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Cai Hengjin: will there be an exponential outbreak of blockchain tokens and deposit certificates? 145 phase 1

Time : 10/04/2022 Author : mc3txi Click : + -
        [introduction] on April 1, Cai Hengjin, Professor of the school of computer science of Wuhan University, and Qu Lin, director of the blockchain industry center of the National Technology Transfer East Center, visited the 145 online Wenhui lecture hall, and launched a live video broadcast in Shanghai Yangpu, Wenhui newspaper and Tokyo. Nearly 4000 people participated. The sorted manuscript is now divided into five articles and published in the form of theme. This is the first part of the main Lecture & mdash& mdash; How the blockchain solves the pain points and blocking points of epidemic prevention. During the outbreak of COVID-19, I went to Beijing for a meeting and returned to Wuhan. I went to the United States from Wuhan. Today (the day of my speech on April 1), I returned to Shanghai from the United States and was stranded near Narita Airport due to flight cancellation. I have been in an isolated or sub isolated state for three months, which makes me think a lot.
        During this period, I have been sharing with you. Today's Wenhui lecture hall is a particularly important one. I intend to start from three aspects: first, how to use the token characteristics of the blockchain to solve the pain points and blocking points in epidemic prevention; second, how to subvert the conventional application of the blockchain as the latest productivity; third, what is China's position in the world in the blockchain field. In the first topic, I will first introduce Einstein's "seven two law". Einstein described the "seven two rule" of compound interest calculation as "the greatest discovery in the history of mathematics". Compound interest means that the accumulated interest can continue to earn interest. According to the "seven two rule": the number of years required for doubling the principal is 72 divided by the quotient of the annual interest rate.
        For example, the interest rate was 8% in the current year, and the time required for doubling the current fund is 72 / 8, that is, 9 years; On the contrary, if we want to double the capital in six years, the annual interest rate must be 72 / 6 & times; 100%, i.e. 12%. According to the "July 2 law", 1 yuan, with an interest rate of 1.8%, will generate a value of 1000 trillion yuan in 2000. Why should we remember this "seven two rule"? Looking back at the COVID-19 epidemic, from the beginning of January in China to April in the world, the number of confirmed cases has increased exponentially, which is quite different from your intuition. If it is said that there is still a process of understanding when the domestic epidemic breaks out, then why do so many overseas countries not learn from so many experiences and lessons that China has accumulated? From the perspective of exponential growth, if the median diagnosis rate is 24%, then the time required to double the number of confirmed cases is 72 divided by 24, and the answer is 3, which is three days.
        Therefore, if there is the awareness of the "July 2 rule", the governments of various countries may take effective measures soon after they have the medical samples of China. Therefore, through the COVID-19 epidemic, we must establish the "July 2 rule" and have a strong sense of vigilance against the crisis. On January 22, Imperial College of Technology issued a prediction that the epidemic would spread in a large area around the world. It used complex model calculation, but we can also use this "seven two rule" to intuitively get a similar conclusion. On January 23, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the alumni of Wuhan University discussed whether to open vacant hotels and adopt graded isolation. The idea is somewhat similar to that of the shelter hospital; Since then, medical personnel, government officials and scientists have put forward various suggestions. Before a certain consensus is reached on the understanding of the virus, various possibilities exist. We need to listen to all-round suggestions, but which one should be adopted? The characteristics of blockchain technology such as deposit and token can play a role.
        Blockchain technologies such as encryption, account sharing and hashing have long existed. In 2008, a person named Satoshi Nakamoto, who is still unable to verify whether he is a real person, invented bitcoin with decentralized characteristics, becoming the first successful application of the blockchain. Since then, the blockchain has also entered the public's field of vision. In short, blockchain is a chain type data structure that connects data blocks in sequence according to time sequence. It is a distributed ledger that can not be tampered with and forged by means of cryptography. The embryonic form of blockchain has been in existence since 1990, that is, to make everyone in the world a witness of electronic document records.
        Bitcoin has reached US $6000 since the price of a few cents. It is managed by all participating nodes. For more than 10 years, it has been operating normally, which is beyond many people's expectations. In 2012, it rose to the highest exchange rate of 1:33 against the US dollar. The development in recent years shows that the core value of blockchain technology is proof of existence and token. Storage, that is, it can not be tampered with to maintain records. In fact, it gives Internet space an intrinsic time, making it unique and non replicable. This sounds simple, but there is no three-dimensional space in physical space. We need to show that this file exists at that time through physical means. There is a time dimension in the digital world. This is a great creation and also the key to understand the essence of blockchain.
