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Blockchain differentiation! The limit continues to rise; Those who should fall by the limit also fall by the limit!

Time : 26/04/2022 Author : 0iucjz Click : + -
        After the collective "explosion" of the blockchain concept at the end of yesterday, the trend of the blockchain plate was significantly differentiated as soon as the market opened today. Fengfeng Group fell by the limit at the opening of the market, and a number of blockchain concept stocks fell significantly. However, at the same time, several stocks still rose by the limit, and the digital currency plate once led the overall increase. However, after 10:30 a.m., the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell, and the blockchain and digital currency sectors fell as a whole. By the end of the morning, the blockchain sector had fallen by 2.9%, ranking first among all sectors. The increase in the past three days has narrowed to 3.83%. This morning, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 12.93 points, or 0.44%, to 2941.25.
        As soon as the market opened in the morning, blockchain concept stocks were sharply divided. Dongcai blockchain shares opened significantly lower by 1.47%, and then the decline continued to expand to 2.9% at the morning closing. Among them, Fengfeng Group fell by 10.05%, becoming the largest single stock in the blockchain sector. In addition, red phase, Baibang technology, Changshan Beiming, Jinglan technology and other companies fell by the morning limit. This morning, the differentiation of the blockchain sector was obvious. On the one hand, the Dongcai blockchain, which includes 184 stocks, fell significantly after opening; On the other hand, Dongcai digital currency concept stocks, which only contain 24 individual stocks, once ranked the first among various sectors of Dongcai after the opening.
        However, with the decline of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index, the digital currency sector also began to fall. By the end of the morning, the digital currency sector had dropped by 1.28%. Among them, individual stocks fell more and rose less. By the end of the morning, there were 8 stocks rising and 16 stocks falling in the digital currency sector. In the morning, a large number of trading stocks in the blockchain sector opened their trading limits. Gaoweida, Hailian Jinhui, Yijian shares, Sifang Jinchuang, yilianzhong and other companies opened the trading limit. Only Lexin medical, Xinhu Zhongbao, Zhejiang University net new, Cultural Great Wall and St Antong closed the trading limit, and only 32 of the 184 stocks in the plate rose. At the end of yesterday, there was a collective "explosion" in the blockchain sector. A large number of stocks "fell" from the trading limit. The amplitude of many companies exceeded 10%. This morning, the market was significantly differentiated.
        In the view of the industry, this phenomenon means that the pattern of 100 shares rising in blockchain may have ended, and blockchain concept stocks have entered the differentiation stage. "Before that, so many stocks were trading at the same time, including many companies with fishy eyes." Some market analysts told reporters that after yesterday's collective decline, the phenomenon that the concept of blockchain has risen should be more difficult to continue. However, this does not mean that all blockchain related stocks have no room to rise. The process of differentiation among individual stocks is also a process of market screening. In the future, those companies that can truly benefit from the support of blockchain policies and technology applications are still expected to continue to exceed the average market growth. "In the general rising stage, no one knows who the leading companies are. After differentiation, there will be leading companies of blockchain concept stocks coming out.
        ”A market person who has long been concerned about blockchain investment opportunities analyzed to the reporter that the current blockchain technology is basically in the research stage, and it is difficult to generate profits. Most of the stock rises are short-term speculation concepts, which is difficult to support the continuous and substantial rise of the whole sector. But on the other hand, he believes that the speculation and differentiation of the blockchain concept is not a bad thing. With the market differentiation, funds will gradually transfer to the most valuable individual stocks in those sectors. He believes that performance is still the most important indicator. After the blockchain concept stocks were "violently speculated", the listed companies began to publish relevant announcements intensively to clarify, explain and respond to the related business involving the blockchain:.
        Dashi intelligent announced that the company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Taiyi cloud Technology Co., Ltd. to build a "blockchain + Intelligent IOT" ecological chain. For the time being, it is impossible to predict the impact of this Agreement on the company's business performance in the current year, and the impact on the company's business performance in the future will depend on the implementation of subsequent specific cooperation between the parties. It is reported that Taiyi cloud has established industrial blockchain systems in many fields. Hanwei science and technology announced that its joint-stock subsidiary ZHONGDUN yun'an has blockchain business orders. However, the absolute value of ZHONGDUN yun'an's operating income and net profit is not large at present, and there is still some uncertainty about the impact on the company's performance in the future. At the same time, the integration and application of blockchain technology and the company's main IOT integrated solution business still needs some time to test, and the depth of future technology integration is uncertain.
