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How to understand blockchain,How to write a simple blockchain Oracle program?

Time : 19/12/2021 Author : j4slfd Click : + -
        It is easy to build a blockchain Oracle network. But what is a Oracle network? Let's understand why the Oracle network is important and how it adds superpowers to the blockchain network. In short, the Oracle network is a basic web server that allows information to be transmitted from the Internet to the blockchain layer. Let's take a look at this architecture. The Oracle client is the initiator of the request. The client invokes a function on the smart contract to trigger an event. The Oracle server listens to this event and performs externally defined requests or operations through the Internet. The Oracle server updates the information by calling the contract update function and passing it to the Oracle contract.
        The client calls the updatebtccap function, which sends an event so that the server can obtain the btccap through the Internet request. Once the server completes the request and obtains btccap, it will call the setbtccap function with cap as the parameter. After completion, the client can call the getbtccap function to obtain the latest BTC upper limit updated by the server. There are two instances of Oracle contracts. One is a websocket based connection, namely oraclecontractwss, and the other is a simple instance oracleinstance with an HTTPS provider.
        The websocket instance can listen to these events. We get these events from the latest block. This means that it can only consider upcoming events. If you specify any old block, the events from that block will be obtained. For the data from the event, we request an API to obtain btccap and call the setbtccap function using the HTTPS instance of the protocol.
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