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CETC: watering the flower of "smart finance" with "living water" of science and technology

Time : 18/04/2022 Author : w3lq5s Click : + -
        CETC gives full play to the advantages of the new generation of information technology and cooperates with many financial enterprises to jointly explore the overall solutions for the informatization construction, intelligent development and digital transformation of the financial industry, introduce the "living water" of science and technology to water the flowers of "smart finance", and contribute wisdom to the high-quality economic development. "It's really convenient! In the past, there was a long queue, a lot of filling in forms, and a lot of signatures when going to the bank to handle business. Now it takes less than 10 minutes from card opening to financial purchase." With the transformation and upgrading of traditional banking outlets, one by one "smart outlets" with a strong sense of science and technology have brought more smooth and warm financial services to people. Behind the admiration of financial technology, there is the "invisible" wisdom of electronic technology.
        "At present, bank outlets are transforming towards intelligent, experiential and online and offline integration. Relevant businesses are also migrating from traditional manual counters to intelligent devices." According to the technical experts, CETC digital actively promotes the integration of the Internet of animals and edge computing technologies into the construction of smart banks and smart outlets, upgrades the digital infrastructure, gives play to the value of data elements to support the smart operation of the bank's data center, meets the fast and personalized service needs of financial consumers, and at the same time, works together to create an overall solution for the smart Treasury, effectively improving the operation and management efficiency. "In cooperation with large commercial banks, the recognition accuracy of fraudulent accounts has been increased by more than 20 times through the cognitive computing framework.
        ”This is an excellent result of the intelligent anti fraud of CETC Haikang AI open platform. Focusing on the bottleneck of large-scale application of perceptual intelligence and cognitive intelligence technology, Hikvision AI open platform has built a complete technical architecture and product system covering "collection storage processing analysis training deployment application" from the dimensions of data, algorithm, computing power, hardware and system to support the intelligent upgrading needs of users in the financial field. Key chains and watches are also "wallets". You can pay by "touching" your bike! This is the convenience brought by the digital RMB Hard Wallet product developed by CETC Dongxin. As the carrier and medium of digital RMB, digital wallets are divided into soft wallets and hard wallets. Soft wallets provide services for users based on mobile payment apps, while hard wallets provide services for users based on mobile terminals and wearable devices.
        "The combination of soft and hard wallets can enrich the wallet ecosystem and meet the needs of different people." CETC Dongxin has increased the research and development of digital RMB related technologies and intelligent equipment, supported the bank to develop a trusted service management platform and digital RMB application system, developed digital RMB Hard Wallet intelligent terminals such as visual wallet, fingerprint wallet, paper wallet and pendant wallet, and explored the application of digital RMB in government affairs, communications and other scenarios. "Through automatic generation of computer programs or issuance of transaction instructions for programmed transactions, we continue to integrate innovative achievements such as artificial intelligence and Internet of things, and promote the iterative upgrading of financial service technology." Recently, the digital technology team of CETC has conquered the key technologies of the financial extreme trading protocol analysis engine, created and formed an extreme trading service platform, strongly supported the high-performance trading of the securities and futures industries, carried out the demonstration of the intelligent futures warehouse management scheme based on the Internet of things access, digital modeling and other leading achievements, and vigorously promoted the pilot of the intelligent supervision project of futures institutions.
        Security is the cornerstone of smart financial services. As a new generation of information technology, blockchain has been widely used in various industries, especially in the financial field. As a key underlying technology and trusted infrastructure, blockchain plays a significant role in the development of the industry. "At present, our supply chain financial network products have been deeply integrated into the supply chain financial segmentation business, and many projects have been implemented." Based on its own blockchain underlying platform, CETC Taiji has built, formed and continuously operated supply chain financial network products, provided real name authentication, fund management, asset management and other services for all participants, creatively activated the "security" genes of blockchain technology, such as trust transmittability, information sharing, data traceability and natural tamper resistance, and effectively solved or alleviated the problem that the credit of core enterprises in the traditional supply chain financial industry cannot be transmitted The whole chain business information can not be accessed, and the settlement is cumbersome, which improves the efficiency of capital circulation.
        "A large amount of customer information accumulated in the financial industry is easy to be targeted and stolen by criminals. With the upgrading of attack technology, the difficulty of data security and personal privacy protection has greatly increased." Science and technology protect personal information and data security. China netsecurity has formed an overall plan for personal information security compliance services. Based on the SaaS data security compliance service platform, it provides all-round services, supports enterprises in vertical subdivisions such as finance to build a personal information compliance system, ensures the safety and reliability of personal information, and ties a "safety belt" for the development of financial enterprises. Digital empowerment, long-term work. In the face of endless new technologies and new functions, CETC will continue to give full play to the advantages of information technology, accelerate the application of digital technology in the financial industry, create technologies for the industry, create scenarios for the technology, activate the data value of the financial industry, and continuously empower the high-quality development of the economy and society.
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