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Zhou Kai, senior vice president of wikichain: where did the blockchain explode?

Time : 28/06/2022 Author : xg02b5 Click : + -
        On April 28, the first "global blockchain elite summit" organized by the Organizing Committee of the global blockchain elite summit, hosted by fanstime, and jointly organized by many well-known industry academic institutions, blockchain companies and top experts at home and abroad, officially opened in Macao, China today. At the conference site, hundreds of blockchain industry elites, entrepreneurs, investors and important media attended to discuss and interpret the relevant content and latest situation of blockchain technology. Golden Finance reported the summit on the spot. Hello, I'm Zhou Kai. The topic I want to share with you today is where the blockchain exploded? Don't panic when you hear this. There will definitely be no explosion in Macao.
        Since what we want to share with you is when the blockchain explodes, we first need to know what is the explosion? Why does the blockchain industry explode? What will happen after the explosion of the blockchain industry. History tells us that the trend is irresistible, and when the change really happens, there will always be such a * * * participating in the process of history. Here, I call it explosion. Why does the blockchain explode? First, after nearly ten years of development, the whole industry has accumulated both in technology and business model. Secondly, the market popularity of blockchain in the past two years has also provided a foundation for the masses to popularize knowledge.
        There is also the most important capital level. The industry has collected enough capital, which provides sufficient fertile soil for the technology and industry development of the industry. We can quote an old saying that "everything is ready, only the east wind". What does this "east wind" specifically mean? Just as content is related to the Internet, we can watch movies, play games and socialize on the Internet. In fact, these series of behaviors on the Internet meet the needs of users. They meet the social needs of users. Users can communicate with online people at home without leaving home. In order to meet the requirements of entertainment, games are provided.
        I think that the development of blockchain also needs to truly solve the needs of some users. The topic we are talking about is that the blockchain is about to explode. What will the whole industry look like after the explosion? Like wechat, a massive user, it has changed the progress of the whole industry, or it has led the progress of the industry. So we need such a killer application in the blockchain. With such a firm foundation, it will become the clarion call of the industry, or the clarion call for turning the page in the application field of the blockchain industry. Well, our wiki chain is committed to becoming such a horn. Our hope is to provide such a killer application. Of course, our goal is to become a control chain focusing on the game and guessing industry.
        We hope that as long as users think of blockchain games and blockchain games, they will think of Wiki chain, just as users will think of Suning or Gome when they want to buy home appliances, because they will get the most complete choices in Suning and Gome. For brands, they will also choose distributors such as Suning or Gome to go online, because they have the largest user group. Wiki chain is also doing the same thing. Users can imagine us as a QQ game hall where users play * * * and other games. Compared with these game halls, Wiki chain is a more open platform. All developers with strength and intention can use this public chain. It will build a more healthy and perfect application ecology, which will promote the healthy development of this industry.
        We apply more. Our wiki chain will release more and more applications over time, so as to attract more users. These increasingly large user groups will also attract more powerful developers to develop more applications on the wiki chain, thus forming a virtuous circle to build the ecology of our wiki chain. Back to the guessing game I mentioned just now, we first thought of the characteristics of blockchain and an application scenario. Combined with the city we are in, it is not difficult to think that blockchain and this industry are highly compatible. The pain points in this industry include: opaque information disclosure, potential black box operation, low rate of return and high credit cost.
        The blockchain technology actually provides such a trust system. We believe that it can greatly promote the industry of guessing. At the same time, we believe that wiki chain has its own innovative play, so as to provide a fairer and fairer play to the maximum extent. Specifically reflected in the following points: the reward distribution of Wiki chain guessing will be a more advanced prize pool distribution method. For example, a friend and I are watching this year's World Cup, or the world cup in a certain year. I may think that the Chinese team cannot win the championship this year, but my friend thinks that the Chinese team will win the championship this year. So we each pay 50 yuan as a small bet, so the last winner can eat the whole prize pool.
        Compared with the traditional guessing games, in our system, there is no third party to divide the prize pool that belongs to the participants. But in the real world, we actually have a lot of worries, which makes it impossible for us to complete such a simple guessing game with everyone. Basically, I worry that if I win the bet, my opponent will not pay my bonus according to the agreement, or he will take my bet and run away. All these worries may eventually discourage us from participating in the game together. On the wiki quiz, our game is long. Because we use the blockchain as such a core engine, we will make every guessing record of the user be recorded on the information of our blockchain, and truly make every information guessing record of the user verifiable and traceable, thus technically eliminating the possibility of cheating and realizing the fairness of the game.
        For defaulting users, we also use our wiki chain technology to support the use of smart contracts. Smart contracts will automatically perform the distribution of final rewards, eliminating users' concerns about game publishers. Once wiki chain is successful, how big is our market ceiling? According to official statistics in 2017, the total GDP of Macao is 310 billion yuan, of which 67% is contributed by casinos, accounting for 210 billion yuan. However, we know that this data is only the data of a city in Macao, and the casino industry in Macao is only a small part of the disclosure of the whole guessing industry. Therefore, we can say with great certainty that the entry point of Wiki chain guessing, its target market and its ceiling are trillion level, just in time for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, so we are very confident that through our wiki guessing game, Really push the wiki chain, a public chain focusing on games and guessing, to everyone.
        In June 2010, apple 4 released its product launch. We also want to take this opportunity to tell you that in May 2015, Wiki chain will also hold our product launch to really release our progress to you in advance. At that time, through the world cup, we will truly announce the existence of Wiki chain to you, and through our application, we will truly become a pioneer in the game field of this industry.
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