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Huobi Research Institute launches its annual report: 2021 will be a year for the blockchain industry to take off

Time : 23/07/2021 Author : 5ex3ud Click : + -
        Beijing, Feb. 7 - today, Huobi Research Institute, Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute and blockchain service network (BSN) jointly released the annual report global blockchain industry panorama and trend annual report (2020-2021) (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), which comprehensively and deeply analyzed the development of the blockchain industry in 2020 and gave a forward-looking forecast for the development of the industry in 2021. This annual report lasted more than two months and surveyed nearly 30 blockchain enterprises, and finally formed nearly 100000 characters with 141 pages. Yuan Yuming, President of Huobi Research Institute, said that this is the third consecutive year that Huobi Research Institute has launched the annual report on the blockchain industry. He hoped that his thoughts and insights on the blockchain industry could be presented and shared with everyone from a cross annual perspective.
        In this report, Huobi Research Institute creatively put forward the "blockchain application heat model", which evaluates the current application heat of blockchain in different fields from three dimensions of company heat (number of companies, investment events), research heat (academic hot spots, patent applications) and network heat (media reports and search indexes). Finally, it found that "blockchain + finance" "Blockchain + payment" and "blockchain + data service" are the top 3 hot blockchain application fields in 2020. The research of Huobi Research Institute shows that the popularity of the application track in each dimension can be assessed through the heat model, which indirectly reflects the development stage and landing degree of the current blockchain industry application.
        From the perspective of the company's popularity, the main start-up projects are concentrated in the financial, payment, data services, games, social networking and other sectors, which are also the areas where there are many financing events completed by blockchain projects. From the perspective of network exposure, this model mainly focuses on domestic blockchain media. It can be seen that financial, payment, traceability, government affairs and law applications are reported the most on the Internet, and the highest search volume represents the main trend of domestic blockchain industry applications. Finally, from the perspective of research heat, the obvious difference is that the blockchain application in the industrial field has advantages over the financial direction in both paper publication and patent application. Similarly, the model gives a comprehensive heat comparison. Blockchain finance and payment are the most popular applications. Data services, Internet of things, traceability, Internet of things, medical care, law and logistics are second only to finance and payment, and the heat is relatively close.
        It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive popularity score of blockchain government is low. Yuan Yuming emphasized that the significance of the proposed blockchain application heat model is that it provides insight into the current "popularity" of various blockchain applications in the market from multiple data dimensions, so as to provide some reference for the decision-making of the current application direction of blockchain. Of course, the model itself is relatively new and may have some shortcomings, and will continue to be optimized in the future. In 2020, blockchain technology returned to the road of formal development, and companies focusing on technology landing and application began to enter the public's view. Financial and technology industry giants entered the market one after another to continuously increase the number of blockchains, and also pushed the blockchain to the wind again.
        The report points out that in 2020, the scale of global enterprise blockchain expenditure will reach US $4 billion, maintaining a rapid growth. Compared with the total expenditure of enterprises in the IT field, the penetration rate of the blockchain industry is about 1%, and it is expected to double in the next two years. As an important direction of new infrastructure, the enabling role of blockchain in the digital economy and the real economy has gradually been widely recognized and accepted. The year 2020 can be said to be the first year of industrial blockchain. The report points out that the number of registered blockchain enterprises has reached a new high. From the perspective of technology maturity curve, blockchain technology has begun to walk out of the trough and enter the recovery period. It is predicted in the report that the industrial blockchain will return to the original source of technology in 2020 and develop in a more landing direction. The landing in 2021 will accelerate and form four major development trends.
        Trend 1: with the development of "new infrastructure", the integration of blockchain and other new technologies begins to work. After the concept of "new infrastructure" was put forward, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., as representatives of new technology infrastructure, belong to information infrastructure. Meanwhile, under the development strategy of "smart city" and "urban brain" in various places, it has become a new trend for other technologies to integrate blockchain technology. Trend 2: government affairs, supply chain, finance, data and other sectors have become popular racetracks, and the landing has accelerated. In 2020, the efficiency of multi-party cooperation scenarios under the global economic system affected by the epidemic, the efficiency of cross regional and cross departmental information management in government affairs, the efficiency of capital and capital flow in the financial market and other issues have aroused heated discussions, thus accelerating the application of "blockchain + government", "blockchain + supply chain" and "blockchain + finance".
        The third trend is the rapid development of all-in-one computers, underlying network facilities, blockchain chips and other supporting facilities. The report points out that whether it is an all-in-one machine, a blockchain chip or an underlying network infrastructure, it focuses on the pain points encountered in the development of the current alliance chain, reduces the threshold for the use of the blockchain, and improves the stability of the blockchain. With the gradual improvement of relevant facilities, China's industrial blockchain will develop more rapidly and steadily, and relevant industries will also undergo changes under the progress of alliance chain technology and supporting facilities. Trend 4: asset supply chain is budding and developing. Digital securities may be the leader of global asset supply chain. The report points out that promoting the digitization of physical assets will help to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of assets, and build a complete standardized asset supervision system to strengthen supervision, thus forming an innovative digital ecology.
        The asset Digitization Based on the blockchain technology, i.e. asset chaining, has the advantages of openness, transparency and traceability, flat self-improvement efficiency, and intelligent automatic tampering. Finally, the report makes ten outlooks for 2021, respectively involving industrial blockchain, CBDC and other hot areas. For example, the global research and testing of CBDC continues to heat up, but most large countries will not choose to fully implement it for the time being; Driven by the end of the Internet giant, commercial applications on the chain of millions of users will be born. "2021 will be a year for the blockchain industry to take off." Yuan Yuming said.
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