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Longhua District makes use of blockchain technology to trace and investigate frozen products

Time : 11/08/2022 Author : hflvyp Click : + -
        On the afternoon of August 15, Wang Wei, Secretary of Longhua District Party committee and head of Longhua District, led a team to the isolation point of close contacts in Guanlan sub district, Qinghu cold chain and Huafu market to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control work, stressing the need to do a good job in isolation and service of close contacts, trace the source of imported frozen products and carry out epidemiological investigation, effectively control food safety and ensure the food safety of the people in the area. District leaders Liu Lei, Zhang Nasha, Han Dang and Chen Jianmin participated in the supervision and inspection. On the same day, Wang Wei and his party first came to the isolation point of runjunlan close contacts located in Guanlan sub district to learn about the functional division of the isolation point, the process of the isolation personnel, the setting of isolation rooms, material reserves and logistics services. On behalf of the district Party committee and the District government, they expressed sincere condolences to the staff working on the front line of Longhua epidemic prevention and control.
        At the subsequent report meeting, the District Emergency Management Bureau, the District Health Bureau and other departments reported on the organizational structure and personnel division of the special shift. Wang Wei put forward three suggestions on the construction of isolation points for close contacts of runjunlan. First, it is necessary to do a good job in the seamless connection of upstream and downstream businesses, smooth the process, improve the facilities, and distribute newspapers of the day to each room for the isolation personnel to read, so as to bring a good isolation experience for the isolation personnel as much as possible; Second, we should pay attention to the details, do a good job in the investigation and management of the psychological health and basic diseases of the isolated personnel, pay attention to the emotions of the isolated personnel, and do a good job in pacifying them. Third, it is necessary to implement the detailed isolation process, and the staff should do a good job in personal protection. In case of emergency, they should report it in time to ensure that there is no error.
        "How to trace the source of imported frozen products? Has every batch of frozen products been tested?" In the second stop of the inspection, Wang Wei and his party came to the Qinghu cold chain Wal Mart distribution center. Wang Wei carefully inquired about the various epidemic prevention measures of the distribution center and the "purchase, sale and storage" of imported frozen meat products and aquatic products, and carefully watched the demonstration process of the Qinghu cold chain "blockchain + agricultural products traceability system" to comprehensively trace all imported frozen meat products and aquatic products, It also requires the use of blockchain technology to do a good job in the traceability and epidemiological investigation of imported frozen products. Wang Wei stressed that enterprises should effectively assume the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, fully implement the requirements and deployment of superiors, strengthen the storage of epidemic prevention materials and strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention and control of employees, do a good job in testing and disinfection and sterilization, and protect the safety of consumers in the jurisdiction.
        Subsequently, Wang Wei and his party came to the Huafu market to carry out inspections and learn more about the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work of the market management. It is understood that there are 392 shops and stalls in Huafu market, of which 21 are engaged in frozen products. At present, there are only two entrances and exits in the market, requiring the entrance and exit personnel to wear masks and scan the code for registration. Special personnel are assigned to carry out temperature detection and disinfectant distribution for the entrance and exit personnel, and carry out daily disinfection and sterilization for the market. Wang Wei stressed that the farmers' market is a place with a large number of people and a large mobility. There should be no slackening of epidemic prevention measures. The relevant departments should effectively control food safety, strictly prevent food from unknown sources from entering the market, and spare no effort to safeguard the health and life safety of the public.
        After the epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection, Wang Wei led a team to Shenzhen North Station to investigate the construction of meituan big data operation center and Hong Kong and Macao Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship center in Shenzhen North Station. District leaders Zhang Nasha, Zhan Huijun, Han Dang and Chen Jianmin participated in the investigation.
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