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Blockchain deposit platform: build a digital currency platform; usdt payment system: build a platform

Time : 29/12/2021 Author : cjfrnu Click : + -
        Usdt payment channel system, blockchain cross-border payment transaction system, usdt industry wide deposit and withdrawal solution, industry wide internet channel d0 system, acceptor point-to-point payment transaction channel. Usdt payment channel system is developed by usdt deposit and withdrawal acceptor to find the source of Zhongrui technology!. Digital currency is an alternative to electronic currency. Today's digital currencies, such as bitcoin and litecoin, are electronic currencies created, distributed and distributed by means of verification and cryptology technology. It is characterized by the use of P2P peer-to-peer network technology to issue, manage and circulate money, theoretically avoiding the approval of bureaucratic agencies, so that everyone has the right to issue money.
        Digital currency payment is to use the above types of digital currencies for transactions. Usdt is based on the stable value currency of US dollars (USD), 1usdt = 1 US dollars. Users can exchange 1:1 US dollars with us dollars at any time as the special reference US dollars. The tether strictly complies with the 1:1 reserve guarantee, that is, each usdt voucher is issued, its bank account will have a financial guarantee of US $1. Users can query funds on the tether platform to ensure transparency. Users can exchange US dollars from swift to the bank account provided by tether, or exchange US dollars for us dollars. Users can also exchange bitcoin for usdt on the trading platform.
        As an old man in the blockchain industry in China, Xu Mingxing attached great importance to the application of blockchain technology in the financial payment field in his previous speech. He believes that from a technical perspective, the blockchain is essentially a distributed storage data bookkeeping. The unavailability of the blockchain makes the chain transaction records have good anti-counterfeiting. In addition, the decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology enable point-to-point transactions on the premise that the information society may be decentralized. Xu Mingxing believes that the traditional cross-border transaction payment and settlement in the commercial trade field should be carried out through the banking system. This traditional transaction method needs to be carried out through many financial institutions such as banks, receiving banks, clearing institutions, overseas banks and other financial institutions. Each financial institution has its own settlement process. The entire payment process is particularly complex, which directly leads to high time costs and economic costs in the transaction process, This situation is no longer suitable for the development level of today's globalized economy.
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