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What is the prospect of blockchain technology

Time : 13/07/2021 Author : inc4um Click : + -
        During the new year of 2018, the most important point of mutual gold circle is the speculation on the investment trend of blockchain technology. When people celebrate the new year with joy, some people are staying up late to comment on the application of blockchain in many fields. Where is the charm of blockchain? As one of the financial professions, what should the insurance industry choose in the face of new technologies? Beijing Muqi Mobile Technology Co., Ltd., but what is the blockchain technology? Most people are vague and have no concept. Generally speaking, if we assume that the database is an account book, then reading and writing the database can be regarded as an act of bookkeeping. The principle of blockchain technology is to find the fastest and best bookkeeper in a period of time, and this person will keep accounts, and then send this page of information on the ledger to all other people in the general system.
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