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Who is preventing p2e games from becoming mainstream?

Time : 16/01/2022 Author : phd8ut Click : + -
        In the past few months, the high-profile bankruptcy of Terra and other projects, as well as the downturn of token prices, have made many people suspicious of this field. The market crash triggered the overall fear around p2e games. Contrary to the negative headlines, now is the best time to join Web3 startups, because the excellent p2e game team is more focused on the fundamentals of the project, creating and delivering sustainable products. Some of the best p2e games were built during the bear market because startups are still focused on their business model and mission. In the bear market of 2018, some of the most prominent agreements and companies emerged, such as uniswap and opensea.
        Uniswap was the first coding project launched by founder Hayden Adams in November 2017. It was launched for the first time a year later. Through iteration and improvement in the bear market in 2018, uniswap obtained seed funds specifically used to build a decentralized protocol. Due to pure speculation, many business models lacking strong fundamentals flourished during the bull market, but could not continue to maintain high attention in the potential long-term bear market. This reminds people of the Internet foam in 2000, when the market crash wiped out thousands of Internet companies. Therefore, the market will integrate the p2e game business with a long-term vision for its products and services.
        In addition, joining p2e game space during a bear market has higher potential upside than during a bull market. With the explosive growth of new start-ups in the field of Web3, many employees from large technology companies are leaving their previous careers and seeking new careers to provide greater growth space. Many unskilled workers believe that Web3 work requires a high level of technical proficiency, so they completely ignore any potential occupation in the industry. Fortunately, there are many non-technical roles in start-ups. It seems daunting to enter a completely new space without fully understanding the underlying technology.
        However, a bear market is the best time to learn because the background noise is much less. The digital renaissance of Web3 is a shift to a more decentralized business model that allows users to better control their data and identity. Blockchain networks are driving innovation in many areas, such as the transfer of money and assets, the storage of data or the authentication of physical and digital goods. Web3 companies tend to promote cooperation rather than competition and build infrastructure on top of each other. Although I am very optimistic about blockchain games, some obvious problems may prevent mainstream adoption and provide more negative impetus for the p2e / NFT game industry. Including the following factors:.
        Recently, there are a large number of game tokens in the NFT field, many of which look like garbage and the game playing method is very boring. When the game play is very repetitive and less than 30 minutes, it is difficult to let the game player deeply participate in it. When people stop making money, they stop playing games. Overall, most of the current p2e games feel more like the worst job. Here, as long as new money flows in, everyone is happy. However, once new investors stop to join the game, existing investors do not exit the liquidity. In NFT games, investors believe that they must get a return on their investment. In conventional games, this is not the case.
        Users only need to buy a game and enjoy it. However, if you buy an NFT, it fails, but you really like the game & mdash& mdash; Can it be called a successful game? This led game developers to focus on short-term wins rather than on building games. A report of the 2022 Game Developers Conference surveyed more than 2700 game developers and found that "most game industry professionals said that their companies were not interested in cryptocurrency (72%) or NFT (70%). Previously, Valve Corporation (the developer behind steamgamemarketplace) banned all blockchain / NFT games.
        Microsoft and mojang are banning all NFT related to minecraft. Game Studios do this for a reason. However, in order to attract a wider audience, NFT Games must somehow bridge the gap with the traditional video game world. I believe gamefi will forever subvert and change the game world. This will take some time, but it will happen. Based on the current situation of the blockchain game industry, I think that nearly 90% of the current games may soon become 0. Our task is to filter and find some really cool game projects from a large number of existing game projects. Because I am sure that the next 100x will be born in blockchain games.
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