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Cross border blockchain platform,Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch Digital empowers foreign trade enterprise service ability

Time : 15/01/2022 Author : lw3kf0 Click : + -
        In order to continuously strengthen the empowerment of financial science and technology, strengthen the promotion of cross-border financial blockchain service platform, and effectively help enterprises to relieve difficulties, recently, Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch launched the first business under the cross-border financial blockchain receivables financing scenario of the State Administration of foreign exchange, achieving a new breakthrough in the new digital export trade financing business. "In the past, a lot of procedures were required for the financing of accounts receivable. Now the business handling is much more efficient and convenient, which speeds up the capital turnover of the enterprise and improves the financial situation." An enterprise modeling enterprise in Yunnan is one of the agricultural enterprises in Yunnan Province. From the planting of local characteristic spices to the export of deep-processing products, under the layout of the whole industrial chain, the price of raw materials fluctuates on one side and the exchange rate fluctuates on the other, which makes the enterprise put forward higher requirements for the efficiency of capital utilization.
        Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch formulated solutions after fully investigating the financial service needs of enterprises, actively contacted and coordinated the safe and the head office to overcome technical problems and achieve efficient implementation of the project. The investment of this fund will effectively support stable foreign trade, drive farmers to increase income and become rich, and serve rural revitalization. The cross-border financial blockchain service platform is an important platform for the State Administration of foreign exchange to support the real economy. By making use of the characteristics of the blockchain technology such as non tamperability, reliability, information sharing and traceability, the financing business is managed in the whole process on the platform. In particular, it can verify the authenticity of the export declaration form, effectively reduce the risk of bank financing business and ease the financing difficulties of foreign trade enterprises.
        Through "extensive publicity + precise docking", Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch ensures that the cross-border financial blockchain policy is transmitted to foreign trade enterprises in the first time, so that more foreign trade enterprises can use the blockchain platform to obtain financing support quickly and efficiently, and alleviate the problem of difficult and expensive financing for enterprises. Since the beginning of this year, Huaxia Bank Kunming Branch has thoroughly implemented the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on further stabilizing foreign trade, implemented various policies to help enterprises in distress, accelerated the digital transformation, innovated the new mode of digital cross-border financial services, and provided a comprehensive Comprehensive financial services will help local enterprises facilitate cross-border trade, and contribute to the stability and quality of foreign trade economy and the stability of the economy.
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