        The token can be traced back to Tao Chou. It was used for counting before the words were produced. It can replace a sheep or a cow. Today, the basic meaning of token is "symbol", which represents various rights and interests. Its function is to make the system full of vitality. Blockchain technology provides an effective path for the main body to quickly reach consensus, and is regarded as an effective carrier or medium to reach local consensus in a small or related range. There was a blockbuster game cryptokitties in Ethereum, which used blockchain token technology to produce Ethereum. In the emergency mechanism, as far as the deposit certificate is concerned, it plays a retroactive role after something happens: giving extra rewards to those who have made correct judgments and punishing those who have incited maliciously; As far as Tongzheng is concerned, it can play an incentive role, so that people with strong cognitive ability and those who really have research on problems can be substantially encouraged.
        How to use these two characteristics to eliminate the blockage and pain points in the COVID-19 epidemic, I give three applications. Blockchain + artificial intelligence technology is used here. As we have just said, at the beginning of the new virus epidemic, we are all in the process of understanding. Relying on the opinions of a single party, we may miss the opportunity to respond. Therefore, we need to listen to the community's response, the patients' feelings, the doctors' suggestions, the judgment of the CDC, including the opinions of the Gates Foundation (Bill Gates predicted that mankind would usher in a major public health disease) and so on. Because before an emergency with exponential development trend, it is difficult for anyone to judge at once.
        Since these opinions will be recorded according to the nodes of time, they will be rewarded if they are proved to be correct after the event, and those who exaggerate or make mistakes in judgment will be punished. Those who follow the correct opinions or supplement such opinions can be encouraged, either in material terms or in spirit, that is, they can obtain credit. For those who spread rumors, make jokes and exaggerate suggestions, they will also be punished by the economy or their credit will be reduced. In this way, a platform for fair participation has been created, with the function of "good money expelling bad money", which encourages people with thinking and responsibility to participate. For the overall situation judgment of new things, it is difficult to do it without the deposit and token functions in the blockchain.
        After the outbreak of novel coronavirus, its toxicity and infectivity require professionals to do gene sequencing and protein reconstruction at the first time. The next step of vaccine work should be based on gene sequencing and protein reconstruction. It is usually carried out through the publication of papers in authoritative journals and the cooperation between the two laboratories. However, for the emergency mechanism, this speed is not fast enough, because we have seen the exponential growth of confirmed patients, doubling in two or three days. If we share our academic research on the Internet, our peers can "relay" quickly. If we use this as a token, the ownership of intellectual property rights will not be stolen. If we develop vaccines based on this achievement in the future, we can obtain the corresponding proportion of benefits according to the degree of contribution. The key to this token mechanism is that the generation speed of social benefits is far higher than the traditional operation mode.
        Similarly, in the development of vaccines, although various laboratories compete with each other, when it comes to animal experiments, human experiments and safety production, the introduction of pass can also make the whole process more efficient. The problem that materials cannot be effectively allocated is very prominent in Wuhan in the early period and in countries around the world at present. In fact, it is necessary to optimize logistics technology. Hash, token and other technologies have natural advantages. For example, we might as well list masks separately as a kind of pass. Masks were originally needed by Southeast Asian countries. With the change of cognition in western countries, people in western countries also need them. This can establish a long chain of logistics and supply, and become a token for everyone to interact in a short time. It is as highly concentrated as the free market. At the same time, everyone knows the cost, demand and profit of masks.
        In terms of quality reputation, if there is a pass, the procurement of any country will be clear at a glance, and the frequent "cut-off" events can also be recorded, so that the distribution chain can be clear at a glance. The product quality and usage habits of various countries can also be corrected at each circulation time point, and the politicization and stigmatization of some countries can be eliminated. Therefore, from the perspective of the emergency application of these three points to the COVID-19 epidemic, the deposit and pass can have the following characteristics: first, establish a relatively independent scientific research community, so that the initial emergencies can be studied and judged scientifically within the community, and these studies and judgments can be traced back, so as to get more discussion and attention; 2、 It is the key problem that multi nodes combine with each other and deal with collectively; 3、 Each node makes contributions around key issues and can ultimately share the benefits.
        By extension, all key technologies, key scenarios, key products and key nodes belonging to key issues can be certificated. One is intelligent medical care. Baidu and Chongqing have reached a deep cooperation in blockchain intelligent medicine, and took the lead in launching the electronic prescription blockchain circulation platform. The doctor's diagnosis records, prescriptions, preliminary examination of drugs, drug taking information, drug delivery information and payment information are all "stamped" and recorded on the circulation chain of electronic prescriptions, which ensures the feasibility of electronic prescriptions. The smart contract encryption technology ensures the notarization and transparency of business and the safety and compliance of data circulation. It is gratifying that Baidu is still using blockchain technology to promote the implementation of the separation policy of medical reform.
        One is blockchain and traceability. The traceability of the blockchain can ensure the safety of food and drugs. Hangzhou word chain technology provides a traceability method with NFC blockchain security chip as the core, and achieves very good traceability effect at ultra-low cost. The whole upstream and downstream information of products from production, processing, transportation and sales is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that the data can be checked and tampered with. At the same time, through the openness and transparency of the blockchain, new marketing models such as trusted distribution have been developed, and the participation of ordinary people has been encouraged through point rewards.
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