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Blockchain technology detonates ChinaJoy

Time : 10/06/2022 Author : ja1ur6 Click : + -
        With the No. 12 typhoon "Skylark" that brings cool and refreshing from thousands of miles, Shanghai ushered in the new ChinaJoy Conference on August 3. ChinaJoy is one of the most influential events in the field of digital interactive entertainment in the world. It has always had a deep relationship with the Chinese game industry. Following the theme of "embracing pan entertainment in the new era of games" the year before last and "sharing pan entertainment in the same industry for 15 years" last year, the theme of this year's ChinaJoy is "enjoying new entertainment in the new era of Zhihui". As the initiator of the concepts of "Pan entertainment" and "new cultural innovation", Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent group and chief executive officer of Tencent pictures, said at the "ChinaJoy 2018 China International Digital Entertainment Industry Conference" that the most crucial promotion of "Pan entertainment" in the past six years was the realization of the popularization of the concept of IP in the industry.
        From isolated works to symbiotic IP, in essence, it is a change in the concept of cultural production mode, and all related fields have obtained greater development space through Ecological Symbiosis. According to the report on China's game industry from January to June 2018, in the first half of this year, the sales revenue of China's game market was 105 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2% year-on-year, of which the sales revenue of mobile game market was 63.41 billion yuan and the sales revenue of client game market was 31.55 billion yuan. The sales revenue of China's independently developed online games in the domestic market was 79.82 billion yuan, and the overseas sales revenue was 4.63 billion US dollars. The interaction between the game industry and the digital content industries such as online literature and online animation has also been further strengthened. The integration of the digital content industry segments has accelerated, and the industrial chain has been gradually improved.
        According to what the reporter of the international financial times learned on the spot, the biggest difference between this year's ChinaJoy and previous years is the addition of the China blockchain technology and game developer conference. The most advanced blockchain technology and game R & D experts and professionals at home and abroad deeply discuss how to combine blockchain technology and game technology from all levels. At the pre exhibition press conference of Sony China, the official release of the national version of Marvel spider man, the national PS4 version of Monster Hunter: world and the national version of nba2k19, as well as the release of a number of domestic IP games such as journey to the West: the return of the great sage.
        However, compared with the prosperity of domestic games, the introduction of games this year seems a little less optimistic, and the number of introduced games is much smaller than last year. When talking about the introduction of this year, takeren Tada, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment China, said in an interview with media including the international financial times that the "peak season" of general console games is from autumn to winter, and this year's schedule is the same. Good works will appear in the second half of the year. "There are some objective reasons why we didn't introduce the game in the previous stage, such as the adjustment of the approval process. It's not that we haven't prepared the game. On the other hand, we are more focused on the introduction of fist products this year.".
        As one of the most popular exhibitors in previous CJ exhibitions, Shanda games, located at No. 06 of hall N1, has a booth area of 736 square meters. It is known as the grand game played by the front of hall N1. It will bring a variety of viewing experiences for players through four distinctive theme day activities and a series of on-site interactive content. Interestingly, xuanxun network, which focuses on women's going to the game, announced that it would launch a global product recruitment campaign of "from DNA to appearance, looking for the most beautiful women's Games" at the 2018 ChinaJoy exhibition. According to the statement of dazzle trace network, "DNA", as the core component of life, is similar to "core game".
        "Appearance" is similar to the "art style" of the game. It is reported that in these two aspects this year, dazzle trace network has a relatively clear definition: in terms of core playing methods, it tends to be moderate and light leisure; In terms of art style, because dazzle network mainly focuses on the European and American markets, Disney style, Meiman style and realistic style will be the first choice, and secondary style will also be considered. It is worth noting that this year's newly added China blockchain technology and game developers conference was full of blockchain technology researchers, game developers, game players and investors from all over the country. They discussed the impact of blockchain innovation technology on the game field and the future development direction. Among them, in his keynote speech, Zhang Jinsong, CTO of magnachain, the public chain of blockchain, explained blockchain and its composition, what is smart contract, blockchain application scenarios, pain points faced by the game industry and the impact of blockchain on the transformation of the game industry, and shared the new ideas and new space brought by blockchain to game developers.
        Zhang Jinsong introduced that, on the one hand, the tamper proof performance of the blockchain provides verifiable copyright, so that players can truly own the virtual assets in the game. They are no longer worried that the assets obtained by spending their energy and money will be confiscated or taken away by hackers. They can also trade freely and get real value; On the other hand, blockchain technology will transform the role of game developers, directly present the game works to users, and avoid the exploitation of intermediate publishers or channels. Developers become game rule makers in the virtual world, thus obtaining higher profits. "In the past, players and game developers were the leeks harvested by publishers and channel providers. This phenomenon will disappear with the addition of blockchain technology.
        ”Zhang Jinsong said optimistically that "the value of the game will be truly presented, and the scene of the film's top player will become possible.". By showing the technological innovation and development process of magnachain, Zhang Jinsong introduced how magnachain helps game developers to subvert the status quo of the traditional game industry and obtain the benefits brought by innovative technologies. For example, the transaction volume per second (TPS) will be increased to hundreds of thousands or even millions by using the branch chain technology to meet the needs of the massive transactions of the game; The original VH POS consensus algorithm can ensure the decentralisation of the public chain while ensuring safety and efficiency. Zhang Jinsong introduced that the magnachain public chain has now entered the testing stage. The first cooperative blockchain game will be officially launched in the third quarter of this year and open source.
        Zhang Jinsong also stressed at the meeting: "every time the technology of the game industry is upgraded and switched, it will bring new market opportunities and the rise of new companies. At this stage, the new technology of blockchain has brought new opportunities and opportunities to the game industry. The key to becoming a giant of blockchain games is to seize the opportunity.".
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