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Popular on the distributed track - filecoin, mining "flower said blockchain",Blockchain mining is the most popular

Time : 23/10/2021 Author : 1scwt2 Click : + -
        Recently, with the overall rise of crypto assets, the market value of crypto assets has risen again, setting off a new round of crypto asset mining boom. In 2020, a set of CCTV news broadcasts also reported the status of crypto assets for the first time in history. In 2021, among all the assets in the world, crypto assets are the best, leading all valuable assets. However, the distributed mining track is a highly competitive track with few weak teams. In the branch field, whether it is the "veteran" projects such as SIA and storj, or the new upstarts such as IPFs, dxchain or arweave, they have attracted the attention of investors.
        Looking at the whole track, it is not difficult for us to find that the "miners" who play the role of packing and bookkeeping are irreplaceable. As a miner, the focus is on the rate of return and profit cycle of mining. Although we can't say that projects with short payback period and high return rate are necessarily good projects, we can't ignore the competitive advantages of these projects. As the project with the highest topic in 2020, IPFs initially proposed an ambitious goal: to replace the HTTP protocol which has been running well in the Internet field for 21 years with a new IPFs protocol. As far as traditional mining is concerned, the cost of miners is mainly composed of two parts: the power consumption in the mining process and the cost of purchasing mining machines.
        At present, in the distributed storage track, the projects represented by IPFs are still based on traditional mining machines. Therefore, for new investors who want to dig gold on the filecoin mining track, buying mining machines is not a rational choice. Moreover, due to the serious shortage of filecoin token pledge caused by the official wrong operation strategy of filecoin community, many mining machines cannot be started normally and have been idle. As a last resort, many miners have no choice but to "break the whole into parts" and sell their effective computing power (that is, storage space). In its ecosystem, filecoin has collected a large number of miners and concentrated a very large online storage space, which is a very good development for the ecology of filecoin.
        We know that fil's revenue is divided into three parts: packaging, storage and retrieval. In the whole business model, filecoin adopts a consensus that does not waste energy. At the same time, it can store real data and can be applied to some scenarios in the real economy where real data can be stored. In addition, it is worth noting that the overly stringent verification measures of the filecoin project will also greatly affect the miners' income. According to the economic model of filecoin, when the miners are punished for verification problems, the system will deduct not only the mining pass of the miners, but also some pledged goods. Therefore, it is particularly important to select a large miner with good technology for cooperation.
        Whether you like filecoin or not, the distributed storage behind IPFs is an inevitable trend. Filecoin is an experiment to stimulate greater value of distributed storage through a new business model or economic mechanism. The main network of filecoin is online, which is just the beginning of the ecology based on filecoin. In the next 3 years or even 10 years, there will be unlimited opportunities for mining, distributed storage and ecological applications. Blockchain has the advantages of distributed decentralization, transparent information and non tamperability, which is also the reason why blockchain technology can subvert the traditional Internet.
        In the face of the huge amount of global storage space, the blockchain has encountered a development bottleneck in storage capacity, and storage has become an urgent problem to be solved. If a project can make a good breakthrough in this, the prospect or value of the project will be immeasurable. Investment is a long-term process! Investment should be cautious, not too hasty! We must do a comprehensive investment survey before investment! This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice!. The emergence of a new project must be accompanied by risks and opportunities. In a new field, we need to have a clear understanding, obtain information from various aspects, identify and extract information, keep ourselves sober, and find the official wind direction. Only in this way can we seize opportunities and avoid risks!.
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