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Li Gang: blockchain technology will provide new possibilities for Intelligent Tourism

Time : 01/06/2022 Author : nmy5vp Click : + -
        Hotel reservation platform, boutique tourism routes, study tours, agricultural products & hellip& hellip; After these various tourism related contents are endowed with the blockchain technology, they have the characteristics of being tamperable and traceable. This sounds complex and high-end, which is the main business of manlv blockchain information technology (Gui'an New Area) Co., Ltd. And the person who sees this business opportunity is its chairman Li Gang. Li Gang, even when I met him for the first time, was hard not to be attracted by his symmetrical body, dark skin, humor and cheerful personality. All these are inseparable from his indissoluble bond with tourism. As a matter of fact, Li Gang was a "child of other people's family" when he was young. He achieved excellent results. After graduation, he became a civil servant and got an "iron rice bowl". However, he quit his job without telling his family and went south to Shenzhen to start business in the 1990s.
        The business is gradually on the right track. At a meeting of "donkey friends", Li Gang met two "donkey friends" from Shanghai and Shenzhen. The three immediately hit it off, rented a house near the Erhai Lake in Dali and opened a homestay. Although the inn was forced to close at the beginning of 2017, Li Gang had an indissoluble bond with the tourism industry. In 2018, Li Gang returned to his hometown Guizhou and decided to reopen a homestay in Xijiang Qianhu Miao village, named "Xiangsu". Here, Li Gang realized his long-standing dream of 16 rooms equipped with bathtubs to provide tourists with a place to rest and a harbor for their hearts. After the operation, Li Gang continued to inspect Wanfenglin, Loushanguan and other places. He planned to establish a hotel management and investment company. At the same time, he also completed his dream of going to Tibet at least twice a year for four consecutive years, reloading (more than 40kg) each time on foot, being admitted to the national senior photographer, and exploring various outdoor tourism modes. He has become a famous person in Guizhou tourism circle.
        However, Li Gang's vision did not stop at tourism itself. While completing his dream, Li Gang is also learning. When he came into contact with the blockchain technology, he firmly believed that the digital era had come and that the blockchain technology would provide new possibilities for intelligent tourism. Meanwhile, Gui'an new area has vigorously developed the digital economy. Therefore, his idea of registering the Mantu blockchain in Gui'an digital economy industrial park has gradually matured. At the end of 2018, manlv blockchain information technology (Gui'an New Area) Co., Ltd. was established. Li Gang recruited more than 10 employees to jointly develop the "accommodation sharing" mall. This mall will use blockchain technology to develop such plates as bed and Breakfast reservation, tourism route customization, study tour practice and local product purchase.
        "& lsquo; staying overnight & rsquo; means enjoying life and fulfilling your old wishes." Li Gang said. In the future, Li Gang revealed that manlv blockchain information technology (Gui'an New Area) Co., Ltd. will establish a large ecological circle of manlv, including tourism, health care and other contents, in the hope that more people can enjoy the convenience brought by digitization.
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