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What is a blockchain? (official popular science edition of people's daily)

Time : 17/03/2022 Author : rktza4 Click : + -
        Blockchain technology includes distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, and intelligent contract computer technology. It has unimaginable cross era development space in the commercial and financial fields. When the vehicle owner needs to use the charging pile to charge, the shared charging pile platform will record the charging process and pay and settle the charging fee after the digital identity is confirmed; The members of the platform can conduct open and transparent real-time accounting of the charging situation, so as to solve the trust friction that may occur among various parties, and form a shared charging alliance that is jointly participated by the electric vehicle time-sharing leasing operators, property owners, charging pile operators, electric vehicle owners, power supply enterprises and other parties.
        Blockchain thinking is a combination of Internet thinking, financial thinking and industrial thinking. The value of its technology will be reflected by effectively helping the industrial transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, and bringing value increment to the industry. Yu Jianing, President of Huobi University, predicted that the industrial blockchain would be fully implemented in 2020, triggering all-round social and economic changes. In the past few years, building stronger security for the growing Internet of things (IOT) has been the focus of many people. Over time, distributed ledger technology for monitoring network transactions & mdash& mdash; Is blockchain an ideal solution?.
        Recently, the economist published an article entitled "stripping the currency attribute, the rebirth of the blockchain & mdash; & mdash; the blockchain industry under the epidemic", which mentioned that the combination of the industrial Internet and the blockchain will be the next super outlet in the future. Why do you say that? Taking China as an example, we will analyze the following factors!. In order to ensure the seamless traceability of parts and the transparency of supply chain data, BMW launched the partchain project, which also awakened the long dormant blockchain management technology. Blockchain has a far-reaching impact, which can be seen from online transactions to e-commerce. Therefore, it is regarded as another major technological progress in the future.
        What is the significance of blockchain to renewable energy?. After all, 2020 is a crucial year for the development of blockchain technology. According to the analysis, the application of blockchain technology will make breakthroughs in these six aspects. Whenever the word blockchain is mentioned, many people associate it with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. This technology has indeed changed the world of virtual currency by accelerating transactions, providing privacy and transparency, and more. According to the white paper on research on energy storage industry in 2021, China's total installed capacity of energy storage reached 35.6 GW, with a year-on-year increase of 438% on the new energy generation side.
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