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More than 100 blockchain concept stocks rose by the limit, and investors are looking for investment targets in many ways

Time : 22/07/2022 Author : 63c5mz Click : + -
        Before the early trading on October 28, nearly 100 individual stocks included in the blockchain concept by institutions had their trading limit. After the opening in the morning, Guangbo shares, Jinglan technology, Cultural Great Wall, Zhongyuan shares, etc. all rose by the limit. By the end of the day, the number of blockchain concept stocks counted by choice had increased to 173, of which 111 were trading at the daily limit. Capital pursues the concept of blockchain, and some listed companies have also disclosed plans to lay out blockchain. Only on the 28th, Jingu shares, Jihong shares and other companies announced cooperation with blockchain related companies. Not only that, the investor interaction platform of Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges has also been "inundated" by questions about blockchain.
        Securities firms and venture capital institutions are also generally optimistic about the application of blockchain in finance, people's livelihood, service systems and other fields. A blockchain researcher of a securities firm said that at present, he is optimistic about the scenarios of finance, people's livelihood and government affairs, and the main application may be to serve government institutions or institutions. However, some venture capitalists believe that blockchain technology is not necessary to be applied to all fields at present. In some areas where the degree of Internet is not high, the implementation of blockchain technology will be relatively slow. Before the opening of the market on October 28, the blockchain concept drove a wave of market. Before the opening, nearly 100 shares such as the great wall of culture, advanced digital communication, Hanwei technology, Royal Bank and Huawen group were bidding on the top of the board.
        After the opening, blockchain concept stocks led the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, and nearly 100 stocks in the plate rose by the limit. According to the statistical data of choice, on October 28, 111 stocks included in the blockchain concept stocks closed up by the limit. Among them, Fuguang shares, an individual stock of science and technology innovation board, rose by 20%. 2345, Kaiying network, Guangbo shares, Jinglan technology, Leo shares and the great wall of culture increased by 10.15%, 10.11%, 10.1%, 10.1%, 10.1% and 10.09% respectively. In addition, Zhongyuan shares, Chenxin technology, Kane shares, Sanwu interconnection and other stocks rose by more than 10% before the market.
        The data shows that the stock price of the great wall of culture rose by the limit on October 24 and 25. On October 24, Julong shares, Hongxiang shares and Sifang Jingchuang were also in the trading limit. On October 25, Changshan Beiming, meiyingsen, Hanwei technology, Fengfeng Group and advanced digital communication rose by the limit. The Cultural Great Wall has been trading for the third time since October 24. According to the total market value of 1.612 billion yuan corresponding to the closing of the Cultural Great Wall on October 23, as of October 28, the market value of the Cultural Great Wall has increased by more than 500 million yuan. It is understood that the great wall of culture completed the acquisition of 100% equity of feicui education in March 2018. Many systems or platforms based on blockchain technology under feicui education have been registered for copyright.
        In the 2018 annual report of the great wall of culture, it was also introduced that the company was developing a "blockchain based idle vehicle leasing system". At that time, the great wall of Culture said that the technical development of the project had been completed and the software copyright registration had been conducted during the reporting period. The blockchain concept stocks in this trading also include some "ST" stocks. The corresponding increases of * ST Ronglian, St luodun, * ST Gaosheng and * ST Oupu included in the blockchain concept stocks were 5%, 5%, 5% and 4.85% respectively. On October 28, Jingu announced in the morning that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Jianan Yunzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. The latter's team has successfully developed and mass produced 28nm and 16nm blockchain supercomputing chips from 2015 to 2017 after developing blockchain supercomputing devices in 2013.
        Jin Gu said that after the cooperation, the two sides will use the blockchain technology to realize the traceability of auto repair parts and maintenance records. Jihong also issued an announcement on the same day, saying that the company and related companies planned to cooperate on blockchain commodity traceability, enabling accurate marketing and point circulation. At the opening of the day, Jihong shares rose by 9.99%. Many other companies have recently disclosed the progress of blockchain related businesses. On the evening of October 27, Jinglan technology announced that the "blockchain agricultural production traceability system" independently researched and developed by its subsidiaries and with independent intellectual property rights had been filed by the state network information office. After the opening of trading on October 28, Jinglan technology rose by the limit.
        According to the statistics of the Beijing News reporter, Yuanguang software, Ping An Bank, hande information, Hang Seng electronics, Bosi software, aerospace information, China Southern Airlines, Dongfang wealth, Rongze information and other companies have also successively had blockchain information service projects filed through the national network information office. Blockchain concept stocks soared, whether listed companies are involved in blockchain, and how the blockchain projects announced earlier have become the focus of investors. On October 28, the reporter of Beijing News saw on the investor interaction platform of Shenzhen stock exchange that investors kept asking listed companies questions about blockchain. Since October 24, there have been more than 1400 results of questions and replies on "blockchain".
