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How much does it cost to build an NFT system

Time : 16/04/2022 Author : w9a57f Click : + -
        The estimation of the software development cost of the blockchain mall is based on the functional complexity of the application. The estimated development cost of wechat cloud technology is in the range of hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Generally speaking, applications with complex functions take a long time to develop and therefore cost more, while applications with simple functions are faster and cost less. The development cost mainly includes labor cost and hardware consumption. The more complex the application, the longer the cost. For example, if there is ready-made source code to meet the functional requirements, the development can be quickly realized by modifying and adding functions, and the price is very low. As for the cost, it's up to you.
        If you can install it yourself, it will not cost you a penny; Find a friend to dress up. Please pay for the meal. Generally speaking, the quotation of outsourcing project is based on the salary of the developer, which is determined by the working years, experience and level. The developers here include product managers, UI designers, front-end engineers, server-side engineers, IOS and Android client engineers, etc. Different outsourcing projects require different developers. For example, suppose an IOS Development Engineer's monthly salary is RMB (the salary value is just an example), and the daily development cost is calculated based on 21 or 75 working days per month. Here is daily.
        Continuing with the above example, if a project needs 30 IOS development engineers per day, the total cost of the project is () =, based on the price of RMB per day. If yes, for projects with complex product functions, the quality of the outsourcing team has a great impact on the final result, and the price of a good team will naturally be higher. Projects with simple product functionality are another matter. Outsourcing teams with the same ability will also lead to differences in development costs in different cities. For example, the cost of outsourcing teams in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai is naturally higher, because the wages of local developers are higher. And other costs are relatively high.
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