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Popularize the hotel quota invoice of Zhengzhou accommodation and catering! How to issue?, Detailed related operations

Time : 18/05/2022 Author : nzpyqe Click : + -
        Popularize the ten fixed invoices of hotels in Zhengzhou for accommodation, catering and hand tearing. Spanstyle = color: # ffffff; Wei spanstyle=color:#ffffff; Fortunately [kfspanstyle = color: # ffffff; бб 8spanstyle=color:#ffffff; б 9】 Zhonghong finance and taxation, yesterday, the first day of the comprehensive implementation of the pilot project of levying value-added tax in lieu of business tax, expanded the scope to four major industries: construction, real estate, finance and life service. The first VAT invoice in many places was "born", and the first VAT invoice in China was born in.
        Last night, the State Administration of Taxation announced that as of 15:00 on May 1, the pilot taxpayers of replacing business tax with value added tax had issued 34000 VAT invoices, including 450 special VAT invoices and 33000 ordinary VAT invoices. Recently, a real estate development of Evergrande real estate in Pingshan, Shenzhen issued the country's first blockchain electronic invoice for real estate sales. This is another new scene of blockchain electronic invoice jointly developed by Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent blockchain during the epidemic period. In the first quarter of this year, Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice was successively launched in two major scenarios, namely, hospital and home appliance retail. At present, more than 18 million electronic invoices have been issued for Shenzhen urban block chain, covering more than 100 industries such as finance and insurance, public transportation, retail catering and Internet services.
        Evergrande real estate, as a national real estate company, has developed buildings all over the country. The enterprises use a large number of tickets and the face value is large. Single invoices of millions or even tens of millions are very common. Using paper invoices requires enterprises to often go to the tax authorities to handle business: including the procedures for raising the maximum invoice limit, the application for invoice increment, and the reissue of lost invoices by the buyers. The advantages of unlimited and unlimited electronic invoice of blockchain are full of attraction to large-scale real estate enterprises. During the epidemic period, with the support of Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent blockchain, Evergrande successfully launched the blockchain electronic invoice system after three-party remote development and debugging. At present, Evergrande's own online sales platform has realized the one-stop service of online house viewing, house selection and house purchase. Now, with the support of blockchain electronic invoice, customers can complete the whole house purchase process without leaving home.
        Under the influence of COVID-19, such "non-contact" mode has become a new solution for real estate enterprises. Evergrande real estate said that it would consider extending the application of blockchain invoices to the fields of property and Commerce in the future. During the epidemic period, Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoices were successively launched in Aier hospital, Gome and Evergrande real estate. The blockchain electronic invoices are gradually expanding from scenarios with relatively low Invoicing rate and invoice denomination (such as subway and catering) to scenarios with high Invoicing rate and high denomination (such as home appliances and real estate). Tencent blockchain has provided stable and efficient blockchain underlying technical support for this. The advantages of blockchain electronic invoice, such as convenience, easy storage and unlimited online use of tickets, greatly facilitate individuals and enterprises.
        Since Shenzhen issued its first blockchain electronic invoice on August 10, 2018, the blockchain electronic invoice has been piloted and promoted in many people's livelihood fields, including nearly 15000 registered enterprises including China Merchants Bank, Tencent, Vanke property, Shenzhen Metro and Wal Mart. The popularity of blockchain electronic invoices has not only effectively reduced the operating costs of taxpayers, saved social resources, and created a healthy and fair tax environment, but also provided protection for the personal safety of taxpayers and consumers under the current "epidemic" by virtue of the natural advantages of "non-contact". Return to Sohu to see more.
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