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Research on energy blockchain | greentrust, token company: can tree planting really offset carbon emissions

Time : 01/05/2022 Author : 5rzq8c Click : + -
        Greentrust token is doing its best to deal with climate change. Greentrusttoken is not just a cryptocurrency company. It is contributing to the protection of the earth's environment. Greentrusttoken not only planted trees, but also tried to combine the power generation field with cryptocurrency mining, encouraging the cryptocurrency industry to choose renewable energy to supply energy for blockchain mining. Greentrusttoken has implemented a number of initiatives to promote the sustainable development of the blockchain technology industry. Planting trees is one of the simplest and most effective ways to offset carbon emissions from the financial and technology industries.
        Greentrusttoken said, "our initiative will track the scale and number of green trust token (GNT) transactions and plant enough trees to make GNT the first carbon dioxide negative cryptocurrency.". Trees (and other plants) can effectively purify the air, absorb carbon dioxide, and replenish the oxygen supply. Absorbing carbon dioxide from the air can slow down global warming. According to national geographic, "the study found that if afforestation can help combat climate change, the annual output of tree nurseries across the United States must be increased to at least 3 billion, more than twice the current level.". Although a company can do much to combat global warming by planting trees to offset carbon emissions, it is still not enough to reverse the process of global warming.
        Greentrust token is cooperating with several other companies in the development stage and will resolutely oppose environmental damage through joint efforts. Greentrusttoken is not only committed to building a top-level cryptocurrency industry, but also to developing a community. When investors choose to cooperate with greentrust token, they also enter a group of like-minded people. Every tree planted through the initiative of greentrust token can offset the carbon emissions caused by 600 gnts.
        This means that greentrust token is contributing to the tree planting work necessary to deal with global warming by planting one tree at a time.
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