrome on the optimization network has exceeded the $100 million mark. On Thursday, the total value of the lock-in of the exchange reached $106 million, which indicates that the demand of the users of defi is growing rapidly. This makes it compete with the dominant competitor exchanges such as uniswap on the Internet. Although the trading volume of uniswap on optimism is about twice that of velodrome, the trading volume of velodrome is more than twice that of the latter, and now it has a larger TVL.
        16. According to the golden financial report, pat Toomey, the top Republican Senator of the US Senate Banking Committee, said that he was seeking common ground with others to make his earlier proposal on currency stabilization supervision a bipartisan effort. Sherrod Brown, the chairman, confirmed that he was involved in the discussion. Toomey said at the Committee hearing on Wednesday: the first place where we should be able to find common ground is that I actually think it is very close in many cases, that is, to formulate clear and wise regulations for stabilizing the currency. Promote the supervision of tokens. I am in discussions with several members to make this proposal a bipartisan proposal.
        (Coindesk)。 17. Golden financial report: in response to the report on coinbase facing the SEC's investigation into the listing of cryptocurrencies published by Bloomberg, Michael burry, the author of big short, commented on this article on twitter on July 26. Burry said that it is quite certain that the SEC has no resources or intelligence points to do this correctly. 18. According to the golden financial report, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, together with the labor department and other senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Tina Smith (d-minn.), has expressed concern about Fidelity's plan to provide bitcoin (BTC) as an investment option for its 401 (k) managed account.
        This letter to Abigail Johnson, chief executive officer of fidelity investment, criticized the company's decision to provide workers with investment in untested Highly unstable assets. "In April, the US based financial services company announced that it would allow investors to include bitcoin (BTC) in 401 (k) retirement plans later this year, with a bitcoin holding limit of 20% of the account value. (coindesk) 。 19. Golden financial report, watcher Guru said on social media that Gary Gensler, chairman of the securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, said that the agency was cooperating with cryptocurrency exchanges to regulate them as a stock exchange.
        21. According to the golden financial report, Chris Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), is worried that the rapidly developing crypto asset market (MICA) act of the European Union may lead to the global export of European style crypto regulation, which will have a negative impact on US regulators. The ability to effectively create your own rules. Giancarlo said that we need to develop our own framework, and our framework needs to clearly point out that the activities of the United States will be regulated by the United States, not by Europe. I respect Europe very much, but their markets are very different. CFTC Commissioner Caroline Pham said that as the United States strives to provide regulatory clarity for the domestic encryption industry, a global regulatory framework such as mica can fill this gap.
        Once these market structures are changed, transformed and hardened, it is difficult to change them back when all the huge funds and capital investments enter these new market structures. (Coindesk)。 22. Golden financial report: according to a statement released on Thursday, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued a joint letter ordering the crypto lending platform Voyager digital to stop making false and misleading statements about its FDIC deposit insurance status. The regulator said: these statements may mislead customers and be trusted by customers who deposit their funds with Voyager but cannot use their funds immediately.
        FDIC had previously confirmed that it was investigating the claim that Voyager customers' funds were insured by FDIC when it collapsed. (TheBlock)。 23. It was reported on July 29 that the financial stability supervision commission (FSOC) of the United States is expected to release the digital asset report in the early autumn of 2022. 24. Golden Finance reported that according to the company, an employee of a Celsius supplier leaked a customer email list to "third-party bad actors". The cryptocurrency lender said in an e-mail on Thursday that it was hit by the data leak that also affected opensea.
        The company said that although Celsius did not believe that its customers faced "any high risk", it did regard the data leakage as "a serious violation of the supplier customer relationship" and had contacted the relevant authorities. According to the company's update, five other customers are affected outside opensea. Celsius e-mail said that customer IO initially said on June 30 that Celsius data was not affected. However, on July 8, the company warned that the email list of Celsius customers had actually been leaked, although Celsius immediately deleted all data held by after discovering the event.
        25. Golden Finance reported that according to two recent recruitment information on its professional website, apple (AAPL) is seeking to add a creative director and a content marketing director with Web3 technology. One of the lists is for creative director candidates who are "interested in interactive platforms and Web 3.0". The other is the art director, who calls for enthusiasm for experiment and innovation and shows interest in Web 3.0 ", although Apple has removed the list from its website. However, the republished version is still circulating on the Internet. (Coindesk)。 26. According to the golden financial report, an American bill aimed at promoting the manufacturing of computer chips will be submitted to President Biden. The bill will also establish an encryption advisory role within his government.
        After the vote of the house of Representatives on Thursday, the two parties passed legislation to establish a new blockchain and cryptocurrency adviser who will work in the science and technology policy office. Congressman Darren Soto, CO chairman of the Congressional blockchain core group and cryptocurrency supporter, said that I am proud to be able to formulate necessary policies to ensure that our government continues to form innovations. The White House Science office is instructed by the president's executive order on encryption to analyze the impact of digital assets on climate change and submit a report later this year. The office consulted the public on the report in March. (Coindesk)。
        27. According to the golden financial report, relime, a Norwegian Web3 biometric start-up, announced that it had completed a financing of US $50 million. Gemcapital limited, a digital asset investment company, made a strategic investment. The company said that it planned to use the latest financing to expand the global layer1 authoritative Web3 financial ecosystem, including biometric payment cards with cold storage and digital ID. The Web3 financial ecosystem under reltime also includes the "certificate of deposit" agreement, the reltime decentralized exchange and NFT market, the Web3 bank as a service solution, and the metaverse SDK.
        Reltime has previously said that its biometric cards will be first introduced in Europe, Japan, India, Mexico and Brazil, and then expanded to a wider global market. (biometricupdate)。 28. Golden financial report, Mario & middot, CEO of Santander bank in Brazil; Leo said on Thursday that Spanish banks are transnational
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