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Chinese stock market: "blockchain" broke out! Five blockchain leaders are expected to open the main wave!

Time : 14/12/2021 Author : bkisqo Click : + -
        Dear shareholders, the author has more than 10 years of experience and has been baptized by two bulls and bears. At present, a perfect system has been formed, which can be exchanged, shared and promoted. There is no best market, only better. The only constant truth is to seek and keep up with changes. The concept of blockchain is a concept born out of nowhere. In January 2018, 10 blockchain concept stocks such as easy to see shares, Sifang Jingchuang, Xinchen technology, Feitian integrity, youjiu games and gaoweida rose by the limit. However, they are not very clear about blockchain. So what is a blockchain? The blockchain is a data structure that can generate and share digital account books of trading activities. The core idea is that every node in the system can participate in the accounting of public account books throughout the network. After multiple confirmations, these records will be permanently recorded and cannot be modified.
        2. No trust system: the blockchain system itself can generate credit, and does not need to rely on the certification of a third-party organization, because in the process of blockchain generation, it needs to be confirmed by all network nodes. The whole network is full of witnesses!. 3. Security and non tampering: both block generation and connection generation need encryption, which ensures security. In addition, the process of recording information in the blockchain cannot be changed once confirmed by all network nodes. If you want to change this node, sorry, it is invalid!. There is huge room for imagination about the changes that blockchain may bring to the equity market. Finally, blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most advanced digital technologies today.
        In the digital era, especially with the blockchain and digital currency, the speed of financial innovation is accelerated. Compared with the traditional network, it provides higher security and transparency as well as data invariance and accessibility. Blockchain technology has broad prospects. The company will apply relevant technologies of blockchain in the tax control terminal and value-added service business for tax payer enterprises, Internet of things technology service cloud platform and value-added service business. The company will continue to pay attention to the development and application of blockchain technology and explore the relevant segmented technology market. Chairman unit of Beijing blockchain Technology Application Association; The current blockchain technology mainly solves problems such as the credibility certification of electronic data and electronic contracts, while Zhongke Jincai has a certain technical accumulation and practical foundation in how to make original accounting vouchers and legal contracts into effective and reliable electronic vouchers and electronic contracts; At present, more than 60% of the domestic banks provide technical support for the conversion of original bills to electronic bills.
        Based on the long-term research results in blockchain technology, in 18 years, the company cooperated with Tencent Financial cloud to develop the urban commercial bank bill blockchain application. By using the blockchain technology, a data sharing blockchain platform was established among financial institutions cooperating with bank bills to digitize bank bills and realize the bank bill information chain and query functions.
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