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Reporter's undercover MLM coins: experience billions of money

Time : 25/01/2022 Author : ks8zeh Click : + -
        From February to now, Yu Lingxiong, who has issued an average of one coin a month, has taken action again. This time, he is interested in the automobile industry. On June 27, the project named "car chain (CSL)" began to circulate wildly in Yu Lingxiong's various groups and entered the private placement stage. It is expected to raise 600 million yuan. At this time, it is less than one month before the release time of the previous currency "lucky pregnancy chain". In fact, this is the fifth token issued by Yu Lingxiong's team this year. The efficiency of cutting leeks is amazing. Prior to this, the Vientiane coin, gold chain, spinach coin and lucky pregnancy chain related to Yu Lingxiong were all referred to as MLM coins. On the wechat small program "Lingkun financial risk inquiry and reporting center" officially launched by Tencent, there were more than 1000 reports of these currencies, all of which were "suspected pyramid selling currencies".
        At the same time, the above blockchain projects do not have an independent official website, and the white paper has not been published publicly. Instead, it has been disseminated among Yu Lingxiong's agents and the wechat group of "disciples and grandchildren". Yu Lingxiong, who claims to have 300000 members, 30000 disciples and more than 600 agents, faces the challenge of "locusts in the coin circle" and "the father of pyramid marketing", and on the one hand, he keeps shooting at his followers and frantically collects money. In the "car chain (CSL)" white paper exclusively obtained by Chong technology, this project is described as the "global automobile consumption circulation system settlement and transaction super network", which claims that it will establish the automobile industry ecological chain through decentralization, and provide asset interconnection, global financial service solutions and intelligent strategic combination.
        The private placement method of car chain is similar to that of the first few currencies offered by Yu Lingxiong's team. It is not publicly offered outside, but spread and raised funds in the wechat group of the agent. Although the white paper does not mention Yu Lingxiong's name, Yu Lingxiong's name is neatly stamped in the relevant communities. According to the white paper, the total circulation of car chain (CSL) is 3 billion, which will be put into use in 10 years. In the first phase, 10% will be released to participate in the subscription, with a total of 300 million. An agent of Yu Lingxiong said that the subscription price was RMB 2 per csl2. This means that the total amount of funds raised in this round will reach 600 million yuan. At the same time, the agents are still inviting people to join them everywhere, claiming that "in six months' time, China will have its own exchange, accept blockchain and digital currency to the maximum extent, and this group of people who get crowdfunding will be at the forefront".
        After inquiring about the enterprise, Chong technology found that Geng Yubin, the founder of the car chain in the white paper, and Shanghai cheshen Asset Management Co., Ltd., the former chairman of the board, had been included in the list of abnormal operations twice because they could not be contacted through the registered residence or business place, and did not publish the 2016 annual report in accordance with the Interim Regulations on enterprise information publicity. In addition, the white paper also has obvious typographical confusion, and the spacing and format of many paragraphs are inconsistent. The most embarrassing thing is that even the name "car chain" has been used, and the earlier project is called "carchain". In the past, the concept of MLM was always thought to be more relevant to the group of aunts.
        However, among Yu Lingxiong's followers, the main members are the post-80s and post-90s, including many college students who have not graduated. The anxiety that swept the whole people made those young people who knew little about blockchain and were worried about missing the tide of making money enter Yu Lingxiong's circle. In January this year, Xu Xiaoping, founder of Zhenge fund, called on everyone to embrace the blockchain revolution. Wang Haifeng knew this new term at that time. Wang Haifeng, born in 1995, seemed unable to embrace the revolution. After he bought Vientiane coins with his father's money and lost a sum, he never got money from his father again. However, Wang Haifeng still wholeheartedly went in, thinking that "the early stage quilt covers mean that the late stage entrance is all opportunities".
        People around Wang Haifeng are crazier than him. As a friend paid 600000 yuan and became Yu Lingxiong's agent, Wang Haifeng had a privilege: he could enjoy the treatment of an agent without paying the agency fee. He created his own blockchain learning group, provided information about the currency of the Vientiane platform, and followed Yu Lingxiong to Hong Kong and Macao to learn blockchain knowledge. But up to now, Wang Haifeng seems to have learned little & mdash& mdash; In his cognition, blockchain is equivalent to buying and selling digital currency. Whenever someone mentioned mining, he would say, "mining is out of date. Whoever still plays mining, we all play digital currency.
