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Binan has been listed as a fraud software, and the foundation stone of blockchain decentralization in the currency frequency thunderstorm area such as usdc is collapsing

Time : 20/07/2021 Author : vbsk6c Click : + -
        During this period, the coin circle was in an eventful period. Since the Luna thunderstorm, the coin circle has been in a turbulent period. During this period, the mainstream currency plummeted, and various counterfeit currencies collapsed. Many exchanges also planned to cut the last wave of leeks. The whole coin circle was full of traps and scams. Nowadays, even Binan has been completely classified as fraud software. There have been great changes in Binan recently. Some people say that it may involve C2C and strict control of website ports. In addition, even the stable currency has been experiencing problems. What is the stable currency? In my opinion, the stable currency is a bridge connecting the centralized world and the decentralized world. It is a plan to deal with the supervision of countries. If even the stable currency is not "stable", the virtual currency will directly face the legal currency of countries, and the supervision issue will naturally become an unavoidable topic.
        Before, ust was reset to zero due to Luna coin thunderstorm. Not long after that, usdc also had problems. Subsequently, ausd, another stable currency, also plummeted by 99% in 24 hours, almost plummeted to zero. As the United States imposed sanctions on usdc in disguise, its market value evaporated more than 100 million in August, while the market value of sudt increased significantly. This event has become a landmark event. Therefore, there is a question: if the stable currency can be arbitrarily banned and the address can be controlled by some national regulatory authorities, how can the stable currency represented by usdc be safe?. Therefore, affected by this, the once three-dimensional stable currency form is bound to be disrupted, and the volume of usdc will become smaller and smaller, while that of sudt will be the opposite.
        Therefore, these stable coins are thundering, and they are all caused by short selling. That must be a long-term conspiracy. For many retail investors, this is definitely a conspiracy, because most retail investors must have stable coins in their hands. If all stable coins are thundering together, how can retail investors survive? Finally, I would like to remind all investors that not all stable currencies are absolutely safe. The world of the currency circle is changing rapidly. We should still pay attention to the wind direction and make a decision as soon as possible to reduce the loss of capital.
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