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AI, fund Tan Yi's new book blockchain + real economy application was successfully launched

Time : 15/06/2022 Author : m0rbzh Click : + -
        On September 22, Tan Yi Terry, chief operating officer of aifund (full name: Asia International cryptoassets Investment Fund), Chief Strategic Officer of met, founder of BAIC and former founder of, officially released his new book "blockchain + real economy application". This book is published by China commercial publishing house. Tan Yi starts from the essence and misunderstanding of blockchain, draws on the emerging version of Met's economic model, and further discusses the economic principles behind blockchain and the emerging consumption power, trying to find a revolutionary breakthrough between blockchain and real economy in an era of uncertainty.
        At the press conference, Tan Yi shared the profound laws behind blockchain technology with readers in witty and profound language, and predicted the development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing and big data in the next few years. He believes that the development of any technology will go through a period of silence, irrational prosperity and decline, and then gradually realize the return of value. The current blockchain may be a big foam. He hoped that the book "blockchain + real economy application" would bring more enlightenment to the industry, provide rich experience and broad perspective. This time, nearly 500 readers and fans were attracted to the blockchain industry. Many scholars and celebrities in the blockchain industry also came to the scene. The on-site sales were hot, and the new books were sold in large quantities, with one book for each person.
        At present, the domestic chain circle has not reached a unified consensus on the cognition of "token", which also extends another explanation beyond "token" & mdash& mdash; Pass. Most people directly translate token into token, and even when it comes to blockchain, they equate it with bitcoin. The myth of bitcoin, together with the emergence of various air coins, pyramid selling coins and chicken rib coins, has made the digital currency turbid, which also covers up the token value behind the blockchain. Tan Yi, who believes that "token is the largest application value of blockchain", has put forward many deep and unique opinions on this, which also gives him the reputation of "token learning Tan Yi" in the currency circle.
        On the basis of describing the background and characteristics of blockchain technology, the book "blockchain + real economy application" comprehensively introduces the application of blockchain technology in international finance, business and life, as well as the impact and problems arising therefrom, and further discusses the trend of cross-border integration in the future. In addition, for the token economy, the author Tan Yi is even more unique. He combines the property law, circulation economics, capital, non nationalization of currency, macroeconomics and wealth redistribution theory to describe the economic principles and future behind the blockchain. Tan Yi stressed that from token to token economy, in the final analysis, is the relationship between strong and weak liquidity.
        Once the tokens have strong liquidity, there will be qualitative changes. This business behavior based on the blockchain technology will be highly efficient and non-destructive. At the same time, the business behavior with tokens as the medium will also promote the maximization of the real economic value of the whole society. Whether blockchain technology can really prosper depends on whether it combines industrial development and promotes social progress. In the past 20 years, although the international community has generally made great progress, a large number of segmented areas are still in the pre Internet era. The traffic is king and the fan economy is flourishing, which also means that the areas without traffic are the corners forgotten by the Internet. The emergence of blockchain technology brings an opportunity to change this situation.
        It will inject fresh blood into all walks of life, promote the transformation of the world from the information internet era to the value Internet era, and realize value discovery, common creation and sharing. In essence, the blockchain is based on the Internet and is a branch of Internet technology. At the same time, it has its own school. They are the same in that they are both a transmission protocol. The Internet is a transmission protocol for information, which realizes the efficient transmission of information; Blockchain is the transmission protocol of value, and realizes the quantitative interconnection of value through token. From the perspective of underlying technology, blockchain at least combines the knowledge of P2P network technology, asymmetric encryption technology, macroeconomics, economic game and many other categories.
        In the future, blockchain will embark on its final road, that is, to change our world together with big data, AI, Internet of things, cloud computing and other rapidly changing technologies. The blockchain + real economy application is divided into six chapters and 44 sections. It not only has rich knowledge of blockchain technology, but also combines a large number of economic, commercial, life and other scenarios to explain in simple terms. It is suitable for Internet technology enthusiasts and practitioners. At the same time, it is also a theoretical work that can comprehensively guide the implementation of blockchain projects:. a. Give a complete industry solution from the six dimensions of misunderstood blockchain, token application, underlying economic principles, consumer economy, marketing revolution and industry application, as well as the technologies and methods needed to realize the solution.
        c. It gives a detailed explanation of the blockchain practices and business models in the fields of new retail, logistics, medical care, education, culture, medical care and government management. Talking about the significance of this book to the blockchain industry, the author Tan Yi believes that the subversive power of blockchain is the underlying technology. Similarly, the book "blockchain + real economy application" is written here. It is a book that helps people to explore the deep laws behind blockchain technology and helps readers clear their confused ideas. Tan Yi: Chief Strategic Officer of music chain of Shenzhen cultural exchange, senior Internet and mobile Internet entrepreneur, former founder and CEO of Jifeng (Maben Lingdong mapn company), former founder of China's earliest hardware information website "flying bird hardware Station", and one of the founders of China's earliest online game operation company, Netstar square.
        The chief architect and full stack engineer of Baike cloud is good at the development of the underlying technology of blockchain, proficient in the implementation of mainstream public chain technologies such as EOS / BTC / eth, and responsible for acting as the met technical consultant of the music chain. Tan Yi has 11 years of experience in the operation and management of Internet services and online games, and has a profound understanding and practice of innovative business models in the fields of wireless value-added, game services, Internet applications and so on. On February 25, 2013, Tan Yi won the title of "2013 business innovation - business model innovator" in the selection of "2013 China business innovation 50" held by cbnweekly.
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