        ”。 Like most of Yu Lingxiong's followers, Wang Haifeng's circle of friends is almost related to Yu Lingxiong. All messages about Yu Lingxiong, including quotations, screenshots of group messages, screenshots of circle of friends, recordings, videos, Web links, etc., will be made in duplicate by Wang Haifeng, one of which will be transferred to his blockchain learning group, and the other will be forwarded to the circle of friends. In a short video, the second master Bao, the famous person in the coin circle, also used a sentence to gain trust. "As long as the founder and the founding team are public, there is hope for this coin.". Wang Haifeng believes in this from beginning to end. Whenever new people in the group ask about the exchanges that we usually use, he will ask, "what platform do you play and who is the founder?".
        As a matter of fact, Chen Anzhi, a successful trader, was accused of illegally absorbing money a long time ago. Like Chen Anzhi, Yu Lingxiong is also a master of business success. In his 3800 yuan course, the students heard most of his description of his own experience. In this regard, Wang Haifeng also knows that "all these are to make us trust him more". Yu Lingxiong began to be questioned by the outside world due to a report in our media "31 degrees north latitude". Before that, his identity seemed to be in the absolute upper circle of international political and business relations: Chairman of China Cambodia business association, founder of Dao business school and director of Vientiane exchange. On the official website of Dao business school, Yu Lingxiong introduced "leading 100000 + entrepreneurs to build a financial ecosystem in the new business era" and "closely integrating the business map with the countries along the belt and road and stepping on the beat of the times".
        Followers believe that "he is the next Ma Yun". With the packaging of his identity and resume, Yu Lingxiong claims to have a large number of followers: 300000 members, 30000 disciples and more than 600 agents. Among them, the entry fee of the direct disciple is 1 million, and the agent is 600000; Every time an agent develops 10000 offline, a disciple develops 10000 offline. He claimed to have been named "China's 40 business elites under the age of 40" by Fortune China in 2016. Fortune (Chinese version) conducted an exclusive interview with him, and in July 2017, he appeared on the cover of the July issue of China International Finance and Economics under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce.
        After consulting the official website of fortune, Chong technology found that Yu Lingxiong did not appear in any list of fortune China, and fortune (Chinese version) did not interview him. The staff of China International Finance and economics also said that they never use people as covers. In fact, this is an academic journal that publishes papers. The Sino Cambodian business association, which he claimed to be the chairman, claimed to be established with the approval of the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce. The establishment of the association was personally inaugurated by his Excellency Mr. Mason an, Deputy Prime Minister of the kingdom of Cambodia. A picture in the relevant publicity release shows that the founding ceremony of the association was on the CCTV news channel, but when you look at previous programs, you will find that this news does not exist.
        In Yu Lingxiong's propaganda, he was called "guest of honor of Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia". A Facebook message previously released by Hun Sen contained a group photo of Yu Lingxiong and others, which was also called "Hun Sen's affirmation of China Cambodia business association" by Yu Lingxiong's team. But in fact, looking at Hun Sen's Facebook, we can find that he is a prime minister who loves Po maps. Whenever he attends an event, he will send photos of his group with the public to Facebook. The number of photos sent each time is as high as 20-30, including the photo taken with Yu Lingxiong. It was mentioned in the report of latitude 31 that the consular liaison officer of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia said, "I hope that Chinese compatriots who come to Cambodia to do business must be vigilant against this situation. Taking a photo with the prime minister and other leaders in Cambodia does not mean anything. The leaders here are more people friendly, and ordinary people can take a photo with them when they see them.
