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Some cold knowledge about smart contracts in blockchain

Time : 10/08/2021 Author : f2x6zs Click : + -
        As the name implies, a contract is a contract (agreement) reached by several individuals. For example, a contract signed with a company in your life, or when you log into wechat and Baijia, you have the corresponding permission only after agreeing to the agreement. If you do not agree to the agreement, you will not be able to use the corresponding software products. This is the most expression of traditional contracts. Smart contract is a concept in the blockchain. Compared with traditional contracts, smart contracts are more practical. Traditional contracts do not comply with the "agreement". However, smart contracts in the blockchain are composed of corresponding block codes. No matter whether you are willing or not, as long as you sign a smart contract, it will be enforced according to the agreed content. This is completely beyond human intervention.
        Smart contract and blockchain technology complement each other. Smart contract is a contract developed based on blockchain technology. The contract is open and does not hide. It is completely impossible to tamper with the contract content in an artificial way. Therefore, many people are willing to use the smart contracts in the blockchain to safely develop and cross ecological equivalent exchange. Smart contracts are different from traditional contracts. Traditional contracts generally save the contract contents on the computer or in folders, which has certain security risks. As the smart contract is a blockchain technology, it can save the contract on a distributed ledger and record the contract information from tens of thousands of ledgers. Therefore, compared with traditional contracts, smart contracts are more secure.
        The quark chain letter often mentioned by the Xiaobian is a blockchain social application developed and launched on the quark chain through smart contracts. Of course, the LGT emerging from the quark ecosystem is also a game token developed using smart contracts.
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