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China's Chang'an chain cooperation network has expanded to 15 countries on four continents

Time : 10/02/2022 Author : vblai8 Click : + -
        China Youth Daily client Beijing, August 8 (Zhongqing daily & middot; reporter Qiu Chenhui) China's independently innovative blockchain software and hardware technology system "Chang'an chain" welcomes the latest news today: up to now, the Chang'an chain collaboration network has deployed nodes in 15 countries on four continents, which is promoting Chinese enterprises to participate in the international division of labor with high quality. Changan chain is led by Beijing micro chip blockchain and edge computing research institute. It is the first independently controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system in China. At present, Chang'an chain ecological alliance has 50 central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and head Internet enterprises, including State Grid Corporation, China Construction Group and COFCO group.
        Huang Jin, director of the solutions Department of microchip Research Institute, said that the Chang'an chain collaboration network helps Chinese enterprises build a global digital economy infrastructure, revitalize the supply chain and carry out green and low-carbon trade through national nodes. Chang'an chain links global aviation, logistics, trade, consumption and other related information resources through international nodes to comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of global business travel services; In the field of green and low-carbon, Chang'an chain has achieved "credible certificate" with high quality & mdash& mdash; All the data information on the chain can be traced and cannot be tampered with, helping more export commodities in China to obtain a green "pass". It is reported that Changan chain has international nodes in 15 countries including Germany and Brazil, covering four continents.
        By the end of this year, Chang'an chain will have more than 10 international nodes.
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