        ”。 At the beginning of the launch of the Vientiane exchange under Yu Lingxiong, a similar Oolong incident occurred. Vientiane exchange initially used the name of "Vientiane blockchain laboratory" for publicity until Wanxiang blockchain wechat official account issued an announcement stating that the "CCEC" currency projects issued in the name of "Vientiane group", "Vientiane platform" or "Vientiane exchange" have nothing to do with Shanghai Wanxiang blockchain Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies. Yu Lingxiong's followers listed "ten core reasons for working with Yu Lingxiong on blockchain", including "his name is worth 10 billion", "he is a spendthrift and uses money as a tool", "his annual performance is 1.8 billion", and so on.
        However, in fact, due to the arrears of more than 125 million yuan, Yu Lingxiong was included in the list of dishonest people and restricted from leaving the country by the Jieyang intermediate people's Court of Guangdong Province as early as December 4, 2017. Up to now, the remaining 67.13 million yuan has not been paid off. Later, Yu Lingxiong changed into a Cambodian Chinese. In the public relations release of the Vientiane trading platform, this move was interpreted as "for the development of the Vientiane blockchain". His last project, lucky pregnancy chain, was questioned. According to the official introduction, Xingyun chain is the gospel of infertility patients. It focuses on precision medical services such as assisted reproduction and genetic testing, and is an assisted reproduction service platform. Xiangyang (not his real name) was also worried, but he felt that it would be a pity to miss this opportunity. "Even if it is really a pyramid scheme, people will not be locked up to collect their mobile phones and beat them severely. At most, they will be cheated of some money.".
        One of the reasons why Xiangyang trusts Yu Lingxiong is that "he will rise if he says so". No matter whether the currency market is a bear or a bull, the Vientiane trading platform is an eternal "independent market", and the community can always predict the time of the next big rise in advance. "The internal news says that spinach will rise sharply, and the spinach currency price will rise immediately." Xiangyang agrees with this. However, after the currency price rises, Xiangyang cannot withdraw or trade currency, because these items are locked up and can only withdraw 5% each month. In Yu Lingxiong's coin circle ecology, there are distinct characteristics of pyramid marketing: clear organizational levels, and rewarding offline development. To become a direct disciple, you need an entry fee of 1 million yuan; The agent needs to pay 600000 yuan.
        Correspondingly, every time an agent develops 10000 offline, a disciple develops 10000 offline. After being publicly questioned, Yu Lingxiong said in a relevant statement that he was not the founder of these coins. However, it is undeniable that these digital currencies are only traded on the Vientiane exchange under Yu Lingxiong; At the same time, every time the new currency is listed, the white paper and private placement news will only be circulated among Yu Lingxiong and his huge disciples and agents. Sometimes, when it reaches the bottom community, the image has become blurred due to multiple saving and sending. These communities are the core weapon of Yu Lingxiong's "commanding the world". His quotations, audio, video, wechat groups and screenshots of his circle of friends will be widely disseminated in the community.
        Every time there is a crisis, Yu Lingxiong will find out the news released in the past and attach some words of "beating chicken blood" to dispel the doubts of believers. According to the monitoring of the national Internet financial risk analysis technology platform, as of April this year, a total of 421 kinds of fake virtual currencies have been found, of which more than 60% of the website servers are deployed overseas, which is relatively difficult to find and track. The daily economic news once interviewed a coin speculator on the MLM coin platform and summarized the relevant modes: after the trading platform builds its own system, the amount and mode of coin production are controlled by the platform. The price is raised by the coin speculators and the transaction is only conducted on their own platform. At the same time, the level is divided according to the number of offline lines drawn by the coin speculators.
        When enough leeks are accumulated, they will run away. Up to now, the background of Vientiane exchange has received about 540000 clicks. This means that tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people may be trapped in this "Ponzi scheme". What is more frightening is that new followers continue to join. A 45 year old elder brother found Wang Haifeng and hoped that "I can learn first and let my son do it in the future"; Another university student surnamed Wan dreams of earning 250000 yuan by the end of the year. Yu Lingxiong's next goal is to hold a blockchain seminar in Thailand, with 10000 participants and a ticket of 1800 yuan. According to the plan, he will directly obtain 18 million ticket income.
        Even before the seminar started, the agents had begun to spread the screenshots of Yu Lingxiong's circle of friends. The photos he posted were "guards with guns to protect important guests during the conference".
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