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Blockbuster news: the NFT free trading market of Yuanjing platform will be opened on September 5

Time : 25/07/2021 Author : mkho4a Click : + -
        2021 can be called the first year of the meta universe. After the explosion of this concept, overseas NFT and domestic digital collections have frequently appeared. Blockchain technology, Web3.0, gamefi, DEX, mint and so on... These terms have gradually entered the public's vision. Yuanjing platform has gained a large number of NFT high net worth users since it was launched on June 11. Among them, there are not a few users and project parties who understand the project, technology and play methods. The platform is also changing with each passing day due to the joint efforts of everyone. In China, among the NFT / digital collection trading platforms based on Web3.0 and blockchain technology, the technology and contract performance of Yuanjing platform can be said to be the first.
        Since the platform was launched, the Yuanjing team has been deeply studying and constantly improving the security, ease of use and scalability of the platform. If a data collection platform does not have a smart contract, the platform has too much power to operate in the background. At the technical level, Yuanjing will gradually open source the contract code information and make the real information inside and outside the platform available to the public. As we all know, NFT has uniqueness, scarcity and tamperability. However, for non-technical enterprises, it is difficult to complete the large-scale architecture, blockchain underlying technology, consensus mechanism accounting method, creation, circulation, preservation and rights confirmation of encrypted assets, and domestic blockchain development talents are in short supply.
        Yuanjing has the world's top smart contract team and blockchain technology advantages. The security of the platform contract and the operability of the game method of the project uplink contract ensure the diversification of the game method of the platform project to a great extent. As the largest and industry-leading decentralized exchange overseas, opensea provides point-to-point NFT trading. The platform takes NFT on blockchain such as Ethereum as the trading object and supports all transactions with virtual currency. The seller can choose the form of fixed price or auction. The creator can set the royalty percentage of each NFT resale at the time of issuance, and the platform will charge a commission after each successful transaction.
        Developers or creators can receive resale income every two weeks. In the future, with the automatic implementation of this process, it is possible to obtain immediate income. The digital collection platform in China is based on the public chain, alliance chain or private chain. For the digital assets purchased by users, it is the platform that helps users to link the assets (the confirmation of the assets needs to be studied), and it adopts the consignment mode. In essence, it belongs to the technology and business mode of web2. The biggest difference between Yuanjing platform and opensea and traditional trading platform is that the platform is based on the domestically recognized conflux tree blockchain (public chain), bound to anyweb wallet, and adopts IPFs protocol and smart contract storage.
        All transactions are on the chain, and the settlement of transactions is guaranteed by the blockchain smart contract. When the user's digital assets circulate, the verification of the digital signature can ensure that the information is not tampered with in the transmission process. When the user initiates a transaction on the platform, this operation must be initiated by the user himself, which can effectively prevent the platform from malicious tampering, price change or user security problems caused by the platform. Secondly, Yuanjing platform supports the national policy on cryptocurrency and adopts third-party payment software to pay in legal currency. The stability of RMB brings secondary stability. Regarding the security of the platform contract, the underlying contract of the platform is modified and matched based on looksrare and opensea contracts.
        Second, there is no possibility that the public chain will disappear. The public chain can be regarded as a server. The public chain has strong capacity to accommodate disasters and is open and transparent. The advantage of blockchain in second-hand transactions is that it separates the server from the transaction and is closer to the transaction characteristics of physical objects. In theory, public chain assets exist. Even if the website is attacked by hackers, the user's assets will not be lost. Third, the protection of users' assets. How do digital assets really belong to users? What belongs to users is kept by users themselves. There is no middleman and the transaction process is initiated by users and ended by users. The user needs to go through the authorization platform to perform such operations as shelf loading. Therefore, we will open the first batch of free trading markets from September 5 to September 9 on the premise that we have technical security, diversified contracts, and legal compliance. All users who actually buy the other side of Yuanjing platform's self operated projects can participate in the first round of free trading.
        You can rest assured to participate in free transactions. The Yuanjing platform will ensure that every transaction information and every digital asset are available on the chain, providing decentralized storage for users' digital assets. As the first decentralized NFT trading platform based on Web3.0 in China, metamirror keeps away from false speculation, gives full play to the value and market potential of NFT / digital collections, and provides users with a trendy place integrating safety, diversity and empowerment. After that, NFT projects of IP, tide play, cultural tourism, sports, entertainment, e-sports, artists and other types will be launched in succession. Please look forward to returning to Sohu for more information.
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