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Sifang Jingchuang: the company focuses on the research and development of blockchain and digital currency related technologies

Time : 05/11/2021 Author : gd3xq7 Click : + -
        Tonghuashun (300033) financial research center on January 17, an investor asked Sifang Jingchuang (300468) (300468). Hello, secretary, do you fully understand the digital economy proposed by the state? What is your company's layout in the field of digital economy?. The company replied, thank you for your attention! According to the latest national 14th five year plan for digital economy, all industries and enterprises will correspondingly strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading, and provide broad market space for the company's business development. In terms of digital currency, the company provided technical consulting and project implementation for the "multilateral central bank digital currency bridge" project. As the only financial technology company participating in the project, the company actively explored the application of central bank digital currency in cross-border payment and has accumulated technology and successful cases; The company has assisted financial institution customers to participate in the application and promotion of digital RMB in many places; The company focuses on the research and development of blockchain and digital currency related technologies, and will continue to explore the application and development of the financial industry in the digital economy in the future.
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