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Chinese business blockchain news, a wonderful moment of 25 years, and the digital collection series of the 25th anniversary of the revision of Chinese business daily will be released this month

Time : 02/04/2022 Author : ot6wpm Click : + -
        July 1 this year marks the 25th anniversary of the revision of the Chinese business newspaper. The Chinese business newspaper will launch a series of classic front page digital collections for the 25th anniversary of the revision. This digital collection series will present the classic timeless moments of major events at home and abroad recorded by the Chinese business daily in the past 25 years. These classic moments will present unique values in the form of digital collections. In 2022, digital collections based on the underlying technology of blockchain will become a new trend in the development of digital economy at home and abroad. Many mainstream media in China, including China business daily, have been testing the waters in the field of digital collections, issuing a number of digital collections, carrying forward Chinese traditional culture and social positive energy, and achieving excellent social response.
        On January 10 this year, the Chinese business daily published a digital collection of news pictures with the theme of "holding hands with your favorite Xi'an". The themed digital collection was cast from the news photography works of China business daily in 2021. It contains eight small themes, each of which is limited to 10000 copies. It was robbed within 8 minutes. As a well-known head media in China, this year coincides with the 25th anniversary of the revision of the Chinese business newspaper. On this important node, the Chinese business newspaper will focus on creating a unique coordinate in the field of digital collections. Over the past 25 years, classic moments at home and abroad have been recorded in the growth track of the Chinese business newspaper in the past 25 years. With the help of blockchain technology, Huashang daily reshapes classic news works to create a unique IP in the meta universe.
        This month, China business daily will jointly adopt the domestic head digital collection platform & mdash& mdash; Hi yuanuniverse, through the form of digital collections, has digitally confirmed the rights of the classic front page pages of the past 25 years, forming a unique collection of rare IP cultural and creative works, which is delivered to the readers of China business daily and users who are keen on digital collections. Over the past six months, the popularity of digital collections has remained high. At present, it has rapidly expanded from the small field of collecting players to various industries and fields. Almost all industries have expanded their brand awareness through digital collections, and combined with the offline real economy to empower each other.
        According to statistics, at present, the number of users of the domestic data collection platform exceeds 1 million, and it is growing rapidly. Digital collections have quickly "broken the circle" and become a new vane of mass culture consumption. Insiders believe that such a large user group makes digital collections an industry with its own flow, and digital collections have become an important stage for publicizing Chinese traditional culture, promoting socialist core values, and guiding the new path of cultural consumption. Moreover, the digital collections are more suitable for the needs of young people. At the same time, digital collections also enable offline consumption scenes with their unique characteristics. Based on this, this year, China business daily will also develop and release a full range of digital collections in combination with various traditional festivals, major sports events, important classic performances, commercial consumption fields and other nodes, covering cultural tourism, commerce and other industries, so as to expand the influence of unique IP in the meta universe of various industries in our province, add vitality to the offline consumption scene, and continuously output the Chinese cultural value system, Expand the boundary of Chinese civilization in the meta universe.
        This is Yang Gang from China business daily.
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