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Is the digital collection cut chives or fresh air?

Time : 07/04/2022 Author : 7t4z8p Click : + -
        First, let's look at the definition of digital collections. Digital Collection refers to the cultural heritage processed, preserved and disseminated through digital technology. These cultural heritages can be words, pictures, audio, video, etc. Secondly, let's take a look at the advantages of digital collections. Traditional cultural heritage is often difficult to inherit, and digital technology can greatly improve the inheritance rate of cultural heritage. In addition, digital resources are also easy to share and exchange, which can well protect cultural heritage. However, digital resources also have certain risks. Due to the lack of corresponding laws and regulations, there is no lack of copyright infringement in the market. In addition, as the development of technology is far faster than the adaptation of law, there is no perfect legal system to guarantee the right to use and ownership of digital resources.
        In short, digital resources are undoubtedly a cutting leek industry. But at the same time, it is also a new air outlet full of great development prospects. The demand that exceeds the demand in the market is constantly creating huge business opportunities. For the relevant enterprises and individuals, how to reasonably develop and utilize this market has become an urgent task. Digital collections refer to collections traded through digital asset exchange (DAT). It is a new type of collectibles and has many advantages compared with traditional collectibles. First, the price fluctuation of digital collections is small and easy to circulate. This means that the price of digital collections is more stable, and investors can better control investment risks.
        Second, because of the openness of the digital asset exchange, anyone can trade. This makes the digital collection more convenient and lowers the threshold. Finally, due to the use of blockchain technology to ensure the security of transactions, generally, transactions can be conducted directly without using intermediaries or agencies. In recent years, digital collection platforms have sprung up. From games, animation, film and television, music to sports, enterprises from all walks of life have started to pay attention to digital collections. Many people can not help asking, what is the digital collection? Is it cutting leeks or fresh air?. When we mention digital collections, we have to mention "smart contracts".
        The so-called "smart contract" is a "smart" contract realized through blockchain technology. It can be automatically executed according to specific conditions, avoiding the risk caused by human factors in traditional contracts. As a decentralized data storage method, blockchain has the characteristics of non tampering and high security, so it is widely used in the field of digital collections. At present, there are many digital collection trading platforms in the market, such as opensea and rarebits. According to dapprad's data, opensea is currently the world's largest digital collection trading platform, and rarebits is a professional trading platform for NFT.
        On these trading platforms, you can buy a variety of Digital Collections & mdash& mdash; From animation characters, cards, game props to film and television dramas and music works. And prices vary widely & mdash& mdash; Some are only a few dollars, while some can even be traded in tens of millions or billions.
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