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Blockhotspot: taiken planet and flash chain jointly discuss the possibility of cross domain cooperation under blockchain Technology

Time : 02/02/2022 Author : 254rae Click : + -
        It is reported that recently, taiken planet and flash chain have reached friendly cooperation and jointly launched the activity of "taiken planet sunshine season, joint flash chain to send benefits", aiming to send more surprises to users of both sides and open up the way forward for the platform. As a blockchain game platform, TECAN planet not only builds the basic technical framework, but also needs to make the development prospects of the platform broader. Taiken planet team frankly said that the development of the blockchain game platform is not a project that can be completed by one team. The support of users and the cooperation of multiple teams should become the development goal of the whole industry. In this cooperation between taiken planet and flash chain, through the cooperation of flash chain, which has become mature in the security industry and has achieved phased success, the taiken planet project team will further explore the possibility of more blockchain game platforms to pave the way for the creation of diversified possibilities for the whole blockchain game industry in the future.
        In this cooperation activity, the users of taiken planet and flash chain communicate with each other, and make use of the product characteristics of both parties to let users understand the project products in depth and provide users with value-added benefits. After the launch time of the event was announced, users on both sides expressed great expectation, and many new users wanted to participate in the event. It can be seen that the sincerity of the project party to the users is shown through continuous wonderful activities, which not only makes the project products more easily accepted by the users, but also broadens the possibilities of the products. It can be said that it has done more with one stone. Shinechain is a decentralized blockchain mutual support platform. It is committed to changing the production relations of the global mutual assistance and protection industry, breaking the disadvantages of the traditional protection industry, thus changing the existing mutual assistance and protection business model, creating a global blockchain safe and healthy mutual assistance ecosystem, and enabling more people to have the rights and interests of safe and healthy protection.
        "Flying fire wheel personal accident protection" is the first phase of blockchain mutual assistance product launched by the flash chain. Users can enjoy personal accident protection of passenger aircraft, ships and trains by paying the agreed token (she) to the mutual assistance protection community. In case of an accident of community users, she will be deducted from each account of the community according to the predetermined amount and paid to the users. If there is no accident, the she in the user account will continue to exist and the mutual guarantee responsibility will continue to be effective. "Forever love" is a special guarantee product launched by shinechain for young people & mdash& mdash; The chain of love guarantees each other.
        In this special product full of creativity and love, users can "carve" their love vows or commitments to their sweethearts into the flash chain by paying the she equivalent of 3usdt, and keep them permanently. Each of them holds half of the secret key. After successful writing, the system will automatically generate a certificate for the user to save and share. According to different user conditions, corresponding incentive conditions will be set up for the everlove love love chain. Users who have been married for three years after joining the love chain will receive she equivalent to 300usdt (1usdt = 1 $) as a blessing gift. In addition, if the user has married or is about to get married and joins the love chain, after 3 years, if you and your other half are still married, you can participate in the lottery and have the chance to win the Maldives romantic double travel award.
        Tokenplanets is the world's first EOS based blockchain game. Taiken planet is committed to building a blockchain game ecosystem integrating finance, service and entertainment. Players can "mine" through games on the taiken planet, and use the universal game token "taiken coin" to trade in various game scenarios to experience the fun of the game; At the same time, it can also create its own unique services through the open platform to obtain benefits; In the future, we will even make use of the access of platform merchants to make TECAN coins be used in more scenarios. In the early stage, taiken planet will enrich the platform game scenes and establish a good community foundation through independent research and development of various game applications. Taiken planet will successively build applications such as farms, mines, arenas, casinos, and commodity trading centers focusing on trading game props; In the later stage, a complete set of blockchain game design specifications will be formulated to provide a friendly development environment for third parties by opening the underlying technical architecture and development platform, attract third-party game content creators to join, and further enrich the whole blockchain game ecology.
        Taiken planet hopes to build taiken planet into a game ecosystem with "nutrition as the core and free economy as the driving force". Taiken planet integrates the blockchain technology with traditional games, and uses the blockchain to solve the trust problems that cannot be solved in traditional games. By enhancing the creation of game content and comprehensive services, it constantly explores the expression of games, and strives to create a dynamic blockchain game ecosystem. This cooperation is an interdisciplinary cooperation. Taiken planet is committed to blockchain games, and the flash chain is dedicated to mutual support. However, the two sides jointly explore and explore more cooperation points through the contact point of blockchain, which is also a pioneering initiative in the history of blockchain.
        As a blockchain game platform, taiken planet can let users quickly understand the blockchain through the characteristics of the game. This low threshold and interesting form is organically combined with the products of the flash chain, and can make users of both sides enjoy entertainment and security. The teams of both sides believe that with the deepening of cooperation, they will further cooperate at the technical level in the future, and will surely collide with more brilliant sparks.
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