        On the investor interaction platform of Shanghai Stock Exchange, there have been more than 400 questions and answers about blockchain since October 24. When some institutions visit listed companies for research, blockchain has also become a focus. On October 28, Shenzhou information disclosed that when receiving some institutions and investors on October 27, the company was asked about its work in blockchain. At that time, Shenzhou information responded that the company, together with Tencent, Huawei and other enterprises, had built the underlying open-source platform of the gold chain alliance blockchain. The company will also establish a blockchain laboratory with academicians of Beihang in the near future. "In the past two days, I feel that all kinds of investors are actively looking for blockchain investment targets, including some private listed companies, RMB funds, state-owned enterprises and central enterprises. I also see that securities companies are actively helping listed company customers to find targets.
        ”Zhang Mingjing, a partner of chain Hing capital, a boutique investment bank focusing on blockchain, told the reporter. In his opinion, there are four types of areas in which blockchain technology can be implemented fastest: finance, games, distributed commerce, and the next generation of enterprise service business system. In the financial field, blockchain can solve the problem of multi-party trust, and currently has landing conditions in supply chain finance, cross-border payment and other businesses; In the game field, because the game is very Internet-based, it is a pure digital signal and a pure bit level, so the combination with the blockchain will be faster. In the distributed business field, in the sharing economy scenario (such as sharing massage chairs), through the application of blockchain technology, we can use smart contracts for trusted account sharing; The next generation trading system is mainly combined with digital assets, because the digital asset trading is 7 & times; For 24 hours, the requirements for the trading system will be very high. In the future, it is very likely that the exchange will use the blockchain to launch a new generation of trading system.
        "We are more optimistic about the scenarios of finance, people's livelihood and government affairs, which are mainly used to serve government institutions or institutions." Song Jiaji, President of Guosheng securities blockchain Research Institute, told the reporter. The report recently released by Guosheng securities also shows that in the three main lines of finance, people's livelihood and government services, the following scenarios have verified investment targets: supply chain finance, financial technology, financial security, hardware storage of blockchain assets, electronic invoices, payment, electronic authentication, copyright services, etc. The report shows that there have been landing cases of the three main lines. For example, in the financial field, there are cases of supply chain financial platforms of Tencent blockchain, financial one account link and Zheshang Bank; In the field of people's livelihood services, on August 10, 2018, the country's first blockchain electronic invoice was launched in Shenzhen. As of August 10 this year, Shenzhen's blockchain electronic invoice has issued more than 6 million, and more than 5300 enterprises have registered to use blockchain electronic invoices.
        The case of "blockchain + government affairs" includes the "balance chain" of Beijing Internet court. On April 9, 2019, the Beijing Internet court made the first judgment using the "balance chain" evidence. As of April 11, the "Tianping chain" of Beijing Internet court had tens of thousands of online and corresponding evidence documents or tens of millions of online documents. "It is not necessary to apply blockchain technology in all fields in the short term. Some highly concurrent and personal oriented businesses will be slow to land." Song Jiaji thinks. Zhang Mingjing also believes that it is not necessary to apply blockchain technology to all fields at present. He believes that in some areas where the degree of Internet is not high, the implementation of blockchain technology will be relatively slow.
        For example, the traceability in the agricultural field is slow because there is a large amount of offline information. In response to the concerns of some people in the industry that the efficiency of the blockchain is not high enough to support financial business, Zhang Mingjing said that the efficiency problem generally exists in the public chain. Because the public chain needs large-scale collaboration in a world-class, distributed and completely untrustworthy environment, there is always an efficiency bottleneck. However, he believes that these are not the key development directions of blockchain at present. The alliance chain that cooperates within a limited range can be applied to supply chain finance, cross-border payment, trusted account sharing, distributed commerce and other fields. Which blockchain application areas are not recommended for investment? Zhang Mingjing said that he was not optimistic about the project of speculation concept.
        It is not necessary to use blockchain to solve the demand. It is only necessary to use blockchain to solve the industry pain point when blockchain is the best solution. For example, the tourism project applying blockchain is still a tourism project in nature. Only by doing a good job in tourism will it be favored by investors. He said that the second standard for judging whether to invest is similar to the standard for traditional equity investment in the segmented technology industry. It is to look for head projects and value the background of entrepreneurs. At the same time, he said that when making equity investment in blockchain technology, we should pay attention to policy risks. For some projects that are too cutting-edge and have large policy uncertainties, he is inclined not to invest. "After all, investment should follow the trend.".
        At present, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Ping An and other giants are laying out blockchain. Is this an impact on investment institutions? Zhang Mingjing believes that the giant's entry into the blockchain is more to make a big plate. At present, there are still many technologies in the blockchain field that are not mature, and bat and other companies often gather top engineers. Their entry into the blockchain will make the industry more mature.
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