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The intelligent security service platform of Shanghai No. 2 middle school was opened to prevent information tampering with blockchain technology

Time : 21/02/2022 Author : w5c138 Click : + -
        On December 17, Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's hospital held the opening ceremony of "intelligent security service platform". The reporter of pengpai news () learned from Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's court that in the future, if the parties want to apply for property preservation in the court, they can log in to Shanghai "mobile micro court" to apply online for insurance companies to provide guarantee for preservation, thus greatly improving the convenience of preservation guarantee procedures. This platform is the first in-depth application of blockchain technology in the National Court Property Preservation business. It can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of false letter of guarantee and malicious tampering with letter of guarantee, and ensure that the guarantee behavior is legal and effective. The traditional property preservation business has shortcomings such as difficulty in handling guarantee procedures and slow feedback of preservation information, which puzzles the parties with property preservation needs and causes many difficulties to the court preservation work.
        In order to solve this problem, with the care and help of Shanghai Higher People's Court (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Higher People's court), Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's court spent seven months in technological research and launched the "intelligent security service platform", which built an interactive platform among parties, guarantee institutions (insurance companies) and courts, and formed a platform integrating standardized application process, real-time data transmission A one-stop service platform integrating information feedback and timeliness. The platform includes four major preservation business functions: letter of guarantee verification, preservation application, preservation change (the type of change includes "application for change of pledge", "renewal of preservation" and "release of preservation"), and right relief ("preservation review" and "preservation objection").
        If the guarantee has been obtained offline, after the parties upload the relevant materials to the platform, the platform can conduct full-automatic verification and deliver them to the court with one click. For those who have not obtained the letter of guarantee, the parties can submit the application online, and the platform will feed back the business processing process in real time. For those who have gone through preservation procedures, online preservation change application can be realized. The reporter learned from the opening ceremony that the "intelligent security service platform" uses blockchain technology to "chain" the guarantee data of various insurance companies. The undertaking judge can access relevant data by inputting the letter of guarantee information through the system, and link it to the electronic file of the case. At the same time, the acceptance information of the letter of guarantee is fed back to the insurance company in real time to realize distributed storage and prevent the letter of guarantee information from being tampered with.
        Guo Weiqing, President of Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's court, said that the blockchain has improved the security, coordination and availability of data through the latest encryption technology, providing more possibilities for the further development and utilization of judicial big data.
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