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Jiangsu venture capital this week: 4 enterprises with a total investment and financing amount of more than 800 million yuan received Angel round financing

Time : 10/02/2022 Author : f4w8ze Click : + -
        Last week, there were 12 investment and financing events in Jiangsu's venture capital industry. Among them, there were 4 medical and health cases, 5 advanced manufacturing cases, 1 blockchain case, 1 enterprise service case, and 1 agriculture case. The total investment and financing amount exceeded 800 million yuan, and four enterprises received Angel round financing. Tianchen biology is a new generation of macromolecular antibody R & D provider, committed to developing a new generation of macromolecular antibodies with differentiation in the field of autoimmune diseases. The company's R & D pipeline focuses on the unmet clinical needs in the autoimmune field, and many varieties are steadily advancing. Recently, Tianchen biological completed a + round financing of tens of millions of yuan. The original shareholders continue to make additional investment in this round of financing.
        2. Optical domain Biology (medical health biotechnology and pharmaceutical 2022 Jiangsu Suzhou in vivo flow cytometry technology R & D Application Service Provider). Optical domain biology is a service provider for R & D and application of in vivo flow cytometry technology. Recently, optical domain biology has completed an angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan, which is exclusively invested by Weidu venture capital, a professional medical investment institution. The funds are mainly used for R & D investment and clinical technology innovation. 3. BSF (medical health medical devices and hardware 2017 Jiangsu Suzhou technical service provider for the whole industrial chain of medical biological functional coatings). BSF is a technical service provider for the whole industrial chain of medical biological functional coatings, providing customers with complete solutions including biomedical coating liquid, coating equipment and process, and product quality inspection and evaluation instruments and methods with multiple functions such as super lubrication, anticoagulant, antibacterial and antifouling, which are applicable to various medical devices.
        Existing main products: hydrophilic coating / super lubricating coating, anticoagulant coating and antibacterial coating. Haina pharmaceutical is committed to building itself into a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, and providing partners with services and integrated solutions for the whole process of new drug development from drug discovery, research, registration, clinical, API production, intermediate manufacturing, preparation production and packaging. A new round of equity financing will be completed in August 2022. This financing will be led by CICC ChuanHua fund under CICC capital, followed by Shanlan capital and Jiangxi state-owned industrial development fund. All the funds obtained will be used for R & D pipeline layout and R & D team expansion.
        Kungaoxin is a controllable analog-to-digital integrated chip designer, committed to the R & D and sales of time sensitive network (TSN) switching chip, physical layer chip (PHY) and gateway chip, and provides independently controllable high-end, basic and general domestic chips for vehicle communication, industrial Internet, smart grid, rail transit, aerospace and other fields. Recently, Kunming hi tech core has completed nearly 200 million yuan of round a financing. The investors include Shangqi capital, BAIC industrial investment, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Chengdu capital, Puhua capital, Yunfeng fund, Bank of Communications International, Sanhua Hongdao, Dingxin capital, Guoshun investment, Kunming hi tech group, and China CITIC construction investment capital. Huafeng capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser of this round.
        This round of financing is mainly used for chip R & D, mass production and technical team expansion. As a developer of digital and analog mixed signal chips, Derui Zhixin focuses on the development of digital array radar core modules and high-end data converter chips, and delivers software and hardware products with fully independent intellectual property rights. Its main business products are active phased array radar dam modules, high-performance data converter chips and other products, which are radar, countermeasure, measurement and control Host units in communication and other fields provide high reliability digital signal link integration solutions. Recently, deruizhixin completed nearly 100 million yuan of a + round financing. This round of financing was led by Shaanxi investment capital, followed by SDIC science and technology innovation and Hongfu assets.
        Tengxin microelectronics is a semiconductor IP supplier, which is committed to the localization of basic IP in the semiconductor industry. It is also a supplier providing high-quality advanced process memory IP and advanced process node basic IP localization. It mainly develops domestic self controllable basic IP, including memorycompiler, SRAM, standardcell, I / O, memorycompiler and related edatool. It has successfully launched the 28nm memory compiler product with independent intellectual property rights in China. Recently, Tengxin microelectronics announced that it had completed the a + round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investors were Yuanhe holdings, Debi investment and Shunrong capital.
        This round of financing will be used to deepen the company's R & D capacity, continue to expand the R & D team, improve the existing IP product development capacity, increase the types of IP development, and increase the number of IP products that can be mass produced. Suzhou Jianneng is a developer of new energy materials. It is committed to the research and development of new energy materials. It has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy and environmental protection for many years, and has explored a new energy-saving mode, which conforms to the national policy on the development and utilization of new energy. Recently, Suzhou Jianneng energy successfully completed 142.8 million Angel round financing. The investor is venture home Enterprise Service Co., Ltd. and Rongshi (China) serves as the financial adviser. The funds are used for the development of energy materials industry. Core technology integration is a vehicle specification level chip design service provider, focusing on the design business of vehicle specification level MCU and MPU chips.
        The company plans to start with MCU at present and launch MPU later, and will expand towards large-scale SOC products in the future. Recently, core technology integration received tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing exclusively invested by Lenovo venture capital. This round of financing will be mainly used for chip R & D and personnel expansion. Guanzhou art is a digital art e-commerce platform. The company is mainly engaged in digital collection promotion and comprehensive trading services. Relying on the blockchain technology and in combination with various IP institutions, creators and digital collection service providers, the data content of cultural and creative works, works of art, cultural relics derivatives and so on will be distributed on the chain, so that creators and collectors can realize the free circulation and collection of digital collections.
        Recently, the angel round of Guanzhou art raised tens of millions of yuan. The investor of this investment in Guanzhou art digital collection platform is "xiangteng International Investment Group". Gonglv technology is an Internet legal service provider. It is committed to the research and development and application of the deep integration of legal artificial intelligence technology and insurance. With the aim of resolving conflicts through non litigation dispute resolution, it provides one-stop solutions for legal services and financial products for thousands of households and small, medium and micro enterprises. Recently, gonglv technology completed the pre-A round financing of nearly 10 million yuan, with an estimated value of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing is invested by Pingding venture capital. The funds will be used to further expand the leading edge of gonglv technology in the industry, ensure the cash flow reserve under the rapid growth of business scale, and focus on the research and development of "fa'anxin" online legal video consulting products and legal artificial intelligence to accelerate its implementation.
        1. Aijin agrochemical is a pesticide preparation manufacturing and service provider, focusing on the R & D and processing of pesticide preparations. In addition, it also provides snail killing products and related services for the field of schistosomiasis control. The main products include pesticides, plant growth regulators, herbicides, plant protection series and forest protection series. Recently, Aijin agrochemical completed a new round of financing. As an industrial investor, Jiangsu Agricultural Reclamation group has invested tens of millions of yuan in Aijin group exclusively by its Jiangsu Sanquan modern agricultural development industrial investment fund. After the completion of the investment, the two sides will cooperate in the R & D and promotion of green pesticides and healthy seeds.
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