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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are popular. Are investors in the sedan chair? 3 tips: teach you how to follow hot plates

Time : 30/05/2022 Author : h9ldt2 Click : + -
        Today's market can be described as hot. The A-share index rose across the board, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose by nearly 1%, and the growth enterprise market rose by nearly 2%. The total trading volume of the two cities also exceeded more than 520 billion. In particular, blockchain and cryptocurrency almost broke out across the board. The opening of the sector index directly jumped high, driving related sectors such as electronic payment, software, information and big data to rise. In the blockchain sector, the number of gainers reached 93; In the digital currency sector, except for one stock which rose by 6.48%, all other stocks rose by the limit! The main line of high-tech industry led the index to continue the counterattack, sounding the clarion call of the market rally. With the release of top-level major signals, a new technology cycle will gradually rise. It is suggested to focus on blockchain, digital currency, 5g, Internet of things and other related concept stocks in the A-share market.
        In the last week's Shenzhen interactive easy investment platform, questions related to "blockchain" were also mentioned 1917 times! Especially last weekend, on the afternoon of October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the current situation and trend of the development of blockchain technology. It clearly emphasized that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. It is necessary to take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction of attack, increase investment, and strive to overcome a number of key core technologies, Accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. This news has aroused new enthusiasm for learning among investors. Whether it is institutions, large households or small enterprises, they are talking about blockchain, learning blockchain, talking about blockchain whenever they meet, and thinking about the bright future of blockchain together.
        Therefore, the first thing for most investors to open the market today is to open their securities accounts to see if there are any concept stocks related to digital currencies or blocks in the stocks they have purchased. Some people secretly rejoiced and sat down in the sedan chair and waited for the main force to lift the sedan chair. Those investors who did not hold positions hurriedly looked for individual stocks and found that most of the stocks were directly closed at the opening of the market, so they had no chance to buy!. This reminds me of a news in April 2017 "about the setting up of xiong'an New District in Hebei Province." speculators failed in xiong'an: nearly 100000 people failed to buy a house, crying that the house price doubled overnight. "It seems that xiong'an has become a geomantic omen treasure land overnight, making speculators flock to it.
        Many sales offices and housing agencies in Xiongxian county are overcrowded. Except for some local people, many of them come from Beijing, Tianjin and other places, and many of them directly buy with cash. "At that time, a customer from Beijing said that he wanted a house and directly brought more than 500000 yuan in cash, but the total amount of money he bought was more than 10000 yuan. He promised to collect all the money within one month, but it was too late. Later, a person came and directly bought the house with the full amount of money. The customer in Beijing cried at that time.". Investment is crazy, and most people have a speculative mentality. I also think of the madness of tulips and the subscription card in Shenzhen. How similar this situation is.
        Then again, investors trading in the stock market want to make profits. Especially for some short-term speculators, how to grasp the hot spots of the market, sneak into the relevant leading stocks in advance, and enjoy the fun of rapid and continuous trading is a topic worthy of in-depth study by every investor. What is a hot plate? Generally speaking, it refers to that under the stimulation of policies and sudden favorable conditions, the relevant sectors have risen sharply. Under the profit-making effect, foreign funds continue to enter the market, the trading volume continues to expand, individual stocks are very active, leading stocks drive the popularity and the market index to rise. In a bull market, they can dominate the market and lead the market all the way up; In the bear market, their popularity has not decreased, and they have gone up against the trend, becoming a safe haven in the weak market. In the volatile market, they have been repeatedly hyped.
        However, it is difficult for ordinary investors to grasp the hot plate. They do not grasp the speculation law of hot plate and the rotation rhythm between hot plates. When you wake up, you often miss a wave of rising. Once you don't step on it, you will be trapped at the top of the mountain, and you will easily suffer a big loss. Therefore, I would like to share with you how to more accurately grasp the market hot spots from three aspects. Watch the news broadcast more, extensively read the financial news websites, and understand the national policies, industrial policies and development plans. These policies can have a far-reaching impact on the industry and the market, with large imagination space, long enough impact time and many target sectors involved. For example, in the past, xiong'an new area, the Belt and Road, Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, or some support policies involving emerging industries, such as lithium batteries, charging piles, virtual reality, domestic software, 5g chips, etc.
        There are also some major advantages in individual stocks, such as substantial increase in performance, large order business, business change, turning losses into profits, targeted additional issuance, and so on. We need to maintain a certain sensitivity to these news, and be familiar with the basic information of the plates and individual stocks. When the news comes out, we can think of the relevant plates and individual stocks at the first time. Through the collection and collation of information, we can basically accurately judge the possible mainstream hot spots on the day, and also make pre-market plans, including the grasp of buying points, the control of funds, and the prevention of unexpected risks. During the session, we quickly switched individual stocks and plates, timely discovered the trend of funds and market hot spots, speculated on the intention of the main force, and promptly intervened in the first time when the main force pulled up.
        Specifically, we can look at the increase list of the plate, the trading volume, the trend pattern, the strength and so on. These need years of accumulation to form a certain sense of the plate. In terms of grasping individual stocks, we focus more on intervening in leading stocks, because the rise of leading stocks is often unmatched by other follow-up stocks, which reflects the determination and will of the main force. For the selection of individual stocks, I prefer small and medium-sized stocks, with good performance expectation, good growth and large imagination space. There are also some individual stocks whose trend is stronger than the market or independent of the market. They often rise very quickly, which surprises the majority of institutions and ordinary investors. The real hot spot will generally last for a period of time. Don't exchange shares easily, throw watermelon and pick sesame.
        In addition, once the trend of leading stocks goes bad, they should leave the market. Do not have illusions and no stop loss. When the main force has different views on the market leader, life protection is our first priority!.
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