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Cai Weilun, CTO of Yichen Technology: mining is not the end point of K3 blockchain route

Time : 21/04/2022 Author : 8dbl4m Click : + -
        On July 22, 2018, the blockchain Shenzhen brand global conference of "link the world, link the brand" organized by Yichen technology in conjunction with Lido capital, non small, future finance and Hong Kong Xiaobei was successfully held in Shenzhen Science and technology park. This conference specially invited dozens of blockchain industry experts to witness the 2018 joint conference of top blockchain brands. At the conference, many stars gathered and good theories appeared frequently. They jointly discussed the practical significance of blockchain technology in the present, and deeply analyzed the in-depth practice and application of blockchain technology in the vertical fields such as the Internet of things, intelligent hardware, social platforms and digital assets. The Organizing Committee of the event takes it as its duty to provide an exhibition platform for outstanding blockchain projects, and proposes that more communication opportunities with blockchain enthusiasts should be increased for many outstanding blockchain projects that lack exposure.
        Avoid a large number of "pseudo blockchain" products playing the banner of blockchain landing applications to make up the numbers, disrupt the market, and make the majority of blockchain enthusiasts shy away. Cai Weilun, CTO of Yichen technology, brought a wonderful speech on "innovative application of blockchain from multiple scenarios" to the guests, expounded the rich application scenarios of blockchain routing, and analyzed the close relationship between blockchain and Internet of things. He focused on the mining mechanism, CDN distribution and landing application scenarios of the flagship product "K3 blockchain routing" of Yichen technology. Unlike the mining machines on the market, users can purchase jCG blockchain router K3, go online and activate the mining mechanism, and obtain corresponding digital asset certification rewards according to the rare earth mine generation rules by sharing resources such as bandwidth and storage space.
        At the same time, the flagship configuration of K3 route will ensure that the router will not affect the normal use of users during mining. What is equally important to mining is K3's CDN distribution acceleration function. Jcgk3 cooperates with the top communication cloud platform to develop CDN acceleration application through blockchain technology, collect the idle storage resources and bandwidth in the user's home, and give back the corresponding rare earth mines according to the user's contribution. Jcgk3 takes hardware products as the carrier and combines blockchain technology to realize application landing and resource sharing. As we all know, blockchain technology is easy to chat but hard to land. Yichen technology is well aware of this. With years of technical accumulation in the hardware and Internet of things industries, together with well-known technical experts at home and abroad, Yichen technology will work together to tap the development potential of blockchain and Internet of things, and cooperate with well-known real estate developers to plan to use the whole line as the entrance of smart home supporting facilities, connect with the intelligent management platform app, create the first blockchain hotel apartment in Shenzhen, and realize the real circulation of users' online income.
        Cai Weilun also mentioned that before the meeting, many guests who asked the staff in front of the jCG booth would ask a question: what is the value of your products? He joked that "mining" (traffic collection and calculation) is definitely not the end point of K3 blockchain routing, and the grand idea of Yichen technology is far more than this. This is the consistent proposition of him and Yichen technology that "digital currency is not the only application scenario of blockchain technology". He said that K3 blockchain routing is only a part of this plan. With the in-depth research and application of blockchain technology by Yichen technology, K3 will be added with more functions and given more responsibilities. As the pioneer of the blockchain project, K3 is just a blooming bud. With the development of the blockchain project and the maturity of the blockchain technology, K3, as the first project to land, will also show more feasibility. Interested blockchain enthusiasts can continue to pay attention to the follow-up actions of Yichen technology.
        At the end of the speech, he also revealed that more platforms will be connected at the end of the month, and users participating in the early release of K3 will benefit first. Subsequently, after receiving an exclusive interview with a number of blockchain media, he signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lido capital on behalf of Yichen technology, hoping to establish a strategic cooperation awareness of sharing consensus based on the brand influence of both sides in their respective fields, strengthen resource complementarity and mutual assistance in the blockchain industry, jointly create a blockchain ecosystem, and share the storm in the blockchain revolution.
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