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A-share changes and the introduction of blockchain technology led to a 16% intraday surge in wanshili (301066sz)

Time : 01/07/2022 Author : rhetq2 Click : + -
        On January 20, Grandway (301066. SZ) rose by 16% at the beginning of the session, and now it is reported at 27.34 yuan, with the increase falling to 7%, with a total market value of 3.67 billion yuan. The company will release the "digital collection" platform of West Lake No. 1 at 18:00 today. This platform can not only enable customers to become designers of silk products under the power of AI, but also enable customers to become product copyright owners under the support of blockchain technology. Some institutions believe that as a water tester to open the virtual and real business closed loop, wanshili, which focuses on silk cultural innovation, will undoubtedly open up a new imagination space at the port where technology leads industry progress.
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