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Specific conditions of blockchain registration and application in five fields, 18183 industry channel

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : wbi2hp Click : + -
        From the perspective of the form of listed companies participating in the blockchain, most companies have arranged their business by cooperating with blockchain technology enterprises to establish blockchain companies. For example, the subsidiary of radio and television express, Yuntong information, and the blockchain cloud and Green Valley alliance have jointly invested in the establishment of blockchain technology companies, Quickly enter the service market of "blockchain + supply chain finance" and "blockchain +" (such as intelligent logistics, intelligent equipment, unmanned retail, etc.). In addition, xuanya international plans to jointly set up the xuanya international blockchain laboratory with chainpole technology to jointly develop the application of blockchain technology in the field of integrated marketing and business value innovation.
        Recently, the virtual digital currency market has become hot, and the blockchain technology has also become popular. At present, many ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of industry and information technology and many industry giants at home and abroad have set up special teams or laboratories to actively promote the research of blockchain technology and its applications. It is understood that blockchain is expected to be applied in many fields such as supply chain management, food safety and information dissemination, and virtual digital currency is only one of its application scenarios. Experts pointed out that for blockchain and virtual digital currency, it is necessary to prevent the speculation of "buying pearls for pearls". In the past two years, China has issued many documents to support the development of blockchain technology; After entering 2018, the regulatory authorities have issued three messages in a row, requiring to check the production (mining) and trading of virtual digital currency and prompt risks.
        Some people say that today's blockchain is like the Internet at the end of the 20th century, and it can not be seen and understood. Zhou Jie believes that: "In the future, the global market will be both centralized and decentralized. Many application scenarios need blockchain to create a trust mechanism. Blockchain is likely to be one of the underlying technologies of the future society, and it is a good thing. However, this trust machine is not a castle in the air or a perpetual machine. It still needs to be grounded and supported by actual application scenarios. At present, there are not many application scenarios where blockchain technology is very mature, We still need to explore.
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