        Advanced data link announced that the company holds 25% equity of Fanrong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fanrong technology") through its wholly-owned subsidiary Tibet advanced data link, and the company has no real control over it. The main business of Fanrong technology is the basic research of blockchain. In recent years, the company has cooperated with Fanrong technology to implement a small number of small-scale experimental projects related to blockchain. At present, the relevant application projects are not mature and do not have the conditions for large-scale promotion. It will not have a significant impact on the company's operating and financial conditions in the short term. Han Ding Yu you said in Shenzhen stock exchange that recently, Hangzhou Yili Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, and Hangzhou Jianan blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangzhou Jianan Yunzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., have signed an agreement of intent to establish a joint venture with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.
        It is mainly engaged in using blockchain technology to improve the security of data interconnection in the medical field, and developing and promoting electronic medical records and other products and technologies based on blockchain technology. At present, both parties have only signed the agreement of intent, and the follow-up matters still need to be further negotiated and clarified by both parties. Whether and how to implement the agreement are uncertain. Beixinyuan said on the interactive platform on the 29th that the company has no layout in the field of digital currency. At the beginning of the year, the company has established a research and development team in the field of blockchain to conduct in-depth research on the related business of Xinyuan Doudou (instant messaging products), and has formed the related technologies or products of public chain and alliance chain in terms of digital circulation, information storage, etc., which will be launched in the near future.
        Jiaxing Beiyuan fund invested by the company participated in the investment of Beijing trustedo Technology Co., Ltd., which has been included in the first batch of domestic blockchain information service filing list. The Trust launched information source chain blockchain certificate storage platform has been put into use. Yiyatong, together with ant financial services and Zhongrong trust, issued the first domestic movable property financing blockchain project in the FMCG industry. The total amount of this project is 250 million, and the amount of this landing is 50 million. Based on ant blockchain technology, it provides guarantee for this inventory financing, improves the transparency of collateral, guarantees the uniqueness, security and traceability of collateral, and greatly improves the safety and operation efficiency of the whole project. According to the risk prompted by VECO technology, the company's main business is the production and sales of lithium-ion batteries, which does not involve the business related to the blockchain, nor does it invest in the industry related to the blockchain.
        Weike holding, the controlling shareholder of the company, holds 38% equity of SDIC hi tech (Shenzhen) venture capital fund (limited partnership), and SDIC hi tech (Shenzhen) venture capital fund holds 3.7% equity of Hangzhou quchain Technology Co., Ltd. The above matters are the investment behaviors of the controlling shareholders of the company and have nothing to do with the company. According to the new announcement of, it holds 2.81% of the equity of quchain technology, with a low shareholding ratio, and has not appointed directors, supervisors and senior executives, which has no significant impact on the company's operating performance. Jingu shares said that it had received a letter of concern, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked the company to explain the existing layout with Jianan blockchain in the blockchain field, the current stage of its blockchain technology in R & D and application, whether the relevant technologies are technically feasible in market-oriented and commercialized applications, and whether there is a situation of using the concept to speculate the stock price and cooperate with shareholders to reduce their holdings.
        Earlier, today, the International released a risk disclosure notice. In March 2018, the company increased the capital of kefo technology by 9 million yuan, accounting for 25% of the equity. The main purpose is to learn and understand the blockchain technology. However, in June last year, the company's shareholding ratio decreased to 23.125%. At present, there is no mature product that has been put on the market on a large scale, and there is no profit expectation in the short term. Sifang Jingchuang explained the relevant situation and gave risk tips at the request of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The blockchain revenue in the first three quarters contributed very little to the performance of the listed company, accounting for only 0.33% of the total revenue of the company in the first three quarters. There is still uncertainty about the impact on future performance.
        In this regard, a market analyst told the reporter that the intensive disclosure and clarification of listed companies may have an impact on the cooling of the overall blockchain sector, but may have little impact on the rise and fall of individual stocks with "pure" blockchain concepts. According to its analysis, the fluctuation of short-term blockchain concept stocks may also be related to the overall market capital environment and the withdrawal of funds caused by the performance of white horse stocks not reaching expectations. In addition, another important blockchain news that may affect the stock price of individual stocks is that it was rumored in the market yesterday that ICBC was testing a digital currency wallet, which ICBC denied. However, it is worth noting that ICBC has made substantial achievements in the application of blockchain technology in financial scenarios.
        According to the introduction of ICBC, ICBC released an enterprise level blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights in 2018. At present, the platform has made more than 60 core technological breakthroughs and submitted 41 patents. The technology has been applied to more than 60 scenarios, such as fund transfer, fund settlement, fund allocation, and bank enterprise interconnection.
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