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Yuxing Technology (08005hk): including virtual digital human and non homogeneous token (NFT) blockchain Technology

Time : 14/03/2022 Author : 2p9qyj Click : + -
        On January 5, glonhui (08005. HK) announced that based on the fast-growing demand and popularity of the concept of meta universe and the concept of intelligent life, the company has made phased achievements in the development of new products and technologies applied to intelligent life through its own research and development capabilities in artificial intelligence. With the arrival of the new era of Web3.0, the new product development based on this innovative technology is expected to apply the concept of meta universe identity recognition, integrate 3D virtual reality and artificial intelligence voice technology, and provide comprehensive intelligent life and office solutions for customers in different customized scenarios. The preliminary development of new product samples has been completed and is in the commissioning stage. A number of innovative technological inventions including virtual digital human and non homogeneous token (NFT) blockchain technology are applying for invention patents.
        The board of directors of the company believes that this technological innovation will mark a milestone in the incubation of the group's information appliance business. With the company's rich experience in the design and manufacturing of electronic entertainment products, the launch of the new product line will help the group maintain its market competitive advantage and capture market opportunities. Therefore, it will have the potential to enhance the profitability of the group and the value of shareholders. The estimated value of new technologies and products is preliminarily estimated to exceed 150 million US dollars. The company is expected to obtain more than US $20 million in its first round of financing for technological innovation and product development. In case of further business development, the company will issue a separate announcement in due course and comply with all the requirements of the gem Securities Listing Rules of the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited.
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