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Xintianjie shares won the award of "top ten blockchain application chain reform cases"

Time : 25/08/2021 Author : 5tjuia Click : + -
        On October 22, the launching meeting of the "chain promotion law" was held in Beijing. Mr. Gao Yinhai, executive vice president of xintianjie, was invited to attend. The purpose of the activity is to use blockchain ideas, blockchain technologies and blockchain communities to conduct live broadcast activities on the whole network, disseminate blockchain related knowledge and industry trends, let the public know and share blockchain dividends, and promote the standardized and healthy development of the blockchain industry. In the afternoon of the same day, the 2020 blockchain academician and expert forum and the chain Reform Summit, the third plenary meeting of the first session and the first plenary meeting of the second session of the blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association were held, and the meeting was presided over by the host of CCTV.
        The blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association released the chain reform action version 2.0 and showed the results of chain reform cases to the site. At the meeting, xintianjie's car Hailing smart media project won the attention and recognition of the guests present. In order to commend the outstanding achievements of xintianjie shares in the field of blockchain enabled real economy and their contributions to the market, the blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association rated xintianjie car Hailing smart media as the top ten blockchain transformation application cases in the country, and commended and awarded at the meeting!. As a leading outdoor media enterprise in the industry, xintianjie has always adhered to value oriented, innovation driven, active exploration and continuous development.
        In the development trend of the digital economy, new Tianjie shares seized the opportunity of the times, deeply studied the application of blockchain technology in the advertising media industry, and launched a breakthrough new Tianjie & middot enabled by "5g + blockchain"; The car Hailing digital traffic media platform project of Tianyi smart media network has successively obtained the authoritative certification of the vice chairman unit of the blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association, the southwest blockchain industrial base, and the class a comprehensive enterprise qualification of blockchain institutions. It has been selected as the first batch of key support units in the three-year development plan of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association, and has been unanimously recognized by the market. Xintianjie will also promote the industrial landing in strict accordance with the relevant policies of the state and ministries and commissions, and strive to explore how the blockchain can more effectively empower the physical industry in the development of new information technology, accelerate the promotion of blockchain innovation technology and industrial development, and empower the orderly and healthy development of the blockchain